Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1488 - The Wen Yan Couple (23)

Chapter 1488: The Wen Yan Couple (23)

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Wen Ruoshui smiled calmly. “Chu Chu and I will sleep in the bedroom. Nangong can stay in the living room.”

Nangong Lengyu nodded. “Yes, I’ll sleep in the living room. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

Dongfang Chu agreed, saying that she was a big boy and could live anywhere. There was no need to trouble him.

“Nangong has just returned to the country. He must be very tired. He can’t sleep well on the sofa. Let’s go to my place. There’s a guest room.” Yan Yuanfei kept feeling that Dongfang Chu and Wen Ruoshui’s attitude was a little strange. He lived next door and wanted Nangong to go over. They were two grown men. Could he do anything to her?

Nangong Lengyu was so embarrassed that her scalp went numb. She almost blurted out that she wanted Shui Shui to stay with her. She took a look at Wen Ruoshui. He was her boyfriend and would listen to her.


“Then, Yu’er, listen to him. Go next door with him!” Wen Ruoshui glanced at Nangong Lengyu and let out a low cough.

Sigh, if she had known, she would not have opened the door for him to come in. If he had not seen Yu’er, she would not have had to stay at his house.

She was not worried that something would happen between the two of them. Yan Yuan was not a gentleman. Even if he slept in the same room as a girl, he would definitely not do anything out of line.

Dongfang Chu sighed in her heart. She had initially planned for the three of them to sleep together and have a reunion tea party!

“Shui Shui, is it really alright for me to stay there?” Nangong Lengyu was not embarrassed. She was just afraid that Shui Shui would feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, it’s just one night. He’s not that kind of person.” Wen Ruoshui helped her get her clothes and comforted her softly, telling her to relax.

Nangong Lengyu smiled. Was she that old-fashioned? They were just in the same house, not sleeping in the same room. She looked at her seriously and lowered her voice. “As long as you’re ok. Don’t worry about me, I won’t do anything to him.”

Although Mr. Yan and Shui Shui were not together, when she saw the various unintentional actions between the two of them and their gazes met, he knew that they liked each other.

Chu Chu had said that the two of them were just short of a confession. They were actually no different from a couple.

Wen Ruoshui was embarrassed by her words. Her cheeks quickly flushed red. “What am I worried about?”

“That’s good.” Nangong Lengyu was relieved.

She would never touch a man who was with her sister. Besides, a man like Yan Yuanfei was not her type.

She took a sleeping robe and the things she needed to wash up before leaving with Yan Yuanfei.

Dongfang Chu watched them leave and went next door. After closing the door, she gently pinched the tender flesh on Wen Ruoshui’s waist. She smiled ambiguously and drawled, “In my opinion, Yu’er shouldn’t be the one living there. You should be the one living there.”

“You’re joking with me again.” Wen Ruoshui’s face flushed even more. She pretended to be calm as she turned around and returned to the house. “I’ll go take a shower first.”

“Wait for me.” Dongfang Chu chased after her and hugged her. She smiled and shook her head before saying regretfully, “I originally planned to bathe with Yu’er.”

However, since Yu’er had come, she did not intend to leave for a while. There would be plenty of opportunities, so there was no hurry.

Yan Yuanfei was a very busy person. He could not sleep until midnight every day. He was busy with various official matters and had to look through documents. He worked in a temporarily renovated study and told Nangong Lengyu not to be restrained. She could order whatever she wanted and treat it as her own home.

Nangong Lengyu took a look at his house. It had three bedrooms and a living room. However, the old district was filled with small houses. It was much more luxurious than Shui Shui’s.

After taking a look in her bedroom, she went to the washroom to take a shower.

Huo Ci had drunk a lot. He had come back from the bar. There had been a masquerade at the bar. He had bought a ghost mask, which was very scary.

He ran away from the wine factory at night. Afraid that Yan Yuanfei would be angry, he thought of taking the initiative to apologize. After asking Rong Yin for the address, he ran straight over.

Huo Ci was a little tyrant who did not care about anything. He knew how to unlock everything.

Without even knocking on the door, he took a metal wire, opened the door, and swaggered in, wanting to give Yan Yuanfei a surprise.

The lights in the living room were still on, and so were the lights in the bedroom and study. The sound of running water came from the bathroom. He was taking a shower.

Huo Ci took a look in the direction of the washroom and smiled wickedly. He put on his ghost mask and hid at the washroom door, preparing to scare people.

Nangong Lengyu took a hot shower and the exhaustion in her body eased a lot. However, she was even more sleepy from the heat. She could not even open her eyes and could fall asleep in the bathroom.

A shower was not as comfortable as a bathtub bath. Only a bath could completely relieve one’s fatigue. A shower was just a simple shower.

After taking a shower and putting on a bathrobe, she opened the door and saw a hideous and terrifying face suddenly approaching. It opened its hideous mouth and stuck out its tongue. Its entire face was pale and its eyes were still bleeding.

“Ah! A ghost!” Nangong Lengyu screamed in fear. She closed her eyes and kicked the ghost.

Huo Ci had not expected to be kicked. There was a sharp pain in his chest, and before he could react, he fell heavily on the chair and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.


It was not Second Brother!

Second Brother had always been calm. Even if a ghost really appeared in front of him, he could negotiate with it without a change in expression. He might even reason with it.

This person’s voice was sharp and thin, like a woman’s.

He was kicked until stars appeared in front of his eyes. For a moment, he could not see anything clearly. However, he was sure that it was definitely not Second Brother. Could it be Second Sister-in-law?

Second Sister-in-law looked soft and weak, but why was she so strong? She was too f*cking strong. If he had not been lucky, he would have been kicked to death by her.

Nangong Lengyu was so scared that her whole body was trembling as she closed her eyes tightly. Her hands gripped the cross around her neck tightly, and she did not dare open her eyes. However, her tone remained domineering. “Don’t come over. I have had no feud with you in the past. Go back to where you came from. If you dare come over, I’ll destroy you.”

Huo Ci took a long time to calm down. When his vision cleared, he finally saw clearly. He gritted his teeth and bellowed angrily, “F*ck, pretty boy, are you courting death?!”

Although Nangong Lengyu was extremely afraid, her rationality was still there. When she heard the familiar voice, she opened her eyes. She saw the young man opposite her grimacing in pain. He supported himself on a chair and stood up. His eyes were spitting fire like a tyrannosaurus as he glared at her ferociously, wishing he could skin her alive.

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