Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 847 - Unvirtuous Woman

Chapter 847: Unvirtuous Woman

Upon seeing that she was smiling and not saying anything, Yi Jingwei took it that she had tacitly agreed. He was very proud of himself. He just knew that with his looks and education, no matter what kind of woman she was, they would all bow down under his pants.

To think Auntie Ye even said that the woman in front of her was very opinionated and difficult to deal with. When she saw him, she was also charmed with a single look. She would do whatever he said. She was very obedient.

“And one last thing. It’s very important. I won’t pursue the fact that you had a child before. However, I’ve always seeked perfection. I hope you can undergo hymenoplasty before we get married and set it aside for our wedding night.”

Ling Sheng’s little universe could barely hold it in; it was going to explode soon. Set it aside, you *sshole!

Yi Jingwei was very pleased. He knew that the woman in front of him had already been completely charmed by him. At the end of the day, she was just a country bumpkin who had not seen the world.

To be honest, if she had not been pretty and was the type of woman he had been longing for, he would not have wasted his precious time on a blind date with a woman who had a child.

When he thought of this, he felt even more arrogant inwardly. He thought he was very charming as he took a sip of tea. “Also, after you get married to me in the future, stay at home and take care of your husband and children. My parents value heirs the most. I’m my family’s only son. The two of us must have a boy. If you give birth to a girl before a boy, our Yi Family can afford to raise her. We’ll keep them. You don’t mind having a few more children, right?”

Ling Sheng had not expected that the first person she would meet would be a weirdo. If he wanted to have a son, he could give birth to one himself. From the way he spoke, one would think that there was a throne to inherit in his family. She smiled and asked, “Does Mr. Yi know that Huo Ci is my father?”

Yi Jingwei did not know why she was asking this, but he nodded. “I know. However, I believe that with my character, appearance and family background, the two of us are the most suitable combination. Mr. Huo will definitely think highly of me.”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, Big Brother, you’re really confident in yourself. Do you know Jun Shiyan? Yes, the richest man in the world, that Jun Shiyan. He even looks down on him. Her smile was innocent and adorable. “Sorry, I don’t think I’m worthy of you at all. Let us call it a day.”

Ha ha! It was not an overstatement to say that the man in front of her was definitely one of the top two weirdos she had ever seen. Gu Shen was one, he was the other.

However, before making comparisons, one never knew the difference. When she heard his self-righteous nonsense, she instantly felt that Gu Shen was also a cutie!

Yi Jingwei frowned. He had always been very confident about his looks and family background. He had always been the most elegant and handsome professor in school. Countless pretty girls chased after him. “Besides having given birth to a child and being an illegitimate daughter, I don’t think there’s anything else about you that makes me unhappy.”

“My character, looks, and background are not good enough for you.” Ling Sheng thought, do you f*cking not understand human language? It’s me who doesn’t like you. I don’t like you, do you get it? Must I say it out loud?

Upon hearing this, Yi Jingwei finally realized something. He frowned angrily. “You think I’m not worthy of you?”

Ling Sheng smiled. He finally got it. “Mr. Yi, to be honest, I already told my Third Aunt before the blind date. My future other half’s looks can’t be worse than my father’s. What do you think?”

Yi Jingwei, who had always been conceited, stopped her arrogantly. “I don’t think I’m worse in any aspect compared to Mr. Huo.”

“Mr. Yi, I suggest you go back to the furnace for reconstruction[1]!” Ling Sheng laughed to death. Who gave the person in front of her the courage and confidence to think his looks could compare to Huo Ci?

Upon hearing her words, Yi Jingwei’s self-esteem suffered a huge blow, and his expression darkened. “What do you mean?”

Ling Sheng smiled. “Nothing. Mr. Yi, can I ask how much assets your Yi Family has? And how much is your salary?”

Yi Jingwei’s confidence rose again. “My annual salary is not high. My family company’s annual turnover is 500 million. Together with the various funds and stocks I’ve invested in, my net worth is about 500 million. I was the youngest outstanding person in China last year, and ranked first.”

Ling Sheng thought, which unknown website ranked you? How much did you give them? She smiled politely. “Sorry, but my father’s net worth seemed to be 50 billion US dollars last year. He’s ranked 10th on the Forbes Global Rich List. I’m his only daughter. In the future, all his assets will be mine.”

“I was about to talk to you about this matter. After you marry into my Yi Family, I don’t want to draft up a prenuptial agreement.” Yi Jingwei looked at her. “Also, you’re a woman. You don’t know how to manage money or investments. Why do you need so much money? In the future, the dowry you bring over with you will be transferred under my name. There should be no objection to letting me manage it!”

Ling Sheng really wanted to pry open the skull of the dear man in front of her and see what it looked like. Where did his thick skin come from? She gave him a fake smile. “What if I say no?”

Yi Jingwei was a little angry. She had dared to say no to him. He looked at her gravely. “I don’t need your opinion on this. I’ve already decided. When the time comes, you can simply transfer all the money under my name.”

“Mr. Yi, I really think the two of us are not compatible.” Ling Sheng really did not have a temper anymore. She could not be bothered to argue with him either. He was so outrageous!

“I think we’re very compatible. What do you think is not appropriate?” Yi Jingwei had not expected that the woman in front of him would dare to reject him. This made him lose face.

The special ringtone Ling Sheng had set rang once, and a sly look appeared in her eyes. When she lifted her head, she did not show any more mercy and said mockingly and contemptuously, “You’re too ugly. You’re not worthy of me. Your family is too poor to support me. From head to toe, you don’t meet any of my requirements for a partner.”

“Ling Sheng!” Yi Jingwei had not expected that he would be rejected by an unclean woman. He had not despised her, yet she had dared to despise him. He was instantly annoyed. He got up and blocked her way. “What are you so proud of? I didn’t despise you, but you actually started nitpicking on me. If you weren’t pretty, do you think I would have found an unvirtuous woman who got pregnant before marriage?”

Ling Sheng allowed her emotions to build up in her for a moment before the show started. Her expression changed instantly. The arrogance and mockery disappeared. In its place was grievance, shock, and tears in her shining black eyes. “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Yi Jingwei was infuriated by her sharp words. He pointed at her angrily and mocked her coldly. “If I don’t despise a filthy woman like you, you can burn incense as thanks! Go and ask, which normal man would be willing to marry a woman with a child?”

“You said I’m filthy?” Ling Sheng bit her lips, feeling sad and aggrieved. Her eyes reddened. “You… Mr. Yi, how can you go overboard?”

[1] This is a disdainful remark suggesting that someone has to restart their life so that their flaws can disappear.

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