Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 918 - Murderous Intent

Chapter 918: Murderous Intent

It had been nearly an hour since the accident had happened. She did not know if it was because of the public relations at Happy Land, but she could not find any relevant news report on the internet.

Ling Sheng called her father, mother, and Xiaoqi, but no one answered. She panicked, her eyes red as she dashed forward.

Xiaoqi’s smartwatch had a GPS tracker, but it was already disconnected at this moment. If it wasn’t for an accident, how could she not be able to check for his location?

“Third Master, my father and Xiaoqi…” Ling Sheng was flustered and worried, so she could only call Jun Shiyan. She had just rushed to the entrance when she saw it open.

“Mommy!” Xiaoqi rushed over first and pounced straight on her, hugging her thigh.

Ling Sheng’s hand gripped her phone tightly as tears streamed down her face. She then yelled at them in a choked voice, “Why didn’t you guys answer my calls?!”

She was almost scared to death. Why didn’t they answer her calls?!

Upon seeing how ugly she looked crying, Huo Ci frowned and said in a low voice, “My phone’s out of battery. Why are you crying? No one died anyway.”

After Nangong Lengyu glared at him ferociously, she walked over to Ling Sheng and wiped her tears in distress. “Did you see the news? We’re fine. Don’t cry anymore.”

Ling Sheng did not know that she would be so scared. She had been forcing herself to calm down just now. Upon seeing that they were fine, she heaved a sigh of relief. There was only lingering fear in her heart, and her tears could not stop flowing as she stared at them accusingly.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to charge my phone. Xiaoqi’s smartwatch had broken from being trampled by other people too.” Nangong Lengyu blamed herself and felt her heart ache too. “It won’t happen again. Don’t cry.”

Ling Sheng looked at her father. “What happened to my father?”

The expression in Nangong Lengyu’s eyes changed slightly. When she looked over, her eyes were not as cold as before. Instead, they were filled with more complicated feelings. “His arm is broken. He’ll stay here for two days.”

Ling Sheng frowned. “How did you break your arm when you guys simply went to the amusement park?”

Huo Ci did not know why either, but when he saw her cry like this, he felt terrible inside. His brows furrowed slightly. “So what if it’s broken? What the hell are you crying for? It’s not like your arm is broken. I’m not dead yet, but you’re wailing like you’re at a funeral?”

Ling Sheng’s heartache and distress were instantly driven away by him. Wasn’t it because she was worried about him?! Look at what he was saying!

There had been an accident at the amusement park’s entertainment facility. In the high-altitude ride, a tourist had been flung into the air because he hadn’t fastened his seatbelt properly. Thankfully, no fatal accident had occurred as the ride had just started. However, many had been hospitalized due to injuries.

Huo Ci immediately glossed over the incident. He said that the person who had been flung away by the amusement ride had smashed into him. The speed was so fast that he had broken his arm when he was catching him.

Nangong Lengyu sat by the side and took a look at him out of the corner of her eye. Her expression was complicated, but she did not speak anyway. This time, she owed him a favor.

Upon seeing their expressions, Ling Sheng knew that things definitely were not that simple. She only found out after asking her son secretly.

It turned out that when the incident had happened, her father had been carrying Xiaoqi. Her mother had been in front of them. The rather grown child who had been thrown out had flown directly in her mother’s direction.

In order to save her mother, her father had rushed over to catch him. However, as the person had fallen from the sky, the heavy gravity and high speed caused his arm to break under the force immediately.

“Mommy,” Xiaoqi’s small voice was close to her ear. “Grandma said that Grandpa can’t take care of me, so she told us to come over and stay with her.”

“I understand.” Ling Sheng lowered her voice too and whispered secretly to her son, “What else did Grandpa and Grandma say?”

“Grandpa said not to let you know how he got injured.” Xiaoqi was an obedient child. He told her everything he knew.

Ling Sheng did not know if this was considered a blessing in disguise. She did not know if the stalemate between the two of them could be broken by this opportunity and if their emotions could break through the ice. Anyway, her father had moved in.

The residence here was a small villa with three floors. It was a little old, but it was quite cozy to live in once it had been cleaned up.

After dinner, Ling Sheng wanted to take Xiaoqi out for a walk. Nangong Lengyu was on the phone, so she let them leave first. She followed the path by the door and caught up with them quickly.

Ling Sheng had just taken her son out of the living room when she saw a strange figure flash past the door. She frowned and looked at Xiaoqi. “Wait here for Mommy first.”

Who was that? Acting so sneakily!

Upon seeing his mother pick up a stick in the yard, Xiaoqi opened the door quietly and went out. Afraid that she would be unable to defeat that thief, he hurriedly turned around to call for help.

Ling Sheng’s eyes were cold as she confirmed that the figure had not gone far. When she went out, she only took one look before she saw him squatting in the bushes on the left side of the entrance!

If it was the paparazzi, she would beat them up first before getting her father to step in. That would scare him to death! How could these disgusting flies be found everywhere?!

As she got closer bit by bit, with footsteps so silent that they could barely be heard. When she got close, she swung the stick and pummeled him. She even shouted, “A thief! A thief!”

The thief was even wearing a mask and hat. When he sensed someone approaching, he stood up and wanted to run. However, there were bushes in front of him. He could not run even if he wanted to. He could only let her hit him.

Before Ling Sheng’s stick had landed, her pupils constricted abruptly, and the stick she had raised froze in midair. She retracted it awkwardly and stuttered, “Old… Old Master Nangong.”

No way!

Why was he dressed so strangely? Hiding outside her house entrance? She had even thought he was a paparazzo who was taking photos secretly!

Oh no, oh no, oh no! She had nearly hit her mother’s father! How was she going to explain herself later?!

Nangong Lun had not expected to be discovered and nearly beaten up either. He did not know what to feel or how she had recognized him.

He had beaten up the peeping Huo Ci at the hospital the last time. This girl must be deliberately seeking revenge for her father!

However, he would not admit his identity at this moment even if he was beaten to death. If others found out, would he still get to keep his old face? He took advantage of the brief interval while she was confirming it was him and took to his heels.

Ling Sheng was shocked. She had never expected it to be the Old Master of the Nangong Family. She did not dare to move, chase, or shout anymore now. No matter how much she hated him, she would not show an old man no mercy.

Nangong Lun was full of anger, embarrassment, and frustration. However, before he could run far, he bumped into Huo Ci, who had rushed out of the house.

“Where is he? Where’s the thief?” Huo Ci shouted as he dashed out. One of his arms was disabled, but his other arm was still fine. He was even raising a kitchen knife with a murderous look on his face.

Ling Sheng’s forehead darkened as she let out an awkward cough. Then, she saw the duo bump right into each other.

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