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Chapter 1201 - An Army of Beauties

Chapter 1201 - An Army of Beauties

With each potato unearthed by Super Xiao Qian, a descriptive text would appear on the side of the farmland. Those were information Xia Lei had asked for.

For example, there was an excerpt taken from the Nigerian Intelligence Department’s database- The Hell Hound virus is now widespread and there is no vaccine to counteract it. Support from the American government is insufficient and according to reliable sources, the Americans are in secret contact with the Boko Haram armed group. On the surface, the Jungle of No Return may look like it was under the Boko Haram’s control but it was truly the Americans instead…

And there was an extract of a report from the Indian Epidemic Prevention Department- The Hell Hound Virus was first found in Nigerian. According to support teams and researchers sent to Nigeria, the virus was birthed through the African hyenas. When infected, the patient will become hysterical and maniacal. Though similar to rabies, none of its vaccines could suppress the disease. The Hell Hound virus is proven to be more harmful than rabies. At present, we have recorded three thousand and five hundred infection cases. The number of undiscovered patients is difficult to estimate. The slum areas with poor sanitation have become disease hot spots...

A report from the Mexican Health Department- Since the outbreak, there have been two thousand and three hundred cases reported within our borders. Though patients have been forced into quarantine, new cases are still being reported. Weirdly, this disease is spread across Mexico, India and Nigeria but no cases were reported in the United States…

Having worked the field for an extended period, Super Xiao Qian stopped. There were now a bunch of potatoes lying in the middle of the field and her floral print blouse was drenched in sweat. The white base blue print fabric had become more translucent due to perspiration, allowing Xia Lei a sneaky peek into the bits hiding underneath. Her breasts were proud and the pink tips peeking through the blouse left not much room for imagination.

Super Xiao Qian wiped her sweat off with the white towel around her crown then threw the hoe onto the ground unceremoniously. “There we go, all done. I’m exhausted.”

Xia Lei stared at her unamused. “Was there a need to create a simulation like this?”

Super Xiao Qian asked, “You don’t like it?”

Despite thinking otherwise, Xia Lei answered, “No.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I can’t help it. You created me and chose to give me such a personality. My character does much to affect my humanized behaviour.”

Xia Lei thought to himself, “Do I tell her that her character was actually based on Fan Fan, Liang Siyao, Long Bing, Jiang Ruyi, Tang Yuyan and Shentu Tianyin’s prominent points? Ah, nevermind. Telling her might do more harm than good. I should’ve made her a man instead. Men shouldn’t be this fussy, right?” Though thinking so, he put on a serious face. “Alright, tell me about the overall finding.”

Super Xiao Qian reported, “I’ve collected all relevant information available in the world and have infiltrated relevant government departments of Mexico, Nigeria and India. Other than the American databases, I’ve gained access to everything I came across. From what I’ve gotten, the virus is still confined to Mexico, Nigeria and India. There are yet any cases reported in other countries. Out of these three countries, Nigeria holds the highest recorded infection cases and deaths. Currently, 5689 are infected and 4174 are dead. Following behind is India, 3569 infected and 2385 dead. The last is Mexico with 2312 infected and 1183 dead.”

“Anything else?”

“These countries have all received aid from America. America has given a certain amount of funds and some professional help to research on its vaccine. However, this aid isn’t out of genuine kindness. All clues have pointed out that they’re merely trying to buy time and pressure the three countries. The media has been banned from reporting on it. The Hell Hound virus had broken out one week ago and has not received media coverage until today. This is due to the pressure America had placed on the Mexican, Indian and Nigerian government.”

Xia Lei said, “But there’s no way they could’ve enforced complete media lockdown, right? Smartphones are super convenient and word can be spread easily through Facebook or Twitter. While the Americans may be able to pressure their governments, they can’t possibly stop anyone from posting statuses online.”

Super Xiao Qian replied, “Indeed but the internet was created by the Americans and the main server, Server A, is located in Virginia state. The other nine auxiliary servers are located in America as well. Only three auxiliary servers are placed in the United Kingdom, Japan and Sweden. These countries are allies with America. America holds an equivalent of complete control over the internet and with the Tenshin System and Server A, there’s nothing on the internet that can escape them. Anything relevant will be picked up and turned into unspeakable pictures. The source device will be infected with malware too.”

At the mention of ‘unspeakable pictures’, Super Xiao Qian’s cheek had gone red. She looked actually bashful and cute like a blushing virgin. If she wasn’t a virtual being but blood and flesh, she would’ve certainly been a crazily charming seductress.

But with that, the impossible did not sound that impossible anymore.

The American government had placed pressure on the Mexican, Indian and Nigerian governments to silence their media publications and also controlled the Internet with their Tenshin system to suppress any relevant information. It was plausible for a complete media blackout.


“I’ve also looked through all research findings on the Hell Hound virus and certain theories regarding the sudden breakout.” Super Xiao Qian continued, “The Indians have deduced that the Nigerians were the ones that imported the virus into their borders. But this deduction was met with disagreements within the country. The Nigerians mostly travel to Europe and Turkey but there are no cases reported in those countries. So why are there cases in India? The Mexicans too shared the same thought and placed the blame on the Nigerians. However, the rather racist assumption was debunked by the same reason. On the other hand, the Nigerians think it was caused by prolonged drought and war. Hence, they think the blame should be placed on the Boko Haram armed group.”

Pushing blames and making assumptions were, simply put, the current situation of the three affected countries. The common thing between the countries was the involvement of the Americans.

Xia Lei was perplexed. “No cases were reported outside Mexico, India and Nigeria. What the hell is going on?”

“Master, I found nothing on the origins of the Hell Hound virus and there are no vaccine announcements from institutes. There are many mysteries tied to the matter and I need more time to investigate it. Please allow me access into the CIA database and all relevant research institutes.” Super Xiao Qian’s eyes were glimmering with absolute excitement. She was eager to go against an opponent like the Tenshin system.

“Are you aware of what you’re about to face?”

Super Xiao Qian was firm. “Of course. I see its clones everywhere on the internet. It has been cloning itself non-stop, spreading itself like a virus all across the internet realm. I even found one clone in a civilian home in Bailu Town. It was trying to steal information from the Thunder Horse Organization.”

The Thunder Horse Organization was never connected to the internet. All this while, they had been dependent on an internal regional connection. Hence, even the Tenshin system was having a hard time entering their database. This was the reason why it chose to place a clone in a civilian computer in Bailu Town to attempt extracting user information or even spy through the cameras! While this wouldn’t allow them to get ahold of Thunder Horse’s core confidentialities, there were still bits and pieces they could attain from civilian conversations.

“Master, I must tell you some bad news.”

“What is it?”

“The Tenshin system has managed to plant its clones in a number of your workers’ phones. A part of Thunder Horse’s secrets has been exposed.”

Xia Lei’s expression morphed with the violent burning of his wrath. The Americans had utilized the convenience of the main internet servers to plant Tenshin system clones elsewhere. This was equivalent to monopolising the entire internet realm as a money tree for their country. They were able to attack anyone they want and take anything they desire away!

“Master, please make a decision.” Super Xiao Qian urged, “You can’t keep waiting. If this goes on, we’ll face greater loss.”

Xia Lei answered, “Alright, you have my permission. First, get rid of all Tenshin clones around the Thunder Horse Organization, especially the ones planted inside my employees’ phones. After that, you’re free to fight it however you want.”

“Your wish is my command, my King!” Super Xiao Qian straightened up and saluted Xia Lei.

There was a sudden change in the laptop’s screen. In her next appearance, Super Xiao Qian was now dressed in a military get-up with a marshal’s baton in her grip. The uniform was stretched out deliciously by her breast and ass, her form was peak sexiness. Though so, her expressions were stern and cold. She was now an intense female general; a sharp change from her earlier sweet look.

Behind her was an army of clones. There were rows and rows of her replicas, no end could be found in a glance. They looked exactly like her, in terms of physique and appearance. The only difference was that the clones were all holding on to Gust assault rifles. The number of rifles and their proud body assets had formed a sea of black steel and flesh. The sight was a great contrast between tenderness and aggression.

With a loud clack, Super Xiao Qian turned around. She raised her baton and roared, “Beauties! For the sake of our King, for the sake of our glory, charge!”

The massive crowd of beautiful soldiers took action as their combatant boots began to stomp the ground. The deafening noise had shaken the ground and stimulated his senses.

Xia Lei watched it all with an exasperated smile. Was there a need to be so extra? Couldn’t she just disappear in a flash?

Super Xiao Qian and her army of beauties were gone and the screen faded to black. Just as Xia Lei thought the encounter was over, a line of text had emerged on the display- Master, today is Xiao Qian’s first birthday. Can you sing me a birthday song?


Super Xiao Qian replied- Nevermind, I’ll just assume that you’ve sung it. Good night.

“Happy Birthday,” muttered Xia Lei.

And that little wish was replied with a meme of a face eating a watermelon.

[TL Note: to be accurate the author described the meme but I'm sure this is the one they're referring to]

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