Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 442 Does Harry Know

Then he left her bedroom.

Seeing him going out of her room, she felt a bit relieved. She wiped her lips again and again, but she kept thinking about the kiss. She felt sick to her stomach and went to wash her lips in the bathroom.

Looking at her red lips in the mirror, she felt awful and closed her eyes. She didn't want to stay here... She was terribly missing her babies and her husband...

What was Harry doing at this very moment? Was he tucking their babies in? Was he putting Nicole and Sally to sleep?

"Harry, I want to go home..." Lola said to herself.

In the villa in C Country

Harry has been gazing lovingly at Sally and Nicole since he had fed them and tucked them in.

Two days ago, he had come back from America. He had already investigated the call records of Lola. According to the data, the last phone call was from America.

Then he investigated her entry and exit record. It showed that she had been to A country recently.

He called Jordan in order to find out the exact address of her location. But Lola hadn't come back to the Li's villa and even Jordan didn't know where she was.

Jordan's reply left Harry in grief. He knew she hated him, but how could she be so heartless to abandon him and her two adorable daughters?

Harry was about to go back to his bedroom when Kevin appeared before him.

Kevin had been living in the villa recently for the sake of taking care of the babies. He had been very helpful to Harry and Lola.

"Harry. Is there any updates?" He only knew that Lola took his grandson away with her. Harry hadn't told him the exact details yet.

Harry shook his head and just wearily replied, "Dad, good night. You should rest early. Thank you for helping out."

After Kevin walked into his bedroom, Harry put on a very angry look.

He swore that he would kill whoever prevented him from being together with Lola.

The night was getting deeper. In the study, Harry listened to his phone while puffing on a cigarette. He was so distressed.

"Boss Si, I've found the bodyguard in A country. But he doesn't know who assigned him to do that. He was just following orders."

"Where is Lola, then?" Harry curiously asked. It's the second time he heard of A country. It seemed that he should investigate ano

Jean Wen sacrificed herself for family interests. Before her husband divorced her, she made every effort to please him.

"You are inexperienced in bed," he said coldly.

"You! Give that land to my family, or I won't agree to divorce," Jean replied furiously.

"Fine. It is exactly what I am thinking about," he sneered.

over this. She understood that Cherry didn't know the truth.

If she had been Cherry, she would have done something even worse. Humiliation was not enough for her to blow off steam.

"Give me your phone. I'll leave Thomas right now. Please do help me. I badly wanted to get away from him for days now." Cherry's arrival gave Lola hope. She wanted to leave here as soon as possible. So she got a little anxious.

Feeling confused, Cherry handed her the phone.

Lola called Harry in a hurry. But... there was no signal. This was so unfortunate!

"How could it be? Why would this happen when I needed it the most?" Lola said to herself worriedly. She tried to call again, but the call would not connect.

Cherry looked down at her phone. There was really no signal.

It occurred to Lola that Thomas might have interfered with the signal. She had never seen him answer a call inside the house.

So, Cherry was her last hope.

She gazed at Cherry, which made Cherry a little scared. "Miss Li..."

"Please contact Harry for me after you leave here. Tell him that Thomas has confined me in this house." She believed that Harry would finally get her and their son out! Harry would always find a way for her to be safe!

Lola heard some noises at the gate and got even more anxious. She fixed her eyes at Cherry and begged her, "Please! Promise me, please!"

Cherry was more than shocked. It's out of her imagination that Thomas would imprison her. It seemed that Thomas had a real addiction to Lola...

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