Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1274 (END) - The End

Chapter 1274: The End

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So, Tangning and Mo Ting were actually holding a wedding.

The love between the couple had already been a legend in the entertainment industry for a long time, but they always kept a low profile and barely displayed their affection in public. But, this time, Mo Ting was planning to hold a grand wedding for Tangning.

If one checked their age, Mo Ting and Tangning were already in their 50’s, but due to good maintenance, they did not look much over 40.

Even now, no one in the same age bracket could compare their body to Tangning’s.

In the end, the entire Mo Family contributed to the preparation of the wedding. But, of course, this included everyone except Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli.

After traveling around for a year, the couple finally returned to Beijing.

When Mo Ziyan saw her family, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but laugh at her, “The Mo Family has white skin. Look at you, you’re so dark, in what way do you resemble a Mo Family member now?”

“Brother Two, it’s been a year since I last saw you. Can’t you go easy on me? Why are you so brutal every time I see you?”

Seeing that the brother and sister were busy quarreling, Gu Qingli decided to go greet Tangning and Mo Ting instead, “Dad, Mom.”

“It’s good that you’re back…How’s Ziyan’s body doing?” Tangning asked.

“The doctor said her chance of a relapse is low and her body has recovered well,” Gu Qingli replied.

“Mom, it’s because Brother Four’s medicine was really effective,” Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but praise her husband. “Actually, before I came back this time, I thought all along that he was feeding me medicine prescribed by a doctor. But, when I saw Auntie a few days ago for an examination, she told me that he selected the herbs himself!”


“Mom, don’t worry, I received guidance from a doctor,” Qingli quickly explained. “I would never treat Ziyan’s body recklessly.”


Mo Ziyan looked happy and her complexion was good; it was proof that Gu Qingli took good care of her.

Her cheeks were rosy, her lips were red and her teeth were white. Based on these three factors, no one would believe that Mo Ziyan was ill.

That day, Mo Zichen and Mo Zixi did not want to upset their sister, so they did not bring their kids along.

But, Mo Ziyan tried to look everywhere for Xingzhe, “Where’s my precious nephew?”

Mo Zichen glared at her and realized she didn’t understand their good intentions at all, “He’s at home. I didn’t bring him in case you held onto him and wouldn’t let go.”

“Oh, Big Bro, you’re so narrow-minded!”

“Bite me!”

The entire family was actually treading lightly around Mo Ziyan and being sensitive of her feelings. Even though Mo Ziyan tried her best to act like she didn’t care, everyone knew how upset she was to not be able to bear a child for a while.

At that moment, Gu Qingli pulled Mo Ziyan into his arms and lectured her, “Big Brother didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Must you undermine his good intentions?”

“Is it because we don’t have kids? Haha. Auntie already said that my body is fine and I can fall pregnant again. You guys just wait. I will definitely bear a child soon.”

“Qingli, take her home and teach her well. You’ve spoiled her too much,” Mo Zixi scoffed.

“That’s enough, the main focus tonight is Mom and Dad…” Yao Anqi reminded.

“Exactly, even if you have a big matter at hand now, you will need to put it aside,” Qian Lan backed Yao Anqi up.

The siblings laughed and turned their attention to Tangning and Mo Ting.

“Mom, I heard that Dad personally handmade a wedding dress for you. Can I see?”

Tangning glared at Mo Ziyan, but she did not reject her request, “Come upstairs.”

The mother and daughter headed upstairs to the bedroom. As soon as Mo Ziyan saw the handmade diamond-studded wedding dress hanging inside, she was filled with admiration, “Wow, Mom, did Dad actually make this? Although it’s a little simple, I can imagine the seriousness on his face when he stitched each diamond onto this dress.”

“He learned how to do it behind my back.”

When Mo Ziyan heard this, she was so moved that her eyes turned red, “That’s because he truly loves you.”

Tangning was aware of this. She had been aware of this from the moment they first got married.

When she thought about the day that they got married at the Civil Affairs Office, Tangning couldn’t help but laugh. Even though so much time had passed, she could still remember how brave she was to actually grab the CEO of Hai Rui and ask him to marry her.

“Mom, I really want to see how you look in your wedding dress.”

That was a simple wish to fulfill. After all, Tangning and Mo Ting’s ‘Wedding of the century’ was to be held in two days time.

For this event, Mo Ting did not restrict the media and entertainment journalists from reporting on it. This time, he wanted the entire nation to know how much he loved Tangning.

On the day of the wedding, the entire city was stirred up. Whether in the country or abroad, everyone was talking about this big event.

The wedding was held beside the sea with a beautiful backdrop of flowers. That day, the entire nation was to finally witness Mo Ting in a white suit and Tangning in a wedding dress.

“Mom…you’re really beautiful,” Mo Ziyan’s eyes turned red when she saw Tangning in her wedding dress. “I’m sure Dad won’t be able to hold back his emotions when he sees you.”

Tangning held onto her wedding veil as she looked at her daughter and gave her a hug, “The three of you need to be happy as well. That way, your father and I can relax.”

“Yes, Mom,” Mo Ziyan said as she gently patted her mother on the back and pulled away from her embrace. She then helped her adjust her dress and said, “Get ready, you need to head out soon.”

At that moment, Tangning no longer cared about her children’s matters; she was anticipating how Mo Ting looked in his white suit instead.

That man; her husband…

He was the person she loved the most.

The sky was blue, the clouds were white, and a gentle breeze carried the fragrant scent of roses. At this moment, under these conditions, the wedding march started playing.

With a wedding veil on her head, Tangning appeared from under an arch of fresh flowers and stood at the head of the flower-covered carpet. On the other end, Mo Ting was dressed in a stripy white suit that highlighted his healthy figure. After all these years, he hadn’t changed much. He always had a noble presence and seemed to stand out from the crowd.

A moment later, he walked towards Tangning one step at a time. When he finally stood in front of her, he grabbed her hand and hooked it around his arm, “Mrs. Mo, I think this marriage is for life.”

Tangning peeked through her veil and noticed that Mo Ting’s eyes were slightly red as predicted.

“We’re already an old married couple. Why are you still so emotional?”

“That’s because I still want to dote on you for another 50 years.”

Not too far away, the three sibling and their partners watched the wedding and felt very satisfied.

After all, who wouldn’t admire a love like this?

But, at a time like this, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but pick on Mo Ziyan, “Look at you, you’ve been gone for over a year. Who’s going to take care of Hai Rui at this rate?”

“Brother Two, what’s so good about your position?”

“Hai Rui was always left for you,” Mo Zichen emphasized.

“Well, I’m rejecting it. My condition doesn’t allow for me to work too hard.”

“How about this? If you give birth to a nephew for me, I will consider quitting my position and taking over the role of CEO for you,” Mo Zichen promised.


Mo Ziyan’s eyes lit up.

In the few years that followed that conversation…

Who said that Mo Ziyan couldn’t bear a child?

She ended up giving birth to one child every year. The rate was unbelievable!

The End

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