Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 17: The Viral Indecent Video

Chapter 17: The Viral Indecent Video

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The fans' interrogations got louder and louder as passersby started to take photos and discuss what was going on. They felt Tangning was shameless - to them Mo Yurou's character was much more trustworthy.

Tangning was completely surrounded, leaving her with no room to escape. So, instead, she calmed herself down and removed her sunglasses, revealing her bare face to the public, "If you want me to answer your questions, I can do that, but first, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Go ahead." The anti-fans looked at Tangning wondering what trick she had up her sleeves.

"You say you are my fans, so can you tell me, what year did I debut, what year did I receive awards and what awards were they?"

After hearing her questions, the anti-fans looked blankly at each other. How could they know this information about Tangning - they despised her.

"We...we are new fans. Regardless, you threw our gifts on the floor, so you are in the wrong," one of them responded.

"Whether or not I threw the flowers on the floor, even if I was to not explain, I'm sure the airport's cameras would have captured everything. But, I already apologized immediately after dropping them, I'm sure everyone heard. I've also previously acknowledged, within the industry, there is still much to learn from Yurou. So, what else are you not happy with?" Tangning spoke gently, not forceful at all, but straight to the point. This girl that was causing trouble definitely wasn't her fan. It was obvious she was the fan of Mo Yurou, who's name hung to her lips.

The fact that Tangning had already apologized and responded with a modest attitude, the majority of passersby were starting to change their minds...they felt that Mo Yurou's fans were petty and had gone too far.

"Fine, it's true, I am also a fan of Yurou's. We just feel you don't deserve to be compared to her. On top of everything, you even stole her contract, you should return it to her!" After speaking, the anti-fan started to push Tangning. Tangning staggered and almost fell. Luckily...the bodyguards Mo Ting sent arrived just in time, squeezing through the crowd to hold onto her. They also started to separate the crowd from Tangning.

Long Jie couldn't hold in her anger anymore. She stood between the anti-fans and Tangning as she turned her head slightly, "You go ahead first and wait for me, I'll be right there."

"OK." As usual, Tangning didn't argue. She just simply put her sunglasses back on.

"Hmmph! If you don't give us an explanation today and don't return the contract back to Yurou, don't even think about boarding the plane." The anti-fans warned as they linked their hands forming a human barrier.

"Do you really believe in Mo Yurou's character that much?" Long Jie asked with a deeper meaning.

"It's definitely better than that of your cheap model's."

"These words, I've recorded it..." Long Jie raised her phone, "When the time is right, I'll send you all a huge gift." Long Jie placed the phone to her head and called the police. The police immediately arrived to escort Tangning away from the crowd with the help of Mo Ting's bodyguards. Tangning quickly disappeared from the view of the public, but before the police left she whispered something to them.

"Tangning, Mo Yurou has made the news about you stealing her contract the number one discussion," Long Jie looked at her phone as she spoke.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Release the video..." Tangning replied while walking.

"I've been waiting for this those fans can see, whether their goddess is an innocent lady or a sl*t!" After speaking, Long Jie phoned a reporter friend, "Post up the video we prepared earlier."

Han Yufan, let's see how many times you can save Mo Yurou!


Tianyi Entertainment's Artists' Resting Lounge. Mo Yurou was celebrating that the discussion she started had hit number one. On top of that, she received photos from her fans of the scene at the airport; Tangning had been pushed to the point where she couldn't even fight back - it completely satisfied her hatred. She wanted Tangning to have a taste of what it's like to steal her contract. This was only one of the consequences, the worst was yet to come.

"Yurou, after this heated incident, I'm sure you will get even better deals than the one offered by hf," her assistant flattered as he massaged her shoulder.

"Of course! I have to secure a place at the Top Ten Model Awards!" Mo Yurou smiled confidently, her confidence was due to the fact that Han Yufan had reassured her earlier on. As promised, Han Yufan appeared at the doorway all of a sudden holding a contract to discuss with her.

"Quick, my Top Ten Model, a big advertisement is here, let's hold a meeting immediately."

Mo Yurou nodded her head; she was exceptionally pleased as she headed into the meeting room to discuss the details.

"Although Yurou lost the contract with hf, she has managed to secure a deal with an international makeup brand. She is indeed Tianyi Entertainment's precious gem!" Han Yufan showered Mo Yurou with praises, "As for Tangning, from now on, if anyone asks for her, respond by telling them she is getting married and won't be taking any more jobs."

After hearing these words, Mo Yurou's smile grew even larger. However...just as the two were conversing with their eyes, Han Yufan suddenly received a phone call. At first, he had a smile plastered across his face, but afterwards, the smile disappeared, "Mr. Blair, how could you cancel the contract all of a sudden?"

"The indecent video of you and Mo Yurou has already gone viral, I am extremely ashamed of the two of you. What rubbish!" with that, he hung up the phone angrily.

"What happened?" Mo Yurou asked.

"The advertiser has requested for a solution to something." While he was speaking, Han Yufan pulled out his phone - at the top of search rankings was a video of him and Mo Yurou in the hospital bed getting intimate! This time it wasn't just a photo, it was a video! It was a video that they couldn't deny! Seeing his reaction, Mo Yurou immediately stormed over and grabbed the phone from his hand. Upon seeing the video...

...she was so stunned, she dropped the phone onto the floor, "How could this happen? How...?"

Everyone in the meeting room immediately picked up their phones to see what was going on, while Mo Yurou, like being caught on-the-spot cheating, started yelling at everyone, "Don't look! Don't search!"

"It's over...everything's over..." Han Yufan angrily plopped down into his chair, "Who is it exactly that is trying to go against me!"

Apart from Tianyi Entertainment's internal departments, Mo Yurou's official page was also in an uproar. It was only today that they put all their trust in Mo Yurou and stormed over to insult Tangning, they felt like they had been slapped across the face.

At this time, Long Jie and Tangning had already boarded their flight. Long Jie was logged into Mo Yurou's fan club, watching as the anti-fans self-destructed, "I never thought Mo Yurou would be so cheap, while we unknowingly idolized her, we must have been blind. From now on...I've lost all respect for her."

"Me too..."

"Me too..."

"We should take the initiative and prove Tangning's innocence. At the airport, we had deliberately insulted her, she must have known. However, she never tried to get back at us. Instead, while the police were stopping us, she even told them not to hurt us...I heard it all, but I didn't announce it!" one of the fans said guiltily.

"Also, Tangning's schedule was given to us by Mo Yurou's assistant, we need to post about this."

After seeing the discussions, Long Jie's mouth was curving from ear to ear... so satisfying!

That sl*t and jerk must be running around in a panic right now.

"Tangning, why are you so smart? I really love you," Long Jie wrapped Tangning in a hug as she planted a kiss on her cheek.

"But, I don't love you..." Tangning replied, looking down at Long Jie teasingly.

"Then who do you love? President Mo?"

Tangning was indeed thinking of Mo Ting and was especially missing his kisses...habit, definitely was a scary thing, especially poisonous habits.

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