Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 3: Suspected of Creating Hype

Chapter 3: Suspected of Creating Hype

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Tangning smiled as she gave a nod before lifting up her dress slightly and running towards the back of the stage. With her mask on, if you were to point out one distinguishing feature between Tangning and Mo Yurou, it would have to be Tangning's legs. Tangning's legs were once known as one of the most beautiful legs in the world.

Just as everyone thought the show had reached it's climax, Tangning descended gracefully to the stage on a chair. All the spotlights immediately focused on her...


...the Crown's Star was nowhere to be seen...

What had happened?

Everyone present ran around frantically looking for the Crown's Star, they even searched Tangning all over. Because of this, many people couldn't help but notice her lovely pale long legs...

Legs so beautiful, they were unforgettable...

Just as everyone was about to give up, a smile appeared from behind the mysterious golden mask. Tangning elegantly raised her arm, tilted her head backwards and lifted her left leg which was facing the audience - striking a beautiful dance pose. At that moment, out from under the white dress and down her smooth legs, the Crown's Star appeared around Tangning's ankle sparkling magnificently.


Everyone froze in amazement at the scene in front of them. The sight of Tangning lying on the chair seamlessly moving from one pose to the next was unforgettable. Most impressive of all, every single pose Tangning pulled, the Crown's Star would be presented in a different light; showing off it's beauty over and over again...

The audience rose to their feet and gave Tangning a standing ovation...

Amongst the crowd, in a high but hidden position, Mo Ting's gaze was focused on Tangning. His new wife, once Beijing's top model, was here standing in on behalf of a B-Grade model.

There was no denying it, no matter if it was 3 years ago or 3 years later, she was still the same model - born for the runway...

After Tangning's final pose, the show came to a satisfying end. hf's founder was extremely impressed with her performance. Of course, he wasn't aware the model on stage was Tangning; he still believed it was Mo Yurou.

He appeared from behind the stage and approached Tangning. Like a gentleman, he offered his hand, helping Tangning off her chair and led her to the front of the runway as they bowed thankfully to the audience.

"Thank you everyone, and of course, thank you Miss Mo for a spectacular performance, it was certainly impressive."

Tangning stayed silent. She just simply responded with a bow. When suddenly, from the front of the runway came a high-pitched voice, "She isn't Mo Yurou, I've seen Mo Yurou in real life and she does not have such long legs!"

At that moment, everyone was stunned as they looked up and down Tangning's legs with doubt, "If you are indeed Mo Yurou, then remove your mask. If you are not, then Tianyi Entertainment are a bunch of liars!"

Sounds of doubt multiplied and grew louder. Even the designers of hf were beginning to question whether the woman in front of them was Mo Yurou.

"Miss Mo, please remove your mask..." The designers were curious. Was she really Mo Yurou? If she really wasn't then their collaboration with Tianyi Entertainment would have to come to an end.

Tangning hesitated, but she was already surrounded. With no other choice, she slowly removed her mask. At that moment, everyone held their breath. At the sight of her face, some recognized her immediately as the once famed model...

"It's Tangning!"

It was rumored that after Tangning was blacklisted, her status had completely deteriorated. She was even worse off than unsigned models. Who would have thought she would stoop so low as to step in for someone else. Was she deliberately creating hype or was she forced due to her current situation?

"Tangning, it's actually Tangning." The reporters quickly surrounded Tangning, giving her no room to escape.

"Miss Tang, could you please explain the current situation? Mo Yurou was the one that was invited to appear in today's show, but how come it turned out to be you?"

"From what we know, you were blacklisted 3 years ago. Are you trying to take this opportunity to announce a comeback?"

"As a once-famous model, are you trying to take Mo Yurou's jobs? Are you taking advantage of her being injured and stealing her opportunity to be a spokesperson?"

"It's obvious you are just trying to create hype. I knew it. Mo Yurou was already injured, how could she possibly attend the show. Famous supermodel my a**! More like famous superCHEAPmodel!"

The reporter's questions got more and more intense, in fact, some were already spouting insults.

"Outdated cheap model..."

"Yurou should be the spokesperson, give it back to her!"

Tangning was slowly forced to retreat as the reporters surrounded her. Some even pushed her. At this moment, hf added to the insults, "I am going to sue Tianyi Entertainment, what you are doing here is blatantly lying! I asked for Mo Yurou, instead, you gave me a 3rd-rate model." The designer had no idea how famous Tangning was 3 years ago. All he knew was that he had not seen this model appear anywhere in recent years.

"As for you, I'll see you in court! But, for now, get lost! You do not deserve to be standing on my runway!" he yelled.

The sharp voice echoed through the building, even the reporters were surprised. No model would just stand there and let someone yell at them like that.

"Why are you still here? Get lost!"

Tangning already prepared herself for this moment, but still struggled to hold back the humiliation. It was at that moment, a deep, attractive voice resounded from the end of the stage, "Yes, someone should get lost indeed..."

In surprise, the reporters turned to where the voice was coming from. There, standing at the end of the stage was Mo Ting. Everyone's eyes opened wide in shock... Isn't this the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment? Why is he here?

Most importantly, why is he standing on the stage? It was a well-known fact that Mo Ting despised artists that played mind games. Tangning is digging her own grave. This time even Hai Rui can't help but step out from behind the sidelines.

Everyone held their breath, certain that Tangning was out of luck. But to their surprise, Mo Ting walked over to Tangning and stood by her side. With the intimidating tone of a king, he turned to the designer and continued, "...but, she is not the one that should get is you!"

"I could make hf disappear from Beijing if I want to. Your manners appear to be on a different level to your jewelry."

Tangning's heartbeat stopped for a moment. Who would have thought...her new husband, who she had only met for the third time, would stand up for her.

All the reporters were stunned as they began to worry. Had they known earlier that Tangning had ties with Hai Rui, they wouldn't have been so rude.

hf's designer was not impressed, but he knew he could not offend Hai Rui International. After a few moments of silence, he reluctantly apologized, "Sorry, President Mo. I didn't know of your relationship with..."

"You are wrong, I have no relations with her. I'm just simply...questioning your character!" Mo Ting denied his relation to Tangning and began to walk away. But before he left, he turned around and announced to the reporters, "There is, however, one thing I cannot deny. She will definitely become a rising star in the modeling industry!"

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