Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Kill the Boss. World-famous.

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Unfortunately, the rest of the zombies were scattered and not gathered together.

This made Li Cheng’s task a little difficult. He thought for a moment and did not continue to look for the remaining scattered zombies. Instead, he walked directly to the red dot on the map.

A few minutes later, many green zombies appeared in his sight.

These green zombies were taller and stronger. They were at least two meters tall, and their bodies were covered with disgusting boils.

They were the enhanced version of zombies. Their attributes were much stronger than ordinary zombies.

Some were at level four, some were around level 10.

Moreover, the zombies in the enhanced class were equipped with a piece of black iron equipment which greatly increased their defense. Unfortunately, this extra defense meant nothing to Li Cheng.

He said that he was paying attention to a three-meter-tall monster standing in the middle of the enhanced zombies.

The zombie’s body was already very bloated, and there was a huge hole in its stomach that was emitting an unknown green gas.

Li Cheng narrowed his eyes and observed the huge monster in front of him. Then, he cast a detection spell on it.

[Toxic Zombie King]

[Description: The King of zombies. After drinking a lot of highly toxic potions, the zombie’s more powerful than ordinary zombies.]

[Grade: Gold.]

[Level: 10]

[Health points: 30,000,000]

[Physical/magic attack: 1,600]

[Defense: 250]

[Skills: bite, haste, poison gas, poison infection]

As a Gold-grade boss, the Toxic Zombie King had a very high HP of 30,000,000.

In his previous life, players had suffered a lot because of the Toxic Zombie King. Some of the low-and middle-tier soldiers could not break the Toxic Zombie King’s 250-strong defense at all.

Li Cheng vaguely remembered that in his previous life, a super-large union had gathered hundreds of players to fight against the Toxic Zombie King.

But now, the Toxic Zombie King’s HP was nothing in front of Li Cheng. At that moment, many zombies had already found Li Cheng’s army.

All of them rushed over crazily, wanting to tear Li Cheng and his troops to pieces. Li Cheng snorted and commanded, “Frost Arrow Rain, release!”

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

The Arrow Rain appeared once again, blocking the entire sky. Countless damage numbers jumped out.





Not long after, the system notification rang at the right time.

“Ding, dong! Congratulations on successfully killing Gold-grade Boss, Toxi Zombie King. Obtained two hundred thousand experience points!

“Ding, dong! Congratulations! You’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system! Obtained two million experience points! Obtained twenty million experience points!”

Li Cheng was speechless

“World Announcement: Player Netherworld has successfully killed Gold-grade Boss, Toxic Zombie King. As the first player in the continent to kill a Gold-grade Boss, you’re hereby rewarded one Gold equipment gift box, one additional Luck point, and one additional reputation point!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You’ve received on Legendary equipment gift box, additional ten Luck points, and additional ten thousand reputation points!”

“Ding, dong, your hero, Shadow Princess Lillian, has leveled up. Current level is level fifteen.

“Ding, dong, your hero, Shadow Princess Lillian, has learned a new skill.”

At this moment, all the players in Tribe were stunned.

Only after the world announcement that was shocking enough rang three times did people react.

[What’s going on? What happened? I haven’t even fought the wild boars near my territory, and someone already killed the Boss?]

[Oh my god, why’s there such a huge gap between us?!]

[Who’s Netherworld? Why have I never heard of such a person?]

The world announcement that stated Li Cheng had killed the Boss completely blew up the chatbox. The ordinary players were both envious and jealous, but most of them were curious about this player called Netherworld.

Other than the ordinary players, there were also some professional players in Tribe, as well as players from big business corporations.

When the world announcement rang, these players all frowned. They were the elite players in the game.

They clearly knew what it meant to kill the Boss. They also understood the difference between them and Netherworld.

One had to know that many people had not even cleared out the wild monster territories around their area. Even elite players like them had only killed a few camps and obtained a few resource points.

At first, they thought that they were already ahead of all the players. However, they did not expect that the world announcement of Netherworld killing the Boss would smack everyone in their faces.

At this moment, countless professional players and large factions were filled with doubt. Who was this Netherworld? Could he be some super expert’s new alternate account?

At the same time, Li Cheng was also shocked by the rewards given by the system. He really did not expect that a mere Gold-grade Boss would give him such a generous reward.

Not to mention the massive amount of experience, it had directly pulled all of his troops to their maximum level. Li Cheng clearly remembered that in his previous life, he had spent a whole month to get his troops to the maximum level.

Now, his Frost Marksmen’s attack power had increased to 1,200 points. It was already completely comparable to a crown soldier.

Just a level one crown soldier, of course.

“One thousand two hundred points of attack, coupled with the double boost from the Heart of Massacre and ten times attack speed, it can deal twenty-five thousand points of damage in one second. Damn, this is heaven-defying!” Li Cheng happily muttered to himself.

This was only one unit of damage. If 2,000 Frost Marksmen were to combine their firepower, that would mean he was able to deal 50,000,000 damage in one second, right?

Thinking of this, Li Cheng’s eyelids could not help but twitch. This was too terrifying. This number was supposed to come in the later stages of the game. Other players might not even be able to do it.

In addition, killing the Boss gave him 10,000 Luck points. In Tribe, Luck was considered a hidden attribute, and the unlucky ones were those players with low Luck points.

Not only was it hard for these players to deal critical hits, they also often fell while walking. Even the heroes they recruited could turn out to be evil and their troops would often rebel. Meanwhile, the players with high Luck points were completely European emperors.

In the game, they could advance like a fish in water. They could open any treasure chest and get high-grade items.

Li Cheng’s luck had reached a terrifying 20,000 points. This was something that other players did not dare to imagine.

Other than these, his SSS-class hero, Lillian, had also reached level 15. She had also learned a new skill. To be honest, the SSS-class hero EXP bar was ridiculously high.

After being buffed 10,000 times, she had reached level 15. Li Cheng could not wait to open Lillian’s attribute panel to check the newly acquired skill.

[Shadow of the Mist (Level MAX)]

[Description: as the Princess of the Shadow Land, Lillian’s control over the Shadow World is unrivaled.]

[Effect: Lillian can absorb the energy of the Shadow World and release mist, allowing her to hide herself and her army. Other than immortal-level units, no one can see the figures hidden in the mist. The unit that initiates the attack will be exposed.]

An extremely heaven-defying skill!

This was Li Cheng’s evaluation of this skill.

“Such a perfect concealment skill, it’s amazing.. With this skill, I can completely sneak into the enemy’s house. As long as I don’t take the initiative to attack, the enemy won’t be able to sense it in the mist!”


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