Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Knight Netherworld, Assassination Fund

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Looking at the expressionless Li Cheng, Ryder was stunned for a moment and said, “Not bad, brave adventurer. You can redeem your reward.”

Just as Ryder finished speaking, a system notification rang in Li Cheng’s ear.

“Ding, dong, do you wish to submit your virus samples?”

“Submit!” Li Cheng replied without hesitation.

“Ding, dong, you’ve submitted thirty thousand virus samples to Templar Ryder. Reward, thirty thousand Church of Light contribution points!

“Ding, dong, congratulations on triggering the ten thousand amplification system. Reward, five hundred million Church of Light contribution points!”

Just as the notification rang, a holy white light shone on Li Cheng’s body.

Li Cheng was dumbfounded. 500 million contribution points from the Church of Light?

This... Was this not too exaggerated?

One had to know that contribution points from the Church of Light were very difficult to obtain. There were usually only two ways.

First, complete the mission issued by the Church of Light.

Second, participate in the Holy War of the Church of Light and kill the enemy to obtain contribution points.

Submitting the virus sample was included in the first category.

Contribution points were extremely useful. One could buy all kinds of items, arms, and equipment from the shops belonging to the Church of Light, especially to exchange for corresponding titles.

Titles were divided into Knight, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, and Duke.

The higher the title, the higher the authority one could obtain. Moreover, this kind of title was different from ordinary titles—they were divinity-approved ranks.

Divinity-approved ranks were ranks that all empires on the continent would recognize. At the same time, its greatest use was to serve as the commander in the churches.

Knights could receive the authority to command 50 Templar Knights.

Barons could command up to 500 Templar Knights.

Viscounts could command all Templar Knights in a branch hall.

Earls could launch a large-scale battle.

As for those above the rank of Marquis, Li Cheng did not have enough contribution points before he died in his previous life, so even he did not know the authority above the rank of Marquis.

Now that he had so many contribution points, he could exchange them for the rank of Marquis. He did as he was told. Li Cheng went directly to Ryder and said, “Sir Ryder, I want to exchange my points for the rank of Marquis.”

“What? Title of nobility? You’ve only been on the continent for a few hours and you want to exchange for a title of nobility?”

Ryder was shocked. After all, he had been fighting in the Church of Light for many years but he was only a knight.

This guy had only been here for a few hours and he could already exchange for the title of nobility? Although he could not do it in his heart, Ryder still said patiently, “Exchanging for the title of nobility requires a lot of contribution points. How many contribution points do you have now?”

“Five hundred million,” Li Cheng said calmly.

All the Templar Knights in the stronghold were shocked.

“Five... Five hundred million?”

Clang! The sword in one of the Templar Knight’s hands fell to the ground.

“Did I hear correctly?” Ryder also took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Young Lord, I hope you’re not lying. Otherwise, the God of Light will punish you!”

Li Cheng was a little speechless and said impatiently, “Just tell me if you can exchange it for me or not.”

Ryder was silent for a moment and said, “Well, according to the rules of the church, you can only give others a title that doesn’t exceed your own, so... I can at most give you a Knight’s title...”

“You’re only a Knight?” Li Cheng asked.

Ryder’s face was red. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole to hide in.

After a long while, Ryder finally answered. “Yes.”

Li Cheng nodded helplessly. It was better to be a Knight than nothing.

“Ding, dong, would you like to spend ten million contribution points to exchange for a Knight’s title?”


“Ding, dong, congratulations to the player for successfully exchanging for the title of a Knight.”

Just as the exchange was completed, a world announcement sounded.

“World Announcement. Player Netherworld has become a Knight. As the first player to receive a title, the reward is twenty reputation points!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You received an additional two hundred thousand reputation points!”

The players in the entire server were stunned once again.

[Oh my God, this Netherworld must be cheating. It has only been a few hours and he has already triggered three world announcements.]

[Can someone tell me what a title is and how to obtain it?]

[I know, I know. This is a title granted by the Church of Light. It’s a title conferred by God.]

[@Netherworld, Boss, it’s only been a few hours since the game started. Why are you so ferocious? How are you playing this game?]

[@Netherworld, Boss, are you taking in disciples? Bring me along to play with you.]

At this moment, the game chat channel was once again filled with excitement because of Li Cheng.

[This person is definitely cheating! Definitely!]

[That’s right, how can he be so strong? We’re the number one in the world!]

[You have to give us an explanation. I suggest we report this to the Tribe officials and ban Netherworld.]

The players were in an uproar. In all the previous competitions, they had always been the top players. The current situation was something that they could not accept.

At this moment, in the largest guild, a blood-red-haired girl was clearing out a monster camp.

Behind her was a group of level seven soldiers.

“This person’s a little interesting. I hope you can be a little more interesting,” the blood-red-haired girl said, sneering.

Such a scene appeared one after another in different guilds. After all, Li Cheng’s three world announcements had already attracted the attention of a large portion of the players.

One time, it might have been luck, but the successive announcements had forced the various major powers to pay attention to him.

At this moment, they were doing their best to investigate Netherworld’s true identity and had even set up an assassination fund for this purpose.

If they provided information on Netherworld, they would receive 10 million. If they killed Netherworld, they would receive 100 million.

However, Li Cheng did not care at all. With his current strength, he did not need to worry about others chasing after him.

At this moment, he was enjoying the title of nobility. A holy white light descended from the sky and enveloped Li Cheng.

All the Templar Knights present looked sideways. Their eyes were filled with fanaticism and piety.

This was the blessing of the God of Light, and it was the ceremony of the knighthood.

This was the scene they had dreamed of. Unfortunately, 10 million contribution points were too much. Their chances of earning enough contribution points were too slim.

“Ding, dong, congratulations on obtaining the knighthood.

“The knighthood privileges are as follows.

“One. Receive missions from the Church of Light without any restrictions.

“Two. If you’re threatened in the territory of the Church of Light, you can seek help from the church.

“Three. Enjoy a ten percent discount from the Church of Light’s shop.

“Four. Command fifty Templar Knights.

“Five. You can issue missions from the church to the outside world. The highest level of the mission will be B-grade.”

Li Cheng was slightly surprised.

The privileges of a Knight’s rank were actually...surprisingly not bad. In his previous life, Li Cheng was not very interested in the privileges of a Knight’s rank.

His contribution points were all exchanged for various equipment and military types, and he had never exchanged for any titles. However, he did not expect that a simple Knight’s rank was not that bad.

A few privileges were very useful. Receiving quests for example. Without any restrictions, they were very powerful.

The Church of Light’s organization was spread throughout the lost continent. They were always active in the front lines of fighting against evil. They would often issue quests of various sizes, and there would even be SSS-class quests.

However, ordinary players could only accept quests below S-class.

Those above S-class would be taken by the church internally. However, Li Cheng was now a Knight, so he could accept quests above S-class.

The second privilege was to ensure Li Cheng’s safety. However, this one was only effective against wild monsters and evil forces.

It was ineffective against other players. The Church of Light would not interfere in the war between players.

There was also the third discount. If this was combined with the discount on Li Cheng’s title, it could help Li Cheng save a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Li Cheng did not lack money at all, but still, it was better than nothing.

The fifth thing that Li Cheng valued the most was the ability to issue quests to players. This was the fastest way to earn contribution points.

When the time came, as long as the players completed the quests he issued, it would provide Li Cheng with contribution points. They were also commonly known as wage earners.

Li Cheng looked at the dazed Ryder beside him with satisfaction and said, “Sir Ryder, can you tell me what happened here?”

“Of course,” Ryder said with a serious face.

Li Cheng’s title was the same as his. He could not refuse Li Cheng’s inquiry.. With Li Cheng’s strength, it would be much easier with his help.


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