Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: SSS-Class Forbidden Mage

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Full HP resurrection... Was that not a little too exaggerated? A level nine Legendary equipment with a special function and full HP resurrection? This was the first time Li Cheng had seen such a divine equipment.

He had to admit that it was really too abnormal. From then on, all of Li Cheng’s units would have a chance to resurrect on the spot with full HP every 12 hours.

This meant that he would always have two lives. Was this not being too much of a bully? Li Cheng felt a little embarrassed.

Without thinking, Li Cheng immediately equipped it on himself. Then, he looked at another stone that was exuding an abnormally terrifying aura.

[Forbidden Mage Class Advancement Stone]

[Level: 1]

[Grade: SSS (only hidden)]

[Effect: after use, class advancement to Forbidden Mage class]

[Usage requirement: level 10 and above Mage Class]

This was actually a hidden SSS-class! Li Cheng was shocked.

Although hidden classes in his previous life were similarly rare, Li Cheng had still heard of some of them. It was just that he had never seen this particular hidden SSS-class before.

Li Cheng excitedly crushed the strange stone in his hand. A pitch-black light flashed and the surrounding space seemed to be torn apart. This light instantly entered Li Cheng’s body.

“Ding, dong, congratulations on successfully changing your class to Forbidden Mage, level cap increased!

“Ding, dong, congratulations on the change in your growth attributes. The current growth rate additional two hundred points in intelligence, additional two hundred points in spirit, additional one hundred points strength, additional one hundred points in stamina, additional one hundred points in agility, additional two hundred free attribute points.

“Ding, dong, congratulations on learning a new skill, Elemental Affinity. You’ve also triggered a ten thousand times increase. You’ve obtained the skill Supreme Elemental!

“Ding, dong, congratulations on learning a new skill Power of Fire. You’ve also triggered a ten thousand times increase. You’ve obtained the skill, Command Flame!”


Li Cheng quickly opened the skill panel and looked at the newly acquired skills.

[Supreme Elemental]

[Level: Max]

[Effect: all elemental damage increases by 100%]

[Proficiency: Max]


[Command Flame ]

[Level: 1]


[1. After use, the soldier’s attack will be converted into a fire-type attack. Lasts for 10 minutes.]

[2. When the soldier attacks, there’s a 5% chance of causing an explosion to up to 10 units within 300 yards.]

[Cost: 1,000 mana points.]

[Cooldown: 5 minutes.]

[Proficiency 0/2,000]


This class skill...was a little powerful!

Looking at the two new skills, Li Cheng was secretly shocked. The first was the attribute growth after successfully changing classes. The value was a little ridiculous. Normal players would at most have 10 points per level, while Li Cheng had a minimum of 100 points.

This meant that Li Cheng’s one level increase was equivalent to others increasing their levels by more than 10 levels. The two class skills that he had obtained were even more terrifying.

A percentage increase in damage was already very rare. Supreme Elemental could double all elemental damage. Moreover, Command Flame gave fire attribute attacks to the troops.

He did not need to fear that the troops would not have any elemental damage. Moreover, it was AOE damage. The value was related to Li Cheng. The stronger Li Cheng was as a Lord, the more ridiculous the explosion effect would be.

With these two powerful skills, even the most trashy troops could be reborn and become extremely powerful.

After taking stock of the harvest, Li Cheng rushed back to recruit new troops. In a short while, he arrived at his territory.

At this moment, the territory was filled with all kinds of resources. It became a pile of small hills. As soon as Li Cheng arrived, he used the Building Spawn Rate card to build a few large warehouses and ordered the Goblin Miners to move all the resources there

Following that, he built a few large villas for the new members to rest. After all, if they did not rest for a long time, the morale and loyalty of the troops would drop, and in serious cases, they would immediately defect.

Li Cheng was now rich, so he immediately decided to build large villas and called Luna over, wanting to use the Hero Advancement Stone on her.

“Ding, dong, you used the Moon Dance Saintess Luna’s Hero Advancement Stone and raised her class to SS!

“Ding, dong, you used the Moon Dance Saintess Luna’s Hero Advancement Stone and raised her class to SSS!”

The two advancement stones immediately filled Luna’s class. Luna bathed in the bright moonlight from the advancement stone and successfully advanced.

Her beautiful eyes flickered as she stared at Li Cheng. Her face was slightly red as she said, “Respected Oracle, thank you.”

Li Cheng nodded slightly and began to check Luna’s attributes.

[Luna, the Saintess of the Moon Dance Church ]

[Description: A Saintess from the Moon Dance Church, deeply loved by the goddess of Moon Dance.]

[Class: Moondance Priestess]

[Level: 25]

[Grade: SSS]

[HP: 300,000]

[Mana: 350,000]

[Physical/magic attack: 3,000]

[Defense: 1,500]


[1. Moon Dance (Max) : Luna performs an inspiring dance. Effects: for all units within 2,000 yards, attack +100% , movement speed +100% , attack speed +100%. The duration is unlimited, interrupted by attacks.]

[2. Moonlit Night (Max): uses powerful magic to change the time to night. The range is related to the maximum magic value. Lasts for one hour. Cooldown: two hours.]

[3. Moon Dance Slash (Level 1): Luna releases a crescent-shaped magic energy, dealing magic damage to enemies in a straight line.]

[4. Moon Dance Goddess’s Protection (Max): at night, Luna enters an invisible state. Attacks on enemies are ineffective.]

Li Cheng nodded his head in satisfaction. Luna’s attributes were not bad, but she was not a hero summoned by Li Cheng, so she was only level 25.

In other words, the first 24 levels of attribute growth were the growth attributes of S-class heroes. So even though she was already level 25, Luna’s attributes were completely overpowered by Lillian, who was level 20.

Fortunately, the level increase in the future would allow Luna’s attributes to soar. The few skills that Luna had were also quite useful. Together, they could create a dark environment.

One had to know that under the dark night, Li Cheng’s troops could receive a lot of bonuses.. Li Cheng was still looking forward to Luna’s future.


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