Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Famous

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Li Cheng smiled and shook his head. “Don’t worry. They’re all loyal believers of Trelafany. There won’t be any problems.”

Lillian could only nod when she heard Li Cheng say that. However, she still looked in Luna’s direction with vigilance.

Li Cheng shook his head. Just as he was about to log off, a fragrance suddenly wafted over and his face became moist.

“Good night, Lord.”

After saying that, Lillian smiled and left. Li Cheng could see that her face was already slightly red.

Li Cheng was speechless.

That was too seductive.

Li Cheng logged out of the game. After taking off his gaming helmet, he let out a long sigh of relief. After barely getting out of bed, he moved his somewhat stiff body.

The current Tribe had yet to fuse with the real world.

Therefore, he was still an ordinary human, so naturally, he felt tired. He took some bread from the fridge and after a simple exchange, he took out his phone and checked his messages.

“I only have around thirty thousand in my savings. It seems that I need to exchange some gold coins when the game’s currency exchange system’s activated.”

Of course, Li Cheng did not plan to exchange on a large scale. He only needed to exchange for around 100 thousand.

A large-scale exchange was tantamount to suicide. The guilds, alliances, and other powers could easily find Li Cheng’s location through the Internet.

He had to be careful. After all, before the two worlds merged, he needed to keep a low profile.

As he ate his bread, Li Cheng opened the Tribe forum.

This was specially built by the officials for players to communicate with each other. All Tribe players could speak freely on the forum.

Moreover, their names were the same as their IDs in the game. Each player had one account to prevent the appearance of spammers and zombies.

At this moment, the forum was abnormally hot.

[Professional players will guide you to conquer the world of Tribe. Golden spears and iron horses, burning with brilliance!]

[Hundred Wars Guild is recruiting! One of the ten great guilds. Please post your personal information. Thank you for your cooperation!]

[Wolf Fang Guild is recruiting! Welcoming experts to join, preferential treatment!]

[War God Guild: Player Netherworld, this guild sincerely invites you to join. Your annual salary is one million. If you join, you will be the Vice Guild Leader!]

“Oh?” Li Cheng looked at the War God Guild’s expensive and refined post.

A million in annual salary? The Vice Guild Leader?

Li Cheng wanted to laugh. What was that?

It was just a capital-operated guild. Other than benefits, what else was there?

Such a guild was worthy of inviting him in? There was also the one million annual salary and the Vice Guild Leader position. These were all jokes in Li Cheng’s eyes.

One had to know that the current Li Cheng had close to five billion gold coins.

Li Cheng casually browsed through the posts. The posts were filled with all kinds of envious and jealous players.

Li Cheng shook his head and started to look at the other posts. Most of them were posts discussing the content of the game, such as how to get through the novice period and how to clear the monsters around the territory.

They were all very simple content and many of them were nonsense. They were simply misleading people.

Some of the newbies listened to these posts and exploded at the start. In the end, they did not have enough food and starved their entire army to death.

There were many similar occurrences. Li Cheng had been misled by these posts in his previous life.

He was a little speechless. After thinking about it, he opened the document and started writing the game guide.

The reason why Li Cheng did this was to increase the game progress of the other players and then, turn them into wage earners. Otherwise, it would be the same as before. There would be nothing in the Trading Hall. He would just be playing with air.

Li Cheng was not afraid that these players would surpass him. In his eyes, these players were not worthy of being his opponents. They were destined to be Li Cheng’s tools.

In less than half an hour, Li Cheng finished writing the guide. It was just some simple and fragmentary ways to obtain resources in the early stages, as well as how to clear the weaker wild monster camps.

After he finished writing, Li Cheng sent it out. As soon as the post appeared, it was noticed by the sharp-eyed players.

[Beginner’s transition guide]

[Who is it? It’s obvious that this kind of title wasn’t written by a God, right?]

[Yeah, who would read such a post? Is it useful even if it’s written by a pro player?]

But when they took a closer look, countless people’s eyes widened. They were shocked to see that the ID of the person who posted it was actually Netherworld.

[Netherworld? Am I seeing things?]

[F*ck, it really is Netherworld. Boss Netherworld has posted something.]

[@everyone, stop playing. Come out and check out boss Netherworld’s post.]

For a moment, the discussion forum was in an uproar. Everyone who saw the post reposted the link.

Li Cheng’s post instantly received tens of millions of replies. This shocked the moderator of the discussion forum. He widened his eyes and focused on the post.

[The Underworld boss is really powerful. How did he know that the Kobolds could be recruited as long as they threw out food?]

[Also, the monsters in this camp actually have a harmless fighting style. Those soldiers of mine died in vain.]

[The Underworld boss is really powerful. However, he said that we must get the Durian Shooter soldiers in the early stages of the game. If anyone has the area map, send it to me.]

[@Netherworld, boss, after reading your guide, I’ll definitely become a level 1 Lord today.]

[@Netherworld, boss is really selfless. He’s willing to write us a guide of this level.]

[I heard that Netherworld will sell level 4 soldiers at the Trading Hall tomorrow. Is this true? He’s willing to sell level 4 soldiers?]


The forums were in an uproar, but Li Cheng did not care. He turned off his computer, washed up, and took a break.

At the same time.

In Tribe, a woman named Purple Rose appeared.

Rose was one of the three big guilds of the Divine Dragon Alliance. The owner of the guild was Purple Rose, and she was the most famous and beautiful guild leader.

“Urgent notice. Everyone, go online and collect all the gold coins you can. If it’s too far, forget it.”

When the upper echelons of Rose heard this, they were all shocked. It was already past 10pm and many of them had already gone offline to rest.

They were asking everyone to log on now? This was very likely to reduce the guild members’ good impression of the guild.

Someone replied, “Guild leader, what’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry? Can’t we do it tomorrow?”

Purple Rose shook her head and said, “It’s a big matter. If we’re late, we might not be able to make it.”

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry? Guild leader, you should at least tell us something.”

Purple Rose’s expression was solemn as she said, “There’s news that Netherworld’s going to auction off level four soldiers tomorrow. Our Rose Guild must obtain these soldiers.

“Actually, the soldiers are secondary. Our main goal is to establish a good relationship with Netherworld,” Purple Rose said.

This was her main goal. As the Guild Leader of a super-large-scale guild in the Divine Dragon Alliance, she had a strong desire for talents.

The best way to recruit talents was to cater to their interests. As long as she could establish a good relationship with Netherworld, with his strength, he would have a lot of advanced weapons and equipment in the future.

If she could establish a relationship with Netherworld, she might be able to buy these equipments and troops immediately.

At that time, wouldn’t Rose take off?

Netherworld’s identity had always been the focus of the world’s attention. She had to recruit such a strong person.. If it did not work, at the very least, she could not become enemies with him.


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