Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Crazy Exchange

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[Contribution points shop]

[1. Soldiers]

[2. Equipment]

[3. Materials]

[4. Consumables]


Li Cheng opened the soldier interface.

[Low-level Templar Knight (Level 3): 100 contribution points.]

[Intermediate Templar Knight (Level 5): 2000 contribution points.]

[Low-level Templar Mage (Level 4): 1,000 contribution points.]

[Intermediate Templar Mage (Level 6): 4,000 contribution points.]

As expected of the contribution points shop of the Church of Light. The lowest type of soldier sold was also a level three Templar Knight. However, there was probably a limit to the number of these Templar Knights he could exchange. It was impossible for them to create millions of them out of thin air.

Li Cheng was not very interested in these low-level soldiers. He pulled down the menu. At the bottom of the soldier interface, there was a golden message flashing.

[Holy Light Priest (Level 11) : 500,000,000 contribution points. Current quantity: 1,000/1,000. Only Viscounts and above can recruit.]

Looking at this, Li Cheng was certain that normal players could not see the Holy Light Priest listing. Only Viscounts and above could see it.

However, the contribution points were too high. Even if normal players saw it, they could not afford to recruit them.

“If I remember correctly, the Holy Light Priest is a very powerful single-target healer. It also has a heaven-defying skill like invincibility. It’s definitely a king among the healers. Moreover, it’s a beautiful young lady.”

Thinking of this, Li Cheng did not hesitate and immediately bought the Holy Light Priest.

“Ding, dong, you’ve successfully recruited the level eleven Holy Light Priest. Total of five hundred million contribution points consumed.”

After this round of recruitment, Li Cheng did not have much contribution points left. Moreover, this was after the effect of all sorts of discounts.

One had to know that as a Viscount, Li Cheng enjoyed a 30% discount. In addition to the 20% discount on titles, the two were stacked together. The discount was very powerful, saving Li Cheng a large amount of contribution points.

Then, Li Cheng opened the equipment menu.

[Templar’s Armor (Black Iron): 4,000 contribution points.]

[Templar’s Helmet (Black Iron): 4,000 contribution points.]

[Templar’s Gloves (Black Iron): 4,000 contribution points.]

There was a lot of equipment in the shop, but they were all equipment of the Church of Light’s own troops. Moreover, they were all a set. After collecting the whole set, they would have collective attributes. In the early stages, they were considered very powerful.

However, Li Cheng naturally did not like them. He continued to scroll down.

[Flag of Holy Light (Mythical): 300 million contribution points, remaining quantity: 1.]

As expected, it was still there. When he saw this item, Li Cheng’s eyes lit up. This equipment was Li Cheng’s main purpose for coming to the City of Light.

This was an extremely powerful equipment. In his previous life, it was bought by a player. From then on, he took off and became the top player in the Dragon God Alliance. Li Cheng did not hesitate and bought it immediately.

“Ding, dong, you’ve successfully purchased the Mythical-grade Holy Flag of Light. Total of one hundred twenty-four million contribution points consumed.”

As soon as he obtained it, Li Cheng immediately checked its attributes.

[Holy Flag of LIght]

[Description: The flag of the God of Light. It contains an extremely powerful holy power.]

[Grade: Mythical (Level 2)]

[Type: military equipment]

[Level: 1]


[1. Army’s damage to all evil forces +40%]

[2. Divine Light: when activated, soldier equipment heals 3% HP every second. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 1 hour.]

[3. Divine Light Descent: when activated, soldier equipment will enter an invincible state. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours.]

As expected, these three attributes were ridiculously powerful. First of all, they naturally dealt an additional 40% damage to the evil forces.

Li Cheng’s title also had this effect. That meant that his damage had increased by 80%, which was already twice as much. As for the Divine Light and Divine Light Descent, they were two life-saving skills.

Divine Light Descent was amazing, needless to say. After using it, he would be invincible and could do whatever he wanted for 10 minutes. Divine Light could also continuously recover his health.

If this was used on Meat Shield soldiers, the enemies would not be able to recover as much HP as he did.

Furthermore, these skills were effective on all units. In the later stages, with Divine Light Descent, millions and millions of soldiers would enter an invincible state at the same time.

How could others win with this?

Li Cheng did not have any Meat Shield soldiers for the time being, so he gave the flag to the Heavenly Knight.

The Heavenly Knight had high defense, but his HP was not very high. It could be considered as a way for the knight to save his life.

After getting the biggest reward from this trip, Li Cheng was a little excited. He briefly browsed through the material interface. There were a few materials of the Church of Light, but Li Cheng still found what he needed.

[Hero Advancement Stone]

As the name implied, it was used to help a hero break through a level.

Lillian had been stuck at level 20 for a long time, so naturally, Li Cheng had to buy a lot for her to use.

Without thinking, Li Cheng bought 1,000 advancement stones and then bought some simple potions to restore life and magic. After that, Li Cheng closed all the panels.

Asilia had long retreated to the side to continue praying. At this time, feeling Li Cheng’s gaze, Asilia slowly opened her eyes and said with her red lips, “Viscount Netherworld, how do you and your Goddess usually get along?”

He was speechless. The corner of Li Cheng’s mouth twitched. What kind of question was this?

Could it be that Asilia regarded him as the holy son of Trelafany?

It was no wonder. As a holy son of the God of Light, he had never received the highest blessing from the God of Light, but he had the highest blessing from Trelafany.

Li Cheng said perfunctorily, “It’s alright. She’s quite easy to get along with.”

After saying that, he did not want to discuss it any further and immediately said, “Asilia, I want to receive the Viscount’s supplies.”

Asilia hurriedly nodded, and the system’s voice rang at the right time.

“Ding, dong, you’ve received this month’s supplies from the Church of Light. You’ve received a total of thirty thousand gold coins, and four Wall of Light!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You’ve received a total of three hundred million gold coins and forty thousand Wall of Light!”

Hearing the system notification in his ear, Li Cheng was a little dumbfounded. 20,000 Epic-grade Wall of Light? What was going on?

Li Cheng hurriedly opened his backpack. As expected, there was a total of 20,000 Epic-grade walls in his backpack. The walls of the Church of Light were not common items, let alone Epic-grade walls.

This was a wall that contained spells cast by the leaders of the various large churches. Not only did it have outstanding defense, but it also had special skills.

[Wall of Light]

[Description: A wall with spells that has been cast by the bishops of the Church of Light. Its defense is powerful.]

[Level: 100]

[Grade: Epic]

[Durability: 500,000,000]

[Defense: 1,000]


[1. Evil Retreat: all enemies of the evil faction will have their damage effects reduced by half against the Wall of Light.]

[2. Light Imprisonment: attacks the enemies of the wall. There is a one-third chance of being imprisoned. Lasts for 5 seconds.]

[3. Advanced Hardness: reduces physical damage by 50%]

Seeing these attributes, Li Cheng was very satisfied. He had seen the durability and level before in the Misty Forest.

The most important thing was still the three attribute skills. These three skills could be said to be very useful.

Just the Advanced Hardness alone could directly reduce the enemy’s damage by half. If the enemy was also an evil force, coupled with Evil Retreat, the damage would be reduced by another half. This was ridiculous.

In the end, with the addition of the skill that had a probability of imprisoning the enemy, the one-third probability was already very high.


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