True Martial World

Chapter 1668 - Hard to Escape

Chapter 1668:

Hard to Escape

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A Fey Thearch widened his eyes as he looked toward the Fey Altar.

This Heavenly Tribulation was triggered by this human youth!?

“A Heavenly Tribulation at this level is a… Chaos Heavenly Tribulation!”

At that moment, the numerous Fey Thearchs in Heaven Fey City felt mixed emotions. They walked out of their seclusion chambers and looked in shock at the wanton Chaos energies that surged in the sky.

A fear reared its head from deep in their souls and washed over them. What level did this human junior cultivate to?

This was way too terrifying!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Chaos tribulation cloud expanded and right beneath it, the grotesque ghost face was enveloped by the Chaos tribulation cloud and slowly devoured.

The ninth-stage Heavenly Tribulation triggered by the combined forces of two powerful Fey beasts merged with the Chaos Heavenly Tribulation bit by bit.

This was like an avalanche that could wipe out thousands of kilometers of farms and kill thousands, but if it swept into the sea, it would only be like a splash in a pond, incapable of changing the sea at all.

At that moment, if the ninth-stage tribulation cloud was an avalanche, then Yi Yun’s Chaos Heavenly Tribulation was the sea!

The scene of the devourment of the ninth-stage tribulation cloud widened everyone’s eyes.

The original idea was that Luo King’s attack was a fundamental solution. Even if it didn’t kill Yi Yun, it could destroy his martial path. But to everyone’s surprise, the Heavenly Tribulation that Luo King triggered at great cost couldn’t unleash its fury before it was devoured by Yi Yun’s Heavenly Tribulation!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

A strong wind howled as millions watched the Heavenly Tribulation. All of them resembled statues, seemingly having forgotten how to speak.

It was unknown who was the first to retreat out of fear. In just moments, millions of warriors had unknowingly distanced themselves from the Fey Altar. They were afraid that the Chaos Heavenly Tribulation’s range would become so huge that it would embroil them as well!


At that moment, a golden beam of light shot out from the Fey Altar. Yi Yun shot into the sky with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron beneath him!

High in the sky, the rain of blood from the two Fey beasts continued burning and splattering down.

Yi Yun breathed in the thick and sticky air that was filled with the smell of blood. He smiled at the distant Luo King. “Luo King, thank you for sacrificing two Fey beasts that can transcend the tribulations for my Heavenly Tribulation. It must have cost you a limb, I suppose? You really shouldn’t have…”

Luo King wore a nasty expression as he said, “You have yet to transcend your Heavenly Tribulation; do you really think it’s so easy to transcend a Chaos Heavenly Tribulation?”

“That’s an unknown, but your grandson might not be able to survive the calamity that’s going to befall him.” As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly looked at Jiang Yuchan. “You haven’t recovered, so be careful that your injuries don’tget triggered by the Heavenly Tribulation…”

Once Yi Yun said those words, Jiang Yuchan, who was dozens of kilometers away from Yi Yun suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest!

It was an excruciating pain that seemed to tear his very soul apart. The poison of lightning and fire which Heretic Hands Ghost Doctor had used a mystic technique to repress suddenly tore through its shackles and erupted fully.


Jiang Yuchan let out a tragic scream as a mouthful of blood spewed out from his mouth!

He felt like countless blades were slicing at him, dismembering him from the inside.

Not just that, it felt like venomous worms were burrowing in his flesh after biting through his skin and were squirming through his meridians.

Jiang Yuchan convulsed as he fell to the ground. Blood spewed out from his seven orifices.


The Luo King looked at Jiang Yuchan immediately as his face turned as black as the tribulation cloud above.

He naturally did not believe what Yi Yun had said—that the Heavenly Tribulation had triggered Jiang Yuchan’s injuries. It had to be Yi Yun’s doing.

However, Jiang Yuchan had already been poisoned by Yi Yun for quite an extended period of time. Jiang Yuchan had resisted it himself, along with having the Ghost Doctor’s help in removing it. Now that the power of lightning and fire had been restrained, how was it possible that Yi Yun could trigger it again with a mere thought?

“Grandfather, save me…”

Jiang Yuchan’s eyes were filled with indignation. He struggled to extend his hand to grab at the Luo King, but blood kept spewing out of his mouth. There was speckles of black and purple lusters to his blood, manifestations of the poison of the Heretical God Fire and Heretical God Lightning!

Ghost Doctor grabbed Jiang Yuchan’s wrist and, after probing it, his expression changed.

He had no idea what method Yi Yun had used to rejuvenate the poison of lightning and fire remotely with a mere thought. But the forces were violently erupting like an unending stream!

And Jiang Yuchan’s vitality was depleting at a discernible pace.

It was impossible to save him.

Ghost Doctor naturally could not rescue him. He watched helplessly as Jiang Yuchan struggled in pain before dying.

A prince died just like that.

And Heretic Hands Ghost Doctor’s medical and poison skills were completely trounced by Yi Yun!

He looked up and glared at Yi Yun with bloodshot eyes.

Yi Yun chuckled. “What are you looking at me for? I was planning to treat Jiang Yuchan, but to save face, you refused my help. You were bent on hiring some quack, and didn’t care if he couldn’t treat the injuries. If he just stayed at home and rested, he could have lived for two more years. Didn’t I say? Don’t bring a patient to watch a Heavenly Tribulation. Since he was so bent on dying, why blame me?”

Yi Yun’s words were heard by millions of warriors present.

They were dumbfounded by what they heard. Yi Yun was not only taking a strong stance while transcending a Heavenly Tribulation, he was even openly killing Jiang Yuchan!

He thought nothing of enraging the Luo King and also wiping his hands clean of the murder of Jiang Yuchan.

Yi Yun’s words were reasonable. He was truly willing to treat Jiang Yuchan, but the Luo King had rejected his offer. Now that Jiang Yuchan was dead, no one could tell how Yi Yun had delivered the lethal blow.

Could the blame actually be pinned on Yi Yun? If anyone were to be blamed, it was all because of how incompetent Heretic Hands Ghost Doctor was. He was completely trounced by Yi Yun in every aspect.

The pangs of fury in Luo King’s heart reached an extremum.

He silently pressed his interspatial ring, making his intentions clear. Yi Yun, who had smacked his face in public, was someone he wanted dead.

But he was hesitant about the consequences if he attacked Yi Yun at the Fey Altar.

And then—


Above the heavens, the Chaos Lightning Tribulation finally began!

Terrifying waves like tsunami swept over and radiated for thousands of kilometers. The entirety of Heaven Fey City was blanketed by this mighty suppression!

Yi Yun looked at Luo King and sneered. “If you wish to attack me, give it a try.”

As Yi Yun spoke, the lightning in the sky finally appeared!

Chaos Heavenly Lightning was zapping through the clouds!

The lightning was black, seemingly devoid of light. It devoured everything as though it was not a bolt of lightning, but a deep, bottomless spatial rift! Just seeing the lightning made one feel like their irises were being ripped apart.


Even from dozens of kilometers away, Fey warriors spewed out blood from their mouths. They had never transcended a Heavenly Tribulation before and their lifeblood had yet to be tempered. The Chaos Heavenly Lightning caused their lifeblood to erupt!

With such terrifying Heavenly Lightning present, would Luo King dare to attack Yi Yun?

Once he entered the Lightning Tribulation’s range, he would also suffer the indiscriminate attacks of the Heavenly Lightning!

Furthermore, Luo King was a Fey Thearch. Once he entered, the interference of his potent powers might result in him suffering the brunt of the attacks!

Luo King’s expression changed rapidly, but ultimately, he chose not to do a thing.

He could choose to attack when Yi Yun was at his weakest after transcending the tribulations.

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