True Martial World

Chapter 19: Vigor

Chapter 19: Vigor

A human sized cauldron was set up on the Lian tribal clan grain-sunning ground. The large cauldron was filled with Li Fire water.

This Li Fire water was also bought from the big tribes and contained the power of fire within itself. It could reach a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius without boiling. It was specially used for refining desolate bones.

The firewood that was stacked under the large cauldron was special. It was purple firewood. Its appearance was curvy; each log was like a dried old snake.

Although the purple firewood didn’t look impressive, they were considered expensive. The purple firewood contained a special fire in it. Lit purple firewood could burn an entire day, boiling several big pots of fire.

The Lian tribal clan had prepared a long time for this day. Even so, they were reluctant to use the purple firewood. They only used one log a day.

With that, the fire began burning.

The purple firewood spewed deep purple flames, but was very silent. The temperature of the flames were extremely high, enough to melt rock!

Under the purple flames, the cauldron of Li Fire water started boiling!

Presiding over the refinement of the desolate bones was the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch, who was Lian Chengyu’s grandfather. Since it was a matter of great importance, he decided to do it personally.

“Lower the desolate bones!” The Patriarch ordered as the water reached a suitable temperature.

A few stout villagers carried a large wooden box, raised the desolate bones before dropping it into the large cauldron!

The Patriarch looked at the bubbles in the cauldron with a heavy face.

Normally, the refinement of desolate bones was not something normal people could do.

People who specialized in refining desolate bones were known as Desolate Heaven Masters! A Desolate Heaven Master’s standing was of the highest honours!

They had the ability to purify the essence in the desolate bones, refining what many martial artists dreamed and vied for–desolate bones relic.

A common skeletal set of desolate bones was about ten thousand pounds. So although it was known that tremendous energy were stored in the bones, humans were still unable to consume the large amount of bones. Even if they did, it was hard to digest!

The energy within the desolate bones was not easily absorbed. Even consuming a large amount of desolate bones would have less than ten per cent efficiency.

But after the refinement from a Desolate Heaven Master into a desolate bone relic, it would be as small as a longan, or even as small as a bean. A rich person could easily eat seven to eight of those a day.

After being refined by a Desolate Heaven Master, the essence was easily absorbed. As long as a martial artist had reached a certain level, which would prevent his body from exploding from an overflow, then he would be able to digest a desolate bone relic eventually.

A Desolate Heaven Master who could refine high-level desolate beasts was a huge asset major powers scrambled to vie for!

Rumours said that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s National Tutor was a Desolate Heaven Master. The status and prestige he enjoyed was nothing an ordinary person could imagine.

In this world, there were several levels of desolate beasts. Some desolate beasts could turn over the seven seas, cut through mountains. These desolate beasts’ bones were even harder to refine, impossible for a normal person!

It was rumoured that a Desolate Heaven Master who had reached an unimaginable realm had set up a huge array to refine the bones of an ancient desolate beast–Purple Gold Chimera that took him twelve years!

To refine a set of desolate bones for twelve years, coupled with the mysterious identity of the person made the legend even more charming.

It was said that the refinement caused a region with radius of a thousand miles to turn into a desert. Even the Desolate Heaven Master had paid a price to refine the desolate bones relic.

It was unknown what the Purple Gold Chimera’s relic was used for. Rumours were abounded; some said it was used for saving someone.

As for whom it was used for, there were dozens of versions. Each version had its own speculations, such as the Desolate Heaven Master’s daughter, his lover, his disciple, etc.

Such rumours only solidified the status of a Desolate Heaven Master in their minds. It was the reason why the legends were passed down with embellished details.

It was understandable since it was extremely hard for the people to survive in the vast wilderness. To be able to worship such experts, even if they didn’t know them, was extremely exciting just from the legends.

As for the Lian tribal clan, a small ant-like tribe could never hire a Desolate Heaven Master. Even the lowest level Desolate Heaven Master was someone they didn’t dare to look at.

As such they could only use primitive methods to refine the desolate bones.

Thankfully, the price of the desolate bones they were refining was low. Even primitive methods could gather about 50-60% of the desolate bones essence.

This was enough for Lian Chengyu.

The refinement of the desolate bones proceeded day and night without stopping.

Especially at night, one could see the mysterious bright purple light from the purple firewood from an unobstructed spot in the village.

While the Lian tribal clan was busy refining the desolate bones, Yi Yun was not sitting idle. He was training day and night.

Few people visited the back mountain of the Lian tribal clan, so it was the ideal place for Yi Yun to cultivate himself.

It was already the fifth day Yi Yun practiced the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.



Yi Yun’s served out punches after punches. Each punch was accompanied by a bowstring twang, like a pulse.

Yi Yun destroyed tree after tree. Yi Yun’s blood was circulating fast as he breathed in deeply. The blood vessels on his arms and fists protruded out.

“Ha!” Yi Yun roared and sent a punch to a boulder in front of him.


The boulder disintegrated. Yi Yun’s tendons had reached its peak performance!

“Su Su Su!”

The birds in the forest scattered into the sky from the commotion.

As they flew off in a hurry, leaves that were loosened by the birds swayed down onto Yi Yun’s face.

Yi Yun had a hearty feel. It was as if all the energy in his body had moved through his body. It was inexplicably refreshing!

Although he had not reached the stage of Surprise Bow Drops Flock with the Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’s eighteen stances, but to scare the birds from the trees was considerable progress.

Yi Yun’s strength was still insufficient. He could only do about six hundred pounds. If he were to reach the strength of several cauldrons, or even ten thousand pounds, then surprising the geese flock in the sky would not be impossible!

Although he only had 600 lbs of strength, Yi Yun’s Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain when hit out was much more than 600 lbs!

Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain, with the tendons as bowstring main crux was to store the potential energy before shooting out a punch. Such a punch would be a thousand pounds in strength, more than capable to break a tiger’s head.

Yi Yun closed his eyes satisfactory. He felt the energy that had moved through his body, giving him that immense comfort.

Unknowingly, Yi Yun’s breathing started to become extremely long and gentle. The speed of the blood flow in his body also began to exhibit changes.

Oh, this is…

Yi Yun looked at both his hands. The protruded blood vessels had disappeared, while his breathing had become calm, his heart beat rate was much slower.

Yi Yun realized something and leaping onto his feet, he took a deep breath before spitting it out.


A white gas flew forward like an arrow for a distance of six meters. A falling leave was pierced before it spun out flying.

“Vigor realm!” I’ve finally entered the realm of Vigor!”

A Vigor warrior took long breaths, had slow but strong heartbeats. The big difference from a Valiant warrior was a Vigor warrior’s endurance He could carry on battling for a long time and could do long distance strikes.

For example, a squadron of Vigor warriors could travel hundreds of miles a day on the battlefield, completing a surprise attack from a thousand miles.

It was a natural breakthrough to the Vigor realm as Yi Yun’s body had reached a certain level of training.

“Having come to this world, I’ve only really practiced martial arts for five days. I reached the second level of Mortal Blood in five days. This Mortal Blood realm is after all a martial artist’s basic stage. The future levels are unknown. Also the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s experts, what levels are they?”

With the Purple Card, the energy required for cultivating himself was not a problem. The problem lied in the need for a cultivation technique.

If he didn’t have a technique to guide his cultivation, he would be like a chef with a bunch of good ingredients, but without any cooking skills. He would still not be able to cook up a good meal.

“Since I’ve entered the Vigor realm, let’s try the third stance of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.”

Yi Yun said to himself as he saw the eastern sky turn white. Seeing that, he raced down the hill.

On the way, he passed by the grain-sunning ground. He slowed down his footsteps.

Under the thousand pound cauldron burned the purple fire violently. In a twenty meter radius was a tall wooden fence, preventing any unrelated persons from closing in.

Because of the wooden fence, Yi Yun was not sure of the situation inside. However, he could feel the extreme heat of the fire from afar.

However despite the layers of heat, Yi Yun felt a vague chill residing in it.

Although the chill was not obvious, it was excruciating…

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