True Martial World

Chapter 24: Frost Toxin

Chapter 24: Frost Toxin

These cold blue light dots accounted for a small proportion, but it made Yi Yun feel a mysterious bone-biting chill.

Yi Yun was familiar with this chilling feeling. He had felt it when he passed by the refinement area while descending the mountain. He remembered it clearly because it was just after breaking through to the Vigor realm.

The cold blue light dots floated in the sky like ghosts.

Occasionally a light dot would leave the cauldron and dance in the air randomly before entering one of the men’s bodies.

Just like snowflakes falling into the water, these light dots would then disappear.

Yi Yun could not detect the light dot after that; the light dot had been absorbed by one of the men’s body.

Yi Yun’s heart skipped a beat. He vaguely understood that the cold blue light dots were the cause of the typhoid fever epidemic.

He quietly observed for a while and realized that the cold blue light dots would randomly fly out and enter the bodies of the men. The men were busy chopping wood, and did not notice anything.

Yi Yun was more assured of his speculation. The purple red energy would not fly into the bodies of people. On the contrary, they would remain in the “Li Fire Water”.

It seems the desolate bones has two forms of energy, the purple red energy is beneficial to a person, causing a person to transform, allowing a person to break through. On the other hand, the cold blue energy is an invisible killing force!

The energy was toxic, although it sounded iffy, yet it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

On Earth, there were plenty of energies that had “toxicity”. One such example was the Sun. It was only after being filtered through the ozone before it’s sunlight could give life to Earth. Humans would have died from the direct sunlight bearing down on them.

On Earth, the most frightening elements had “toxic” energy, such as radioactive Polonium. It killed Arafat, who used to appear often on the news.

If one were to use Polonium to kill, a gram would be sufficient to kill millions. A few hundred grams was enough to kill all life on Earth, making it much stronger than the common “poisonous” items.

In Yi Yun’s opinion, the blue light dots were similar in nature to energy, and using “toxic” to describe it may be inaccurate. However, it was sufficient to understand them as having the capability to kill.

Just like on Earth, being exposed to radiation will cause cancer, ulcers and various illnesses. In the vast wilderness, absorbing the desolate bone’s chill toxin would cause “typhoid”, resulting in deaths.

“Then aren’t I in danger being here?” thought Yi Yun. He wasn’t guarding a cauldron; he was guarding a nuclear reactor!

Thinking carefully, there were plenty of things that were totally different from Earth, but there were similarities.

In terms of energy, the strongest energy on Earth could create atomic bombs or provide nuclear energy.

But in this world, the strongest energy was used to create the strongest experts!

These experts could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. A flip of hand would destroy a city!

These two forms of energy could result in terrible destruction. If not used properly, it would be toxic to the common people!

Thankfully, Yi Yun controlled the treasure that could harness the energy in this world–Purple Crystal.

“But can the Purple Crystal deal with this energy…” Yi Yun tried using the Purple Crystal to absorb the blue light dots. Since he could see the blue light dots, he should be able to absorb them with the Purple Crystal…

As Yi Yun prepared to absorb the first blue light dot, Yi Yun breathed in deeply and reached out his hand carefully. His heart raced, but he finally rationalized that even if the Purple Crystal could not absorb the form of energy, he wouldn’t die immediately from one light dot.

The blue light dot entered Yi Yun’s body.

Yi Yun felt it clearly. The light dot flew into his fingertips like an ice crystal, and then entered his bloodstream.

“It’s so cold!” This was Yi Yun’s first thought. It was like having a huge piece of ice stuffed down his collar during winter.

It was weird that he felt it so profoundly, but the other men did not feel it at all. Their bodies were not as fit as him, so they shouldn’t be able to resist the cold as much.

It seems they have slow reactionary speeds, and are not able to feel the biting cold. However, their bodies will not lie, once they are invaded by the frost toxin, they would slowly lose their strength. If not for the red pill that was given to them from the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan, they would already be dead?

Yi Yun traced the blue light dot that entered his body. It was eventually absorbed and dissolved by the Purple Crystal into energy that mixed into Yi Yun’s blood.

When the energy flowed through Yi Yun’s body, that biting chill had already disappeared, and gave Yi Yun a cool refreshing feeling.

It was comfortable as if he was soaking in aquatic springs.

This made Yi Yun more curious. What sort of treasure was the Purple Crystal, it could even absorb all forms of energy, be they the harmful energy like the blue light dots from the desolate bones or the Yuan Qi Lian Chengyu had used on him. The Purple Crystal would reduce those forms of energy to the purest form of energy to nourish his body.

Yi Yun was not aware of the fact that in the vast wilderness, many desolate bones contained toxic energies. The Frost Python desolate bones’ toxin was one of the lowest grades. A low level Desolate Heaven Master could easily dissolve the toxicity. Hence, a toxicity of this level was nothing to the Purple Crystal.

After really absorbing it, Yi Yun realized the effect was not significant.

The Purple Crystal could indeed absorb the blue light dots, but the absorbing speed was extremely slow, far more difficult than absorbing the purple red light dots.

“Kid, what are you doing!” Yi Yun was carefully researching the differences between the two types of energy when he heard a man shout at him. In the eyes of others, Yi Yun was just idling.

One of the men who wanted to be the “foreman” of the group could naturally not stand Yi Yun’s laziness.

“Uh…” Yi Yun replied with a smile, “Sorry uncle, this axe is too heavy…”

“Hmph!” The man responded with a ‘I knew you wouldn’t amount to much’, “I really don’t know what the top brass were thinking, to send a kid to refine the desolate bones, holding me back! The useless kid I have, Da Tou is about the same age as you. His strength is twice yours!”

Not to mention Yi Yun’s age, but even among his same-aged peers, the past Yi Yun’s body was extremely thin and lacked strength.

In the vast wilderness, the people worshipped the strong. They were proud of the big and tall men who had dark rough skin.

A handsome person like Yi Yun who had smooth skin was considered “ridden with ills”. Such a person was not popular.

“I’m really sorry uncle. I didn’t only hold you back; I even held your eggs. I’ll work hard in the future.” Yi Yun was still smiling. The man was good at doing hard labor, but his reaction was slow. He had not realized what Yi Yun had said. He only grunted before returning to work while swearing.

Yi Yun began to split the firewood at an adequate pace. To avoid trouble, he increased his speed by a tiny bit. It took him five minutes of hard work, amounting to ten chops to split a piece of firewood.

He had to stay in line with his status.

At the same time, no one noticed that the purple red energies churning in the cauldron were flying towards Yi Yun.

As for the cold blue energies, Yi Yun also absorbed as much as he could. He felt that if he could absorb the blue energies, the men around him would not die as a result of the energy.

Unfortunately, the Purple Crystal was not highly effective in absorbing the blue energies. Small amounts of energy were still entering the bodies of the men around him.

Yi Yun had mixed feeling seeing this. Although these people weren’t pleasant, they did not deserve to die. However, he was unable to save them.

If he revealed the truth, the men would not only disbelieve him, and might even report him as rumor mongering to Lian Chengyu for a reward of bacon.

These people were definitely capable of doing that. Yi Yun’s situation will be terrible if that happens.

In the vast wilderness, the weak had to accept their own suffering. There was no other way around it.

Just like pigs, cattle and sheep, they did nothing wrong, but were kept in captivity and slaughtered by humans.

The only reason was because they were weak. And in the vast wilderness, being weak was a fault! Being weak made you unable to decide your own fate. Being weak allowed you be trampled on…

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