Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: Chapter 1148, the person behind the scenes


“Master, did you hear wrongly? I don’t have anything on me. ” Sheng Fenghua replied while keeping her guard up against the old man, in case he suddenly attacked.

The expression that flashed across the old man’s face just now made her feel terrified. She saw the hatred and madness in his eyes.

Such a person would definitely do anything. Moreover, he had specially set up a trap today, waiting for them to fall into it. It would definitely not be as simple as reminiscing about the past with them.

Therefore, this master’s goal was the same as the leader of the Gu family. It was the same thing. Moreover, she also suspected that the leader of the Gu family actually wanted that thing because of this master.

“No? ” The master’s voice changed, and his gaze became fierce. He looked at Sheng Fenghua coldly and said, “little girl, do you know how long I’ve lived? ”

Sheng Fenghua shook her head. She naturally didn’t know how long this so-called master had lived, and she couldn’t tell how old he was.

“Let me tell you, I’ve lived for too long. Logically speaking, I shouldn’t have lived in this world for a long time. But the heavens didn’t let me die, so I’m still alive and well. Do you know why? ”

Sheng Fenghua still didn’t speak, and the master didn’t care. He continued, “it’s because of the Ye family. Because of the Ye family’s treasure, a person who should have died has been alive. And that person who should have lived has died. ”

“Don’t you think I should hate? Hate the person who let me live? Hate him for letting me live for so long. I want to die, but I can’t die unless I destroy that thing. So, if you’re sensible, take that thing out. Otherwise, I can only destroy you. ”

“Master, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I really don’t have that thing you’re talking about, ” said Sheng Fenghua sincerely. Although she had something on her, it might not be the treasure that could bring the dead back to life as master had said.

“You don’t have it? ” Master’s face turned ugly. He looked at Sheng Fenghua coldly and said, “do you know the consequences of lying to me? ”

“Master, I really didn’t lie to you. I’ve never seen that treasure you mentioned. Where can I find it for you? ”

After saying that, without waiting for the master to speak.. Sheng Fenghua continued, “I don’t know who told you what treasure I have. Perhaps you don’t know, but I’ve been adopted by someone since I was young. Not to mention my grandparents, even my biological parents have just been found. ”

“And you also said that it’s a treasure of the Ye family. The Ye family was exterminated more than 20 years ago. Even if the Ye family really has that thing, it wouldn’t fall into my hands, would it? ”

“You really didn’t lie to me? ” The master looked at Sheng Fenghua with a scrutinizing look, trying to see something from her face. However, Sheng Fenghua’s eyes were clear, and her face was full of honesty. There was no sign of her lying at all.

Could it be that the leader of the Gu family had lied to him?

As the master thought about it, he became suspicious. Previously, he had heard a lot of information about the treasure from the leader of the Gu family.

The leader of the Gu family had told him at that time that the treasure was with Sheng Fenghua, and they had even sent people to capture her. Unfortunately, they had never been able to capture her.

However, just yesterday, the leader of the Gu family had told him that Sheng Fenghua had come to province G, right under his nose. He said that he would capture her as soon as possible and ask for her whereabouts.

But who knew that not only did the leader of the Gu family fail to capture her, he was instead captured by Sheng Fenghua. If he hadn’t gone to look for the leader of the Gu family, he would have discovered that Sheng Fenghua had brought the leader of the Gu family out of the Gu family and saved him.

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