Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620: Chapter 1619-life and death four together


Unfortunately, there was still nothing to be found even when they reached Molo.

Jun Nianchen did not give up. He searched again and again, but still found nothing.

Meanwhile, Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua were still in the space. They seemed to have accepted the fact that they could not get out. After Merlin woke up, they went back to the place where they stayed.

When they reached the place, the two of them even prepared some food and then went to bed to sleep.

Lying on the bed, the two of them could not fall asleep. Even though they already knew that they could not get out and that they might have to spend the rest of their lives in the space, they still felt a little sad.

Unable to sleep, the two of them simply started talking.

Sheng Fenghua turned to look at Si Zhanbei and said, “Hubby, I used to hear soldiers talk about sharing life and death together. Do we count as sharing life and death together now? ”

“Wife, what do you think? We can’t get out. We’re born together and we’ll be together even if we die in the future. Do you think we’ll share life and death together? ”

“Hubby, with you accompanying us, even though we’ll never see the children again, I feel that I have no regrets in this life. ”

“Wife, it is my fortune to be able to meet you in this life. ”

“ME TOO! ”

Although they would never see the children again, with someone by their side, the two of them seemed to be in a better mood. Then, they slowly fell asleep.

Qin Feng and the others, who were looking for the two of them outside, were still unable to find anything. They searched in the desert for two days and one night, but still could not find the person. Only then did they give up and return to green city.

Unable to find the person, Qin Feng reported it to the political commissar.

After receiving the news, Political Commissar Yang could not recover from his shock for a long time. As for Si Mufeng and Jun Nianchen, they didn’t stay in green city for long before they left separately.

Si Mufeng returned to B city and went to see old master Si and the two children. He concealed the matter of Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua’s disappearance and didn’t tell the old master.

However, he told his wife, Mei Ruolan, that he would treat Qing Luan and Jin Cheng as their children in the future.

Hearing this, Mei Ruolan immediately understood that something must have happened to Sheng Fenghua and the others, so she was sad for a long time. Fortunately, she was worried about the child she was pregnant with, so she quickly perked up and went to visit the children more frequently.

Mei ruolan’s abnormal behavior was not only noticed by old master Si, but also by Ning Minglie and Ye Qingge. In addition, they called Sheng Fenghua and Si Zhanbei, but no one picked up, so they had already guessed it.

As for the military district, after Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua went missing for half a month, they finally confirmed their deaths and made them martyrs.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed, and several sandstorms had occurred in the desert. The sand that was originally covering the space became thinner and thinner, until one day, it completely disappeared.

In the past five years, no one had mentioned Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua’s matter. Their relatives had already accepted the fact that the two were no longer around.

Even if there were still people who missed them, they could only miss them silently in the dead of night.

In these five years, many things had happened. For example, Jun Nianchen and Lin Xue, who had a deep affection for Sheng Fenghua, had gotten together. They had gotten married a year ago, and now Lin Xue was pregnant.

Another example was that Mei Ruolan had given birth to two children, a son and a daughter. The son was called Si Nian, and the daughter was called Si Hua.

Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua’s two children, Qing Luan and Jin Cheng, also grew up slowly. Although they were young, they were very smart.

In the beginning, they would ask where their parents were, but as time passed, they stopped asking.

Although no one told them, they knew in their hearts that they were different from others. They didn’t have their parents anymore.

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