Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Sharing a pillow


She did not understand at all.

“Change Your name, ” Si Zhanbei explained when he saw Sheng Fenghua’s puzzled look. To be honest, he did not like Sheng Fenghua calling him by his first name, making the two of them look like strangers.

“What? ” Sheng Fenghua still did not hear him clearly, or she did not think that Si Zhanbei would care about this problem.

Si Zhanbei glanced at Sheng Fenghua indifferently and did not repeat what he just said. Instead, he said directly, “Hubby, or Zhan Bei, choose one yourself? ”

“Hubby? ” Sheng Fenghua was completely following Si Zhanbei’s words. Unexpectedly, SI Zhanbei directly said, “okay, Hubby, call me that from now on. ”


Sheng Fenghua looked at Si Zhanbei and was speechless. She had not even thought about how to call him good or bad. He actually directly made the decision. was there such an overbearing person?

However, for such a matter, Sheng Fenghua did not want to compete with him. After all, how to call him was still up to her.

Therefore, this topic was temporarily skipped. Sheng Fenghua once again urged Si Zhanbei to leave.

“Let’s go, let’s go. If we don’t leave soon, it will be midnight. ”

“Isn’t that just right? ” Si Zhanbei replied indifferently. He did not want to leave at all. It was rare for his little wife to be willing to talk to him. It would be strange if he was willing to leave.

“What do you mean by that? Don’t tell me you really intend to stay? ” Sheng Fenghua looked at Si Zhanbei in shock. Whether it was from his expression or his demeanor, he had no intention of leaving.

Was He really going to stay?

Someone was keeping vigil for her, and that person was still her husband. Sheng Fenghua was naturally happy. But when she thought about how he was such a big man and would have to sit on a chair to sleep later, she felt uneasy.

Could it be that she really wanted to share half of the bed with him?

Just as this thought appeared in her mind, Sheng Fenghua could not help but blush. Speaking of which, she had lived for two lifetimes, but she had never had the experience of sharing a bed with a man.

Moreover, this bed was so small, could it really sleep two people?

Si Zhanbei looked at his little wife, frowning at one moment and blushing at the other. He could not help but raise his eyebrows and secretly guess what she was thinking Why did she have such an expression.

If Si Zhanbei knew that Sheng Fenghua was thinking about the size of the bed, he would definitely be overjoyed.

However, he did not know at this moment, so when he saw Sheng Fenghua’s conflicted look, he could not help but become curious.

After thinking for a long time, Sheng Fenghua could not resist the unbearable feeling in her heart and said to Si Zhanbei, “since you don’t want to go back, then, you can stay. ”

Si Zhanbei’s eyes lit up. He looked at Sheng Fenghua with burning eyes and softly said, “okay! ”

Sheng Fenghua heard Si Zhanbei’s reply and looked up at him. She could not bring herself to say the words of giving him half of the bed.

In the end, her face was so red that it was beyond recognition, but she still could not say it out loud. However, she lay down on the bed and deliberately moved to the side.

Si Zhanbei was waiting for Sheng Fenghua’s words when he suddenly saw her lying down. He was feeling dejected when he realized that she had deliberately given up some space. The disappointment in his eyes was instantly replaced by surprise and joy.

Happiness came too quickly and too suddenly. Si Zhanbei could no longer find words to describe his feelings. However, the gaze he was looking at Sheng Fenghua with became more and more passionate.

Sheng Fenghua became more and more embarrassed under such a strong gaze. In order to block Si Zhanbei’s gaze that seemed to burn her up, she directly pulled up the blanket and covered her head.

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