Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 beautiful food


“I’m fine! ” Sheng Fenghua shook her head and got out of bed to wash up.

Si Zhanbei glanced at Sheng Fenghua and got out of bed as well. Although he didn’t sleep well last night and was woken up by Sheng Fenghua today, he was still in good spirits.

Especially when he thought of what he had done secretly after Sheng Fenghua fell asleep last night, he felt even happier.

Although he had done it secretly, he had finally kissed her.

When he thought of this, he was overjoyed.

When Sheng Fenghua came out of the washroom and saw Si Zhanbei smiling foolishly, she was a little confused.

She was thinking, what happened to him Why did he look so happy that he was dumbfounded. Did something happen that she did not know about?

However, although she was a little curious, Sheng Fenghua did not ask further. Instead, she said, “since you’re up, go wash up. When the doctor comes, we’ll be discharged. ”

“Okay! ”

Si Zhanbei responded, took the towel from Sheng Fenghua’s hand and went straight to wash up.

Only when the towel in his hand was gone did Sheng Fenghua react. Her face couldn’t help but turn red. He actually used her towel.

When she thought about how they slept in the same bed last night, she became even more shy. So, she felt embarrassed to stay in the room any longer and directly opened the door and went out.

When Si Zhanbei finished washing up and came out, there was no sign of Sheng Fenghua in the room. He couldn’t help but be shocked. He threw the towel in his hand away and left the ward.

After leaving the ward, there was still no sign of Sheng Fenghua

“Fenghua, Fenghua, Sheng Fenghua! ” He shouted Sheng Fenghua’s name as he ran.

Sheng Fenghua, who had just walked down the stairs, heard Si Zhanbei’s shout and could not help but be stunned. She stopped and replied, “I’m here. ”

Sheng Fenghua’s reply made Si Zhanbei speed up. He almost rushed to her. When he saw that she was fine, he was relieved and asked, “why did you come out? ”

“It’s too stuffy in the ward. I came out to get some air, ” Sheng Fenghua replied softly. When she saw Si Zhanbei’s anxious look, she could not help but feel warm in her heart and said, “don’t worry, I’ll be fine. ”

Although she had changed into a new body, her skills were still there. Ordinary people could not hurt her at all.

However, Si Zhanbei’s concern for her made her a little surprised and touched. To be honest, in her past life, she had lived for more than twenty years. She had always treated herself as a man. Perhaps it could be said that she was a man. She had always taken responsibility for her own problems and dealt with them herself.

In addition, she had good skills, good marksmanship, and medical skills. Therefore, in the entire organization, even her best friend, Feng Qing, had never worried about her.

As for her, she had long forgotten the feeling of being worried by others.

Si Zhanbei did not say anything. He nodded and looked at Sheng Fenghua deeply before saying, “since we’re out, let’s eat breakfast before going back. ”

“Okay! ” Sheng Fenghua did not object. She did not like to eat in the ward. Now that she could eat outside, she was naturally happy.

Therefore, the two of them went downstairs together and headed to the hospital’s cafeteria.

After finding a seat and sitting down, Si Zhanbei first asked Sheng Fenghua what she wanted to eat before he went to buy two sets of breakfast.

As she ate breakfast and looked at Si Zhanbei’s handsome face, Sheng Fenghua finally understood one word: Beautiful and delicious.

In Sheng Fenghua’s eyes, SI Zhanbei was the most handsome man she had ever seen, and also the most powerful man. That was why she fell in love at first sight, and would never forget him.

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