Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 was silent joy


With no other choice, Si Zhanbei could only go next door and sleep on a small bed.

Speaking of this, Sheng Fenghua still felt very guilty. Si Zhanbei was tall and big, but he slept on a small bed, while she monopolized this big bed.

Sheng Fenghua sat down on the bed and looked around the room. The furnishings were very simple. There was a table, a stool, and a wardrobe.

There were also a few books on the table, all about military affairs. It was obvious that these were Si Zhanbei’s books.

After sitting for a while, Sheng Fenghua got up and went to the wardrobe to get some clothes. She opened the wardrobe, but there were not many clothes. Moreover, the styles were very old.

Looking at these clothes, Sheng Fenghua could not help but think of the time when her predecessor had just arrived. Si Zhanbei had also said that he would bring her to buy clothes, but the original owner did not want to go, so she never went.

Now it seemed that she had to find some time to buy a few sets of clothes. Otherwise, the clothes in the wardrobe would not be able to fit her.

However, she did not have any other clothes now, so she could only make do with it.

Therefore, Sheng Fenghua picked a light blue shirt and a pair of black pants, took her underwear, and left the room to go to the bathroom.

As soon as she entered the bathroom and looked at the clothes in the basin, Sheng Fenghua’s gaze paused. She remembered that Si Zhanbei had just returned from a mission yesterday, and then went to the hospital to take care of her, so she understood why he didn’t wash the clothes.

Si Zhanbei came out of the kitchen and saw that Sheng Fenghua’s gaze fell on his clothes. He thought that she felt that he didn’t wash the clothes, so he said, “I’ll wash the clothes in a while. ”

Sheng Fenghua was stunned when she heard that and turned to look at him. After a long while, she remembered that the original owner and Si Zhanbei always washed their own clothes.

Thinking of this and thinking of his performance in the hospital yesterday, Sheng Fenghua felt that she should do something to thank him. So, she waved her hand and said, “it’s okay. After I take a shower, we’ll take a shower together. ”

This time, it was Si Zhanbei who was stunned. He looked at Sheng Fenghua in a daze and the surprise in his eyes disappeared. He was in high spirits and asked, “you want to help me wash my clothes? ”

“What’s wrong? ” Sheng Fenghua asked back. Isn’t it just washing clothes She still knows how to do it.

“No, nothing. ” Si Zhanbei said quickly. His heart was already filled with the fact that Sheng Fenghua wanted to help him wash his clothes.

If he was skeptical about Sheng Fenghua’s change yesterday, then today he was 100% sure that she really had changed.

He liked this kind of change.

Si Zhanbei, who came back to his senses, looked at Sheng Fenghua with a gentler gaze. However, when he thought about Sheng Fenghua’s injury, he said, “I’ll wash it. Your body hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’s the same if you help me wash it after you recover. ”

Since Si Zhanbei had said so, Sheng Fenghua did not say anything more. There was still time in the future. She did not want to have such a meaningless argument with him.

Since he wanted to wash it himself, she would not stop him.

With this thought, Sheng Fenghua left the bathroom. She looked at the messy living room and started to clean it up.

At this time, Si Zhanbei went to wash his clothes and basked them on the balcony.

After a short while, the water was ready and the living room was almost cleaned up by Sheng Fenghua. Seeing that the living room was obviously pleasing to the eye, Sheng Fenghua clapped her hands in satisfaction.

Then, she took a bucket and went into the kitchen to pour the water.

After pouring the water, she was about to take a bath when a big hand reached out from the side. Si Zhanbei’s voice was heard, “let me carry it. ”

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