Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Chapter 723 visiting a doctor


After some thought, Sheng Fenghua nodded and agreed. Then, she said to Engela, “I’ll go back and get the first aid kit. Help me tell Madam Dailisi. ”

“Okay, thank you, Miss Sheng! ” engela was very happy when he heard that Sheng Fenghua had agreed. After parting with her, he went to look for Madam Dailisi.

Sheng Fenghua returned to her room and quickly turned on the computer. Then, she opened the email that Ning Ruiyu had sent her and quickly browsed through it.

She focused on Wen Jianing’s life abroad and her friends from the past. Soon, she knew that bill was Wen Jianing’s admirer and had been pursuing her. However, Wen Jianing never agreed until a few days ago when Wen Jianing took the initiative to contact bill.

Seeing this, Sheng Fenghua still didn’t understand what was going on. Wen Jianing must have given bill some benefits and asked bill to help her deal with herself.

No wonder bill asked her about Wen Jianing that day. It turned out that it was another retard who was tricked by Wen Jianing.

Sheng Fenghua wrote down the information about bill, then turned off the computer and went to meet up with Engela with her medicine box.

Engela brought Sheng Fenghua to bill’s home, a villa in the middle of the mountain. It was said that the people living here were all high-ranking officials of country M, and bill’s father was one of them.

Seeing ENGELA’s car, the guard immediately opened the door and let the car drive in.

The car drove into the villa, and Sheng Fenghua and ENGELA got out of the car. Someone immediately came out to welcome them and invited them into the hall.

In the hall, when Mrs. Ander saw engela bringing Sheng Fenghua, she immediately stood up and said, “Mr. Engela, you are here. ”

“Hello, Mrs. Ander! ” engela greeted Mrs. Ander and then introduced Sheng Fenghua to her. He said, “This is Miss Sheng, Mrs. Dailisi’s full-time Doctor. ”

“Hello, Miss Sheng. I’ve heard a lot about you. ”

“Mrs. Ander! ” Sheng Fenghua nodded lightly. She was neither servile nor overbearing. Mrs. Ander nodded to herself and said, “this Miss Sheng is just like what Mrs. Darius said. She is neither fawning nor flattering. “.

“Mrs. Ander, how is Bill Now? ” engela brought Sheng Fenghua to see the doctor, so he did not exchange pleasantries and asked directly.

“His condition is not good. He has been willing to go to the hospital, so I have to trouble Mr. Engela. ”

After that, Mrs. Ander shouted, “someone, take Mr. Engela to the young master’s room. ”

“Yes, Madam! ” The Servant answered, then said to Engela and Sheng Fenghua, “please follow me. ”

The two followed the servant up to the second floor and went to Bill’s room.

The servant knocked on the door, and a hoarse voice came from inside. “Who is it? ”

“Young Master, Mr. Engela is here. ”

“invite them in. ”

“please! ” The servant pushed the door open and made a gesture of invitation to the two.

Sheng Fenghua and Engela walked in and saw bill lying on the bed, looking a little dispirited.

Bill looked much more haggard today than he did a few days ago. He looked sickly.

“Dr. Engela, Miss Sheng, you’re here. Please sit! ” Bill looked at the two of them and said with some effort.

Engela saw that bill was seriously ill and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He went up to him and asked, “Bill, why did you do this to yourself? ”

“I caught a cold two days ago and didn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t go to the doctor. Who knew that after two days, I would end up like this, ” Bill said helplessly.

Sheng Fenghua stood quietly at the side and looked at bill, frowning slightly.

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