Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: her man


He was a tall and mighty man, with a height of more than 1.8 meters and was dressed in camouflage, making his figure look even more upright and steady.

He came against the light with a serious expression, giving off a cold and sharp feeling.

Sheng Fenghua watched as the man slowly walked towards her, making her so stunned that she even forgot to react.

When the guy walked to the front of the hospital bed, she finally saw his incomparably handsome face clearly, shocking her beyond words.

How could it be him!

Si Zhanbei stood in front of the hospital room. When he saw Sheng Fenghua's startled look, he frowned slightly.

"How are you? Are you better?"

Sheng Fenghua only recovered from her confusion when she heard the voice. She glanced at Si Zhanbei and said, "Yeah, I'm making progress."

Si Zhanbei's gaze swept over Sheng Fenghua's face and a look of surprise flashed across his eyes. This little wife of his had always been timid. She might not even reply to him even if he said ten sentences.

Moreover, even if she answered, the voice would be as thin as a mosquito. But today, not only did she speak loudly, she actually dared to look him in the eye.

That was strange. Could it be that a fall could make people change so much?

Si Zhanbei's gaze was very sharp. Although it was just a glance, it made Sheng Fenghua feel like she had nowhere to hide.

Fortunately, his eyes did not linger on her face. Instead, they fell on the injuries on her body. He bent down slightly and looked at Sheng Fenghua's hands and feet that were wrapped in gauze. A look of heartache flashed across his eyes. Then, it was replaced by a look of interest.

It did not matter whether he liked his woman or not since it was not someone else's turn to bully his wife.

After seeing the injuries on Sheng Fenghua's body, Si Zhanbei sat down beside her and asked, "I heard that you woke up this morning. Have you eaten?"

Seeing Sheng Fenghua shake her head, he immediately stood up, walked to the door, and ordered, "Go and get two servings of food."

The moment he finished his task, he heard that something had happened to her, so he went straight to the hospital. Zhanbei also happened to have not eaten.

After giving his instructions, Si Zhanbei returned to Sheng Fenghua's bed again. The two of them stared at each other and did not speak.

Sheng Fenghua did not know what to say. At this moment, she already knew that this was her newly married husband, Si Zhanbei.

However, she never expected that this Si Zhanbei would actually be an old friend of hers.

That was because, in the original owner's memories, she had never really looked at Si Zhanbei's face. Every time the two of them were together, the original owner lowered her head and did not even dare to speak loudly, let alone glance at him.

Moreover, Si Zhanbei was full of iron and blood, and his aura was strong. The original owner did not dare to approach him.

Sheng Fenghua did not open her mouth, and Si Zhanbei did not utter a sound either. He was a man of few words to begin with, and he preferred to do what he said.

The two of them looked at each other, and in the end, Sheng Fenghua was the first to lose. She cleared her throat and asked, "You went on a mission before; are you hurt?"

"No!" After a short reply, Si Zhanbei's gaze on Sheng Fenghua became astonished again.

He realized that she did not seem to be afraid of him anymore, actually taking the initiative to show her concern, which surprised him.

However, even though he was startled, he did not want to ask too much. No matter what, he was happy to see her change.

Such a straightforward, one-word answer made Sheng Fenghua speechless. She had long known that the other party weighed his words in gold, but the experience still made her feel the urge to grind her teeth.

Previously, she had thought that she would try her best not to be discovered by the other party. But now, it seemed that it was only a matter of time before he found out.

After all, the two of them could not stay together forever without talking, right?

Since Si Zhanbei was unwilling to speak, then the person to break the ice could only be her.

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