Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 21: That night’s Tomoe

Chapter 21: That night’s Tomoe

Translators note:

This chapter is Tomoe’s POV. Really, the way Tomoe talks is so hard to translate…


Good grief. It should be fine for waka to be a little gentler.

With how he is, in the generation of Koumon-samas he would be in the mean old man type.

The wise and intellectual type of Koumon-donos are more to my taste.

If I think like that then the cast in the new memories of waka are to my taste.

I would like waka to stick his head into troubles a bit more.

In the matter of the guild and the matter of the market as well, waka noticed both of them but he tried to ignore them.

If he does that then there won’t be any incidents and nothing will happen. If it weren’t for my quick-wittedness I don’t know what would have happened.

That is no good. We won’t be able to reform the world. Then ‘it ends in something petty’ and I won’t be able to take out my katana.

Even though I had finally gotten something similar made by the elder dwarfs, wait that’s too long, eldwarfs in short.

Mio had done a good job with her foolish behavior. That is truly a ‘Hachibe-san’, careless and with normal equipment but someone who you can’t underestimate.

And now if only waka would get serious we would be able to enter the ‘Middle Age’s World Reformation Arc’ without any problems.

But I am now made to do night guard at the carriage while hiding my presence.

There is the misfortune that I won’t be able to have a meal but tonight is the night where I can expect a development to occur.

When I think like that, fumu, I feel that I should thank waka for this order.

Anyways, I am still investigating the way to produce uncooked rice, and my chopstick skills are still not at a satisfactory level. Regarding the katana I am still investigating it thoroughly, the sword I have right now is a sword in the form of a katana that has its cutting edge concentrated at one side of it.

The basics of katana-making are still in the middle of close investigation so there is no helping it. Waka has gone with his parents a number of times to a town called Seki for the ‘Hamono festival’ and has stayed over there. I will try to investigate the memories that relate to those times to get the knowledge I want.

It’s a lifesaver that waka is a person with lots of miscellaneous knowledge. He seems to be the type that will investigate things that interest him. That he begins his investigations from scratch is truly a habit that fits my convenience. I sincerely thank you-ja no.

In my breast pocket I have ‘My Chopsticks’ but I am still too unskilled to use them.

As I thought, my first meal should really be a Japanese style meal. And one day I will be able to show off my skill with chopsticks that rival a knife and fork.

In a sharp and magnificent way!

As I thought, I should raise orcs that are specialized on making Japanese style food. So that when I feel like eating a Japanese style meal I don’t have to ask waka to make it. To ask waka to make it is, as expected, a bit too much of a stretch for me who is a slave.

I cast a glance to the cargo.

It’s the fruits that were in Asora. It seems that they are the exact same food from waka’s world. So we had waka decide if they were edible or not.

Every one of them was filled with vitality and there were many who were incredibly juicy. Their taste was also extremely good.

As expected from the fruits that can survive the superior and harsh world of waka, they are truly filled with vigor.

In an occasional whim I tried to recreate the things that I have heard from waka and have seen in his memories, right now I am barely ‘crawling’.

Because the maryoku in the air is zero after all, and it doesn’t work with the release of inherent maryoku. If it’s only the appearance I am able to replicate it.

We have taken a big amount of ripe things from different varieties and for now there is not a single one that is going bad. They are all still lively-ja.

“Mu, should I get moving?” (Tomoe)

Completely understanding their numerical strength, I also grasped their habits and some of them have begun showing movements that tell me they were in an organization of some sort.

From the people’s movement proficiency I am able to understand their patterns but the ones tonight feel a bit rough.

They have a bit of coordination.

But, I am a supreme dragon, an existence that can be counted. Of course, the ones who challenge me all belong to the top class.

Thinking in that way, these guys may be pretty competent.

If I were to consider that.

Right now I am just delighted that I will be able to fight with my katana like a samurai.

However, this appearance is an appearance that was ‘taken’ after completing the pact with waka.

There is no error in saying that compared to the past, my power has increased.

Waka had to go through the trouble of asking the dwarfs to make a tool that restraint him but, I have no such counter-measure on my body.

Now that I think about it, the preparations of fighting with someone, honestly, having waka as the opponent doesn’t work as a reference.

It’s better if I don’t count Mio either.

If that’s how it’s going to be… I pity them.

These guys will have to become my practice partners in my training to ‘hold back’.

Two are keeping watch and four are coming to steal huh.

I am thankful.

Waka told me to please not slaughter everyone and gazed at me with slightly serious eyes. Even if I mess up my adjustments I still plan for those two to somehow live through this.

From the four of them, two of those took the lead.

They are planning on getting their hands on the carriage by infiltrating it. This is a good time huh.

In the darkness without making a single sound .

I stood beside the carriage with katana in hand.

“My my, what business do you have with our carriage?” (Tomoe)

I will speak with them in an extremely friendly manner.

They all stop their movements at the same time and their gazes all concentrated on me. Along with their bloodlust and caution.

I didn’t intent to instill unrest in them with my friendly voice but, to have such thoughts right now is pointless.

My golden serpent eyes were drowning in the excitement of battle. They were fierily gazing at them.


No words huh. I see that they are having a conversation only with their eyes.

It seems that there is no room for negotiations. That’s fine, it’s the so called ‘no questions asked’ huh. You damn ronins*! (TN: wandering samurais that don’t have a master)

The lookouts don’t show signs of moving.

The two that were close to the carriage had something short and glittery in their hands. The two that were far away threw something soundlessly from their hands!

I catch one of the two knives and the other one I evade it. To the flying things that were coming at me, I use the scabbard to block them.

Light and also slow.

They are not even worth the talk.

The moment the next knife was about to reach me, the knife that I had evaded turned around and shot at me once more. In an angle that was practically screaming at me to kick it.

I complied with its wish and without placing my body weight in it I kicked relying on speed alone. I will return the knife to your hand!

With a dull sound, the man was send flying to the sky.

I seriously held back though? He has certainly broken now. I felt that it would be a bit bad to swing my katana but it’s true that it’s better to test it out.

“Fumu” (Tomoe)

There shouldn’t be any problems if I just aim at their weapons.


Trying to open the distance I do a step backwards. At the same time, I target the blade part of the dagger that the frozen man had in hand and sweep horizontally.

He truly couldn’t react at all. He probably didn’t even notice that I had jumped behind him. He must be thinking I have disappeared. So that is the reason for your frozen state huh, how unskilled.

The voice of the man suddenly became high-pitched with the surprise of his prey being so close to him.

It’s almost like he didn’t even feel that I have cut him. The efficiency of my body with the weapon is too good. You eldwarfs, I am really looking forward to the time when you are able to create a real katana, kukuku.



N? What sound is that?

When I checked it out, at that place…

The man that was screaming in fright, his top chest ‘portion’

In that place there was a cut line and a body with his whole top missing.

Wow, to think it would be this efficient?!

No good! The unrest will carry over to the other four that are remaining. Then there won’t be any person to talk and all of them will try to flee.

I will not be able to interrogate them!!

The lookouts had already distanced themselves significantly. With how things are going it might become a commotion.

I have no choice. Let’s capture the two that are here for now!

I hold my katana in reverse. I should have done as waka said and used the reverse blade of the katana huh.

They had their backs turned without any shame and were escaping, one of them is a woman huh. I can’t make out their faces. They have cloths wrapped around it.

If I am to capture one it would be better if it’s the woman, that way waka would be happy as well. With one glance I could tell it was a woman with big breast. It was a style that brought discomfort with the black clothes she had on.

Well, waka was saying that the girls were beautiful over and over even when they weren’t that beautiful. It may be that he is thirsting for a woman.

Even if I say that, he hasn’t requested any ‘attending’ from us. Waka is quite a mysterious person.


Won’t waka call me an evil magistrate again if I capture the woman?!

No, if its waka that’s what he would do!

Kuu~! What an ingenious trap. To utilize the feelings I have for waka.

As expected of waka. N, wait. I feel like something is wrong here…

Well, let’s not think about the complicated stuff. For now let’s let the woman escape and capture the other one.

I place a bit of strength and kick the ground. It’s obvious that our speeds are different so this was good enough to catch up.

I stand in front of the black clothed one without chest and hit him in the solar plexus.

The one that was few distances away turned around but I pretend to take out my katana.

That fellow must have seen the scene a few moments ago so.

With an excessive reaction she ran away.

Fu fun, what a splendid skill I have.

And now if I just get the information from this man.

We can begin the capture of this base’s evil-ja na!

Fufufu, this is going pretty well-na no ja!


Translator note:

10 bucks that ‘man’ is a trap!

And the big breasted woman was her sister! My years of anime tell me this!

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