Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 24: Isn’t this a jewel box?!

Chapter 24: Isn’t this a jewel box?!

“Onii-chan, even if you are a waka-sama it’s no good if you can’t at least drive a carriage you know?”

Even though I haven’t gotten used to the cold of the morning, the girl that was sitting beside me and holding the reins, said some cold words to me.

It’s not like I can’t do it.

Its because in the weird setting that Mio and Tomoe made, there was a part where it said that ‘I can’t drive a carriage’.

If I tried I feel that I could even drive it without reins.

Because what is pulling it is a normal looking horse but in reality its head had two horns. I am not sure if I can manage it with my technique but I am right now hiding it.

It’s a proper demonic beast called bicorn and it’s used by the orcs and lizardmen as fangs and legs.

In short, words can get through. I wonder how far this comprehension can be. Right now leaving aside inorganic things, hyumans and plants, everything that is alive is an okay.

That’s why I can just act like I am using the reins and order it to move as I want it to.

But because my image of weirdo would evolve, I can’t do it. They would look at me as an eccentric person that talks in a strange language with a horse.

… Well I don’t want to hear that from a person that fantasizes about being a wandering samurai though.

I feel like the people today are not welcoming me.

[I am sorry, I left practically everything in the hands of those two] (Makoto)

“Mu~ being a rich person and a merchant’s heir, are you fine with that~?”

You are dead right, it’s no good-desu yo.

As expected of someone that is living in such a hungry place. Her maturity level is pretty high.

Even though her appearance is around 10 years old. Her age doesn’t match her way of thinking.

[That’s why I was thrown away like this. It’s called a learning journey but it may be closer to call it disinheritance] (Makoto)

“Ah~ so that’s how it is. I can understand that~. But then, if Mio-san is not here, will this sell properly?”

You can understand that huh. She has a stern personality just like my Nee-san.

Though that portrait looked really similar to someone from my previous world.

The portrait that this little girl drew last night looked so similar to an acquaintance of mine that I got distracted.

When I think that I slightly vented my anger on Tomoe and Mio, I feel a little guilty.

[Yeah, regarding these goods, honestly, no matter who sells it it will be the same. In a sense] (Makoto)

The girl that had been talking to me while at me turned her head around to face me.

“Eh? Why?”

[These are things that I have seen for the first time as well. No matter how much it is, our travelling expenses will not hold out so I plan to sell them. The fruits and vegetables will not hold out by the time we reach the next base after all] (Makoto)

“Hey, this is something that may not have been told to you but…”

[What?] (Makoto)

The girl seems to have slight reserve and temporally stops her words. This girl says she is searching for her sister but maybe it’s not only that.

“These, are all fruits that I have never seen before. And moreover, they are incredibly delicious. From where did you obtain them and how did you bring them here?”

Her impression when she sampled the fruits was pretty good after all. I could feel sharpness in her eyes. Information selling, or worst she could be a spy huh.

But it looks like the part about her sister’s situation is true. If it’s the former then she has a strong commercial spirit, but if it’s the later then…

‘In exchange for your sister go and obtain the information’, that kind of thing?

Nah~ If that is truly how it is then the guys that are pulling the strings have no saving at all~.

Kind of like ‘what do you think you are making a 10 year old do?’ It’s a fourth year in elementary school you know?

[Fumu, well regarding that, the issue is if you will believe me or not] (Makoto)

“What is it what is it?”

She is extremely interested, how visible.

Well who cares. No matter what comes, I have already thought out what I will do with these goods.

To make the information public is actually welcomed. If I can learn the objective of this girl then I have no problems with it.

[Originally we didn’t have plans on coming to the border of the world. We arrived by chance to this land] (Makoto)


[And we have been wandering around but, one day, we were engulfed by a deep mist. When we continued inside the mist, to my surprise, there was a settlement there] (Makoto)

“Settlement? In this area?”

[From here it would take 2 to 3 day’s maybe. That settlement was, surprisingly, a settlement for mamono] (Makoto)

“Ma, mamono?!”

[That’s right. Moreover, they could all speak the common language and they were truly courteous. So I have been there for a few days and I was given these things as a souvenir] (Makoto)


Oh~ those eyes are doubting me~ Well it’s a total made-up story so it’s not that unreasonable.

Well it will become the ‘truth’ from now on so.

[See? It’s hard to believe right?] (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah. When you refer to mamono which one are they?”

[Orc, lizardmen, dwarfs and to my surprise even Arkes were there. It was truly a mysterious place. I even thought it was a dream but I still have the things with me] (Makoto)

I say that and look at the cargo.

That I actually have it here has a certain persuasion power. By the way I don’t have any intentions of telling this story in the commerce area. I am just going to say that they are strange things and sell them.

And I felt that the question she made had an ulterior motive.

“There were that many?! I can’t believe it~”

[Yeah, even now I still think that it may have been a dream inside the mist] (Makoto)

“A mist that is 2 or 3 days away huh”

She is pondering. The kids of this world is not that they are not cheerful but when I compare the attitude of the girl last night and the way she is now, she is actually really suspicious.

[N, Rinon, isn’t this place the commerce area?] (Makoto)

I call the little girl that didn’t fit her age by her name. This girl’s name is Rinon and her Onee-san’s name is called Toa-san or so she told me. Toa-san, is a girl one year younger than me. Even though finding a place to live is a big problem, she stood up and was able to find that place for her younger sister. I respect her for that.

In our world, a 16 year old was still a high school student being educated in the obligations.

“There is no information about such a settlement in our vicinities though?” (Rinon)

To communicate with writing is inconvenient at this kind of times.

If she is not looking then she will be unable to react.

I had no choice so I tapped her shoulders a number of times so she noticed it.

“Hi~a! Geez~ that is sexual harassment onii-chan! Uh, e, eh?” (Rinon)

There is se-sexual harassment?! I can’t underestimate this world! In a place where there is no proper human rights for such an advanced word to exist!

[I was saying, isn’t that building the commerce area?] (Makoto)

“Ah! We went pass it! I am sorry!” (Rinon)

I scratch my mask. Does this world have sexual harassment as well? I was still internally surprised by it.

We move forward for a bit and then turn around the carriage and begin preparing to get down.

Now, the commerce area.

As expected, being a newcomer really attracts the eyes of others. Well I have a mask on so yeah.

For some reason Rinon said that she would stay in the carriage and refused to enter the commerce area.

Is it that? Her clothes look worn-out so she is refraining from going?

But even if I wanted to go to a clothes shop I don’t know where there is one, and they are probably not open this early in the morning.

And also, for a girl that I have just met to buy her clothes, it’s like the hobby of a rich guy so I don’t like it that much. I want to go the normal way.

“Good morning. I think this is the first time we have seen each other. What kind of business do you have today?”

[Good morning. Yesterday I learned about this place from my helper. A black haired girl with unique clothing] (Makoto)

“! Um, this may be rude of me but…”

[I am sorry. Things happened and I am now unable to speak so please forgive me for using writing to communicate] (Makoto)

I explain in brevity the appearance of Mio.

It seems that she had some kind of impact so the men that were in front of me had some memory of her.

Also, they without problem accepted my communication with writing. I am grateful.

“Ah, um. If that’s how it is then that means that you are the person that lost the merchant guild proof?”

[Yeah, I am truly embarrassed. It hasn’t been that long since I entered the trade business so I was really troubled] (Makoto)

“Must have been. That you were able to arrive here is close to a miracle. It must be that you are a person of great luck. It’s an enviable thing”

I can only hear it as sarcasm. I have no such luck! Like, totally don’t!

[I truly passed through many mysterious experiences before I arrived here. And so, I came here to sell the things that I have obtained in those mysterious experiences] (Makoto)

“Well you are not able to sell things freely if you don’t have the guild proof after all. And even with that you still came to a dark place like the commerce area, as a merchant myself I feel happy about this”

The man makes a hearty laugh and presses me to show him the place where the goods are. Is this unrelated to the theft from last night? Is there no contact with the other part?

Somehow I am able to communicate so it’s fine if I inquire about it indirectly.

[It’s the cargo of this carriage]

Rinon is properly inside the carriage. She had no intentions to escape it seems.

“Fumu, is that your slave? Hey, show me the cargo”

What? Slave?

… I see. Certainly, having that clothing and being inside the carriage, you could take it that way.

Hm~, there have been a lot of words I am not used to hear so I didn’t mind them that much but…

It’s a world where having slaves is normal huh.

This old man merchant is taking it normally after all.

Then why is there such a word like sexual harassment? I feel like that word will delicately entangle me in the future, for me that has an ugly outward appearance. I don’t want that-de gozaru I don’t want that-de gozaru. To be in another world, then sexual harassment and then imprisonment, seriously spare me from that-de gozaru.

But, I have to correct the misunderstanding. Even though Rinon is not objecting and is showing him the things, she must be used to this treatment.

[Pardon the discourtesy, she is an acquaintance and I just had her show me the way. She is not a slave] (Makoto)

“Oh, is that how it was?”

The man looked silently at Rinon.

“Pardon my rudeness”

Maybe he thought that it would cause discord so he apologized to Rinon. Rinon seemed slightly surprised by this, with her eyes wide open she made a bow and she went to get a cloth that was hidden inside the side-flank.

“T-This is?!”

[How is it? These are fruits you have never seen before right? Any one of these are truly delicious. Go ahead and try them out] (Makoto)

I take two apples, I give one of them and the other one I take a bite of it and show it to him.

“Then, itadaki masu*”

He must have felt relieved that I was eating it normally, the merchant also takes a bite.

At that moment, he had his eyes wide open looking at the apple. And then another bite.

Making sure to not let one bit of juice get out, he ate the whole apple in a second. Incredible… he must have liked it a lot.

With this, if it’s only selling it won’t be that much of a problem.

If it’s possible I want to replenish a percent of the inn lodging price, with that there won’t be any problems.

[It seems that it was to your liking] (Makoto)

“This is, I have never eaten such a delicious fruit! Just where in the world did you procure this?!”

[That’s what you call, a trade secret. I want to unload everything here but, will you give me permission to?] (Makoto)

“Trade secret?! No way, are you intending to monopolize this?!”

[Even if you say monopolizing, these are received products that have some story to it. I am not sure if I will be able to obtain it a second time you know?] (Makoto)

“Eh?! So that means this is just a one-time thing, is what you are trying to say?”

[That’s right. I am planning on departing after a few days so I will be selling everything here and that’s it] (Makoto)

“Umu. So that’s how it is, this will be a one-time thing”

[For how much will you take it?] (Makoto)

“Can I sample the other things?”

[Of course, but I don’t have that many of them so try to limit yourself to one of each kind please] (Makoto)

“I understand. How much is the amount?”

[It’s only the things that are in this carriage so it’s 4 types and 4 boxes of each making it 16 boxes in total] (Makoto)

The man called for his colleagues and gave them the apple (the one I had was already bitten so I gave him a new one as service), peach, pear and pomegranate and had them taste it.

… They were 4 types that I had half-heartedly chosen but they were all things that could be eaten raw.

That’s not all. When I watch them like this I couldn’t help but be shocked by the haphazard plants that grew in Asora. Season planting could go eat shit.

Or maybe it was a super limited area and the climate worked in a different way. Like a certain Grand Line*. :D>

Well, the taste was inherited as well. They are all things that were considered delicious in my previous world as well. I was thinking about merchandise improvements but it seems there won’t be that many problems.

This may be thanks to the agriculture customs of the orcs.

“Well, they are all splendid things”

[Thank you very much] (Makoto)

“And so, regarding the price”

[Yes] (Makoto)

“The quality has a unanimous ‘no objections’ but, it’s a first time product after all. I do want you to understand our cowardice”

‘It’s delicious but as its an unknown product we will be buying it at a low price, do pardon us’ is how I should interpret this.


“One box will be 30 gold coins. In total it will be 480 gold coins, is what I want to leave it as”


These guys are probably looking down quite a bit but even with that it’s still a really high price. This is practically a precious metal! No, a jewel box!

I didn’t let it show in my face but I was seriously thinking that these guys were idiots.

Forget about replenishing a percent of the inn lodging, I am now able to pay the whole of it.

Well I will try groaning. If I say okay too soon the sense of importance of it might go down. I had thought of increasing the price to at least 100 gold for all, I even let out a poisonous aura when I thought about that.

More like, they are all looking at my face and waiting for my answer, they are so easy to understand. For them this would be the part where it would enter negotiations with the lowest price as trigger.

[Well isn’t that pretty considerate. But remember that I am the one you are buying from. Are you pushing yourself too hard?]

“T-Then it will be just like that?!”

You are so easy to see through!

[No no, the cut is a bit bad so let’s make it 500 gold coins. How about that? That way I will not have any objections] (Makoto)

An extra that can be considered loose change. That 20,000,000 is loose change? Just what am I saying?

“500, okay! Then it’s settled! Hey!”

The merchant calls for luggage carrying and a person to bring out the gold.

Every one of them is having a pleased look on their face.

This will probably land in the place of a royalty-san or a great merchant.

If I carelessly request help with selling the fruits in this town I feel like they will overcharge me more than a high priced bar.

These guys that I sold the fruits for, just how much will they sell each one for~? 2 or 3 times higher might be a low number.

If it becomes 10 times then I will laugh. I will laugh my eyes out. It surpassed the hundred million you know? Just what kind of big shot rookie am I?

Rinon was completely absentminded after hearing the price of it. Wun.

In the case of the girl, it would be her annual income, maybe even the annual income of her older sister, that’s the kind of fruit she ate.

[Yes, I certainly received the 500 gold coins. Thank you very much] (Makoto)

“We as well! If you are to stumble upon any other strange thing, do pay us a visit”

[Okay, then] (Makoto)

Rinon revived from zero and once again held the reins.

She must still have some shock remaining but Rinon led the carriage that had 500 gold of cargo in it back to the inn.

The fruits that I randomly took with me turned into 500,000,000 yen.


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