Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 9: The garden inside the mist

Chapter 9: The garden inside the mist

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I understood two things.

Since I came to this world the things I ‘understand’ are scarce so this is pretty valuable.

The first thing is my power. It’s the power to create an ‘area’

With me as the center I create a spherical area, and in there I decide the attributes and effects that the interior of it will have.

The extent of it is arbitrary, I could even cover everything that I can see in it. However, the bigger it gets the less effects I can apply to it.

Everything in it is affected by the effects.

That means that even I am affected by it. If I don’t manage to somehow exclude myself I won’t be able to use it as an attack. No, I can’t use it.

I don’t even want to try it. I don’t want to die by my own power.

In the battle with Shen the effect that I activated was ‘Find it’ that kind of wish. A search area.

But I feel that this is a way too all-purpose skill. I am really thankful to you Tsukuyomi-sama. To use it I have to properly plan it beforehand or it could be troublesome but it is definitely useful.

—— *This part I didn’t understand it well as it concerns a topic I am no good. Geography. https://web.archive.org/web/20120928001739/http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0942bb/22/

And the other thing is the limit of the circumference in my current location’s terrain.

This is literally the ends of the world, and more over I was in it. More specifically, in the northwest edge.

The place that Shen had been was pretty close to that northwest tip.

On the way of heading to the human settlement using the shortest route, I went along with Ema to escort her back to the village of highland orcs. There, I confirmed my location.

With this I would be able to finally head to the human settlement. I am really glad that it’s not at a place that is southeast or southwest of the world. The human settlement seems to be in the northeast.

Because they told me something scary like ‘I don’t know just how long does the south in this place extends’.

The whole surroundings of the wasteland were surrounded by precipices or so they told me. There is also the issue of the south so their information is not that accurate. When I asked if it was a basin among the mountains they told me that ‘no, it is lower than the sea’. For a second I didn’t get the meaning of what they said.

When I heard the explanation in more detail I could tell that it was a hundred meter below water level. (TN: The depth of the precipice that surrounds the wasteland)

When I asked if it was some kind of salty water later, I thought they would bring out a death sea document or something.

—- * End of the confusing part I need help in. Easy explanation: Human settlement is closer than expected and precipice is deep.

It was in my way so I returned to the cave and Ema was there. And when she saw the completely changed form of Shen she seemed like she would faint. Well, she didn’t know her original form so it ended in just a surprise.

If it were a person that knew of dragons, I don’t know how many of them would faint after seeing this.

Because after that pact was finished the form of Shen had changed into the form of a human. At first I was like ‘who was she?’ even though I had seen it in front of me.

I who was planning to ride on its back to travel was completely shocked in the change of plans.

A pact seems to differ depending on the race and it will come with benefits or disadvantages.

The 50-50 pact ‘pledge’ both of their forms will not change but if the difference in power is one-sided then the one who is weaker will have its form changed.

That fellow, her talk about being the strongest must have been a lie because the pact ended in an 80-20 ‘ruling’ pact with me being on the advantageous side. Though even if it became a ruling one she still has a pretty haughty attitude.

If the relationship comes to this point it seems that the changes in the form are frightfully remarkable. After all, some of the things like her eyes and fangs slightly remain but the shape of Shen was practically that of a human being.

A blue haired cool beauty. That the features of her face are Japanese-like is because the one who made the contract was the Japanese me, maybe?


But her appearance honestly surpassed that of a Japanese person! She is technically a model. Sadly, a kimono may not suit her. I think it’s because those clothes are specially made to fit the old Japanese people. For it to fit her, the torso part should be lengthened and the legs shortened, I think it might be complicated to do.

By the way I have no issues wearing it. That I am the one saying it is a bit… but I already know that it will fit me perfectly.

Her hair is blue and she is half-dragon so… yep, it won’t suit her.

With those golden proportion ratios, her body that is tightly fit and was clear that there was no unnecessary flesh. Even though she hasn’t exercised, it’s unfair right?

Thinking about the properties of her powers I can understand why she is considered invincible. There was no doubt that it was a fine illusion, with the way she fights she would certainly not lose.

After doing the ruling pact, I still had near 60% of extra energy left. Even though she said it would be a one-time thing, it suddenly became a different story.

Putting it simpler it would mean that I can make one more contract with a Shen-class mamono. It was a good different story so I can forgive her.

No one has taught me how it calculates the amount so I am too scared of forming another pact, for now having a reserve is fine.

I also heard of a special ability she had called ‘Asora’ but it seems that because of the effects of the pact it had done a complete change.

It was a wealthy land that was filled with green. To the me who was in that desert-like wasteland, with one breathe of that green I felt that my whole body was refreshed.

It was an over-grown prairie where the grass reached up to my knees (TN: Watch out for pokemons!). In a place a bit far from where I was, it was scarce but I could see trees and shrubs. It may be because there weren’t that many things in the whole area but when I checked far away there wasn’t a single artificial made structure anywhere.

In the area I looked over I couldn’t see a single form of water like a river or a pond. But sometimes a wind that waves the grass would bring the green scent and in it I could feel the presence of water. It was a place that had green all the way I could see. There should be a water source somewhere.

With the unusual movements in the forests darkness and the grass of the prairie I could feel the presence of living creatures. There must be animals in here. I haven’t seen them yet though. Seeing that there are plants that I know the animals might also have the same shape as the ones I know.

It seems that the size is pretty considerable. There is one trait that stands out. Its ‘boundary’. I don’t know if calling it that is correct though, no matter where I look, at the far distance there was a wall of mist. I haven’t checked what is beyond that. Even if I could try to check with the power I had obtained, I decide to stop my exploration there.

Though I said it was covered by a wall it was just that I could see it from far away. I don’t feel a closure from it.

It may not be a good enough example but, a long time ago I escalated a slightly elevated mountain and looked over the town I lived. I felt that the size was similar to how I felt that time.

If you take into account that I am the only one in here then without me even saying, it was excessively vast.

Just what in the world is Asora?

Before I could ask what this place was, she asked me “Where is this?” Like I would know!

The space that should have been temporarily created had now become a world or so it seems. And it was stable to an abnormal level.

There was clearly vegetation that I already knew, and when I tried to eat it they tasted the same as I knew them. I missed this. A pine tree and a cypress tree. Trees that I had smelled before made me remember of my birthplace.

The Shen that had transformed into a beauty, in her eyes it seemed that this space had become a mystery for her as well. Even though this was a place that could only be entered by using her mist as an intermediary… how unreliable.

She also said something ominous, that she felt the vastness was gradually increasing. That wall must be slowly retracting.

In Shen’s words, the air around was thin in maryoku and in exchange vegetation in here was directly containing the maryoku and releasing it to the air. Is what she explained me but since I don’t understand anything about the world, I didn’t get anything she said.

It seems that for the whole air to have thin maryoku was impossible in this other world and with eyes filled with curiosity she took a grass in her hand and looked at it.

For now I didn’t understand the information of the location so it would in essence be a place that uses the mist as an intermediary to enter. I am not sure about it but it may be a pretty safe place. After all, there is no goddess.

So if I make a town here it would truly become a mirage town is what I told Shen as a joke but for some reason she ended up pondering seriously.

Could it be that I have once more placed a landmine and stepped on it?

Anyways, let’s rest for tonight. I who had returned to the orc village had decided to, for one day, not think about other things.

For the first time since I came here I slept in a constructed place. Tomorrow I will leave this village and then while camping outside I will aim for the place where hyumans are supposed to live.

In my way I will pass by a number of mamono settlements but Shen is here. It will resolve somehow.

“Let’s sleep” (Makoto)


“Then. Shen, what in the world is this?” (Makoto)

“Hohou~, don’t you understand master?” (Shen)

“Are all the orcs in the village sending us off?” (Makoto)

“Wrong! They are moving!” (Shen)

I don’t understand more and more.

What is Shen, who is an over 180cm tall figured beauty, puffing her chest out for?

I think it’s a harassment to the 160cm me.

Moreover, changing residence in this wasteland?

What is she thinking?

The places they can live in are limited. Moreover, they have some numbers so it wouldn’t be easy to move the village.

But now that she says it, I can see that they have their household belongings with them so if she told me now that they were moving I would nod.

Did they plan to do that from the start?

“We will be in your care”

The chief lowers his head to me.

What? Did Shen say something?

Well, they did provide me with household and food so to repay them I could escort them until their new place, I have no issues with that.

And I have wanted to test the effects of my own power. Especially on the effects on other people.

If it’s to that level I don’t mind dropping them on the way.

“Where are you going to be moving to? If it’s just to escort I will be glad to do it” (Makoto)

But the chief watches me with a slightly troubled face.

It’s pretty hard to get his expressions but he seemed to be troubled. Shen looking at the chief as if telling him something, nods her head up and down.

“Master” (Shen)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“This extremity of the world is harsh right?” (Shen)

“Yeah” (Makoto)

“This orcs don’t have a specified location where they can move their village and also in their way they could get attacked, the dangers they would face are innumerable” (Shen)

“Right. This looks like a really severe place after all” (Makoto)

What is she trying to say, this girl? Because I can’t think of a name for you, you are playing a riddle game?

“That’s why, I am thinking of inviting them to our world!” (Shen)

“Wa?” (Makoto)

Our world?

“So dense! It’s Asora, Asora! The place that became a bountiful place after the pact with master. That place is fitting to be called a world!” (Shen)

Shen continued explaining me.

Asora had become stable and people can now live in it. Then, the orcs could live in there. That’s why they will live there.

Wait a second Shen. From where did you get the comment about the first people residing in it?

Shen didn’t seem to have any problems with people residing in it. So when she proposed that idea to the orcs, they accepted.

Is what she said but.

“This is the mirage city plan! Na no ja!” (Shen)

So you really took me seriously there! In the end your real intentions came out.

To create a city inside Asora. To think she would seriously do it.

“You know, is it really okay to let other living beings live in Asora?” (Makoto)

It’s a place where you won’t know what would happen. At the very least there has been an incident of suddenly getting out. There is no assurance that it will not disappear.

“Of course, the vegetation grows freely and the water and air is no issue. Last night I properly checked it out! While I was at it I also released some animals in there! Counting the ones already there, there is no problem in nature! It could be called a first class place!” (Shen)

S-She is pointlessly excited.

Moreover that there are outer species and inner species like it’s nothing, what an absurd thing have you done! If there were wolfs or boars or dears originally there and you released the monsters in this wasteland, aren’t they going to be completely annihilated? I feel that the ecosystem has already been destroyed.

A, perhaps if there are wolfs in there, there could also be Honshu wolfs too. If that’s so I want to see them at least once. If possible, before they are made food.

“To live in Shen-sama’s sacred place is a thankful opportunity, I thought that I would reverently accept the offer”

The chief-sama says to me in a decisively serious manner.

I see, depending on the views it could be called a sacred place (TN: In original it says Shiniki which are the precincts of a Shinto Shrine). For the village that has been sending sacrifices each time, they must believe that their treatment has become a lot better.

Originally, not only the sacrifices, she didn’t even know that there was a religion about her!

On top of it, Shen is a dragon and is not supposed to be a god. Is it okay to call it a sacred place? Well, I don’t care. If they are talking about a sacred place and that the goddess will appear then that would change the story. But if it’s just a denomination they have given to it then it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Everyone, is it alright to decide this kind of important decision in just one night?” (Makoto)

So I was the only one that was snoring in my sleep.

What a stupid thing. (TN: it doesn’t translate well. He is referring to how bad he looks by being the only one taking it easy)

All the faithful orcs-san seemed to not have a single complain.

Well, if they had the sentiment of wanting to move to a more bountiful place then this decision is predictable.

“That’s how it is. There is no disadvantage for master. Is it okay?” (Shen)

Shen flashes an extraordinary smile.

“Well, you are right? But what are you guys going to do about the living place? That place doesn’t have any houses” (Makoto)

Are they planning on camping out? All of the members count up to a hundred or so. I feel that’s a bit pushing it.

“House? No problem. Because I will be ‘swallowing’ this whole village after all” (Shen)

“Haiii?!” (Makoto)

So, does that mean this whole village disappears?! What kind of ghost story is that? A rumor of a village that disappeared overnight? Nah, that wouldn’t happen. There were no neighboring villages anywhere around here so.

“I just have to use my mist as intermediary and transfer it. No problem! There is still a lot of space in it after all. And also, just in case I made it so they would have all the important things with them. All the furniture is also taken out” (Shen)

I have an incredibly~ bad feeling about this? That there is still a lot of space left?

“Don’t tell me you plan on inviting more in the near future?” (Makoto)

“What kind of obvious thing are you saying? Of course, if they don’t have the power or special traits then I won’t approve them. I am going to be gauging the people that we will be meeting in our travels” (Shen)

This girl is supposed to be in a ruling relationship with me which could also be considered a familiar kind of existence. And yet…

In this world is there so much freedom?! The master is practically a bug, is it just a name?!

To think this is a ruling pact, in the ‘equals’ pact I wouldn’t be treated like a slave right?

“Mutual existence and prosperity. How nice how nice. Let’s create our own city master” (Shen)

To create a city inside the ends of the world, is this the beginning of a simulation game?! (TN: are we going for the Sims city route?!)

What kind of joke is this?

“I don’t know what anything is anymore” (Makoto)

“Currently we need a race that can sew. Also smithing too” (Shen)

“Sewing and smithing are that important?” (Makoto)

Shen is someone that I can call partner but.

The feeling I get is despairingly different. Those two things I felt like they weren’t really that necessary. In the first place, if it’s normal sewing the orcs should be able to do it. They are wearing clothes after all.

“What are you saying?! If there is no one that excels in sewing I can’t wear a kimono, and if there is no one that excels in smithing then we can’t make a katana!” (Shen) (TN: Oh god. Shen became a japan junkie)

Super mega serious.

And with feeling.

So she was the type that would live on only the crust of bread for the sake of buying a game that is in her eyes.

“Now master. We have now given the first race, highland orcs, residence in our Asora so…” (Shen)


Uo, she seriously did!

When did she transfer everyone?!

“In the other side I have already left a duplicate to show them around so be at ease. In the morning we advance, in the afternoon we rest at Asora and at evening we once again gain distance!” (Shen)

She is excessively high in spirits. Did she have such a skill like cloning? You should tell your master about your abilities.

A, that’s right. This girl had taken an interest in me. So the moment I destroyed the mist barrier she had greeted me with round eyes and showing me her stomach, that made me want to vomit.

A kimono and a katana.

That’s right, this girl is…

“Master, it may be sudden but! The everyday of a samurai?” (Shen)

This girl has a severe…

“Ah… as expected. Megumi has a chivalrous presence right?” (Shen)

In her extended hand there was a small mist. There, an image was being displayed. Cuts of a certain TV program. By: my memories.

Mist are incredibly all-purpose huh. I have a better opinion of it. I thought it was only useful for deteriorating things. Also, what a bad taste illusion.

“ufufufufu ♫” (Shen)

She has a severe love for old era dramas.

I thought that she had discovered my men’s dreams thought. No, she probably knows of those too. She has seen my memories after all.

But, old era dramas. I certainly did love them but.

I was way too quick, in my decision.

“Master, in our breaks please show me your memories again ♫” (Shen)

“You have already seen them!” (Makoto)

“To look at the records and being shown are after all completely different. I implore you~ master~” (Shen)

In what they are different I don’t get it at all! And stop that slow tone of voice that doesn’t suit you!

“As I thought, I want to see it directly from a TV, the old era dramas” (Shen)

“Do as you wish with your defiance but please do so at Asora. Also, don’t look at my memories” (Makoto)

Like I can take you looking at my memories so much. And moreover just to watch old dramas!

“N-No way so cruel! It has already become my reason for living!” (Shen)

“It has only been a few days since we met! Moreover you have already recorded them!” (Makoto)

“Uwu~ just with memories is not enough~” (Shen)

“In what way it’s not enough try explaining in a way I can understand. If you are able to convince me then I will let you to at least watch the old dramas” (Makoto)

That it has become a ruling relationship has made it so she can peak at my memories without permission. It’s one of the merits.

“It’s as different as watching just the CG and watching the scene!” (Shen) (TN: she is referring to erotic games… not like i know!)


T-This girl!

I understood it perfectly but!!

I feel like she also put in a threat in there?

I will tell them about that, master?

Is what I think she is telling me!!!

“Gu,wu. I get it. I give you permission” (Makoto)

“Oh~ as expected of master! Your belly is deep! I hope that the sun quickly goes up and becomes hot” (Shen)

I feel that I have made an incredible mistake in my pact partner.

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