Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka?

Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - It’s just a coincidence that there are only girls. Don’t misunderstand. Don’t look at me with that smile.

The tutorial was over. It was finally time to start the journey.

Masato and Mamako moved out from the transportation palace, crossed the last bridge from the floating island, and reached an island that was the end point and also the depart point.

And then, the two who were standing on the Magic Circle drawn on the ground waited for that moment.

“It will be fine to wait for the transportation here, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s also written in the guide book......Ah, but......it seems that it will take some time for safety confirmation, so please read on the basic matters while waiting. It is also written to do it together with my child. Here, see.” Pressing closer.

“I-I know already. Rather, you are getting too close. Too close already.”

Pushing back Mamako’s shoulder that was pressing on him, he skimmed through the contents of the guide book.

The online game Masato and others were transported to was[MMMMMORPG(temp)].

This game seemed to use the main server that the Cabinet Office was in charge of as the start point, by connecting with the individual local servers that each of the forty-seven prefectures were in charge of, they designed and programmed a big multi-variable world.

Just that, as it was the beta version now, they were in the middle of collecting data from the test players, so only the Tokyo server was utilized.

“Oi oi, that’s so many mackerels[1] or rather too many already......This is no half-baked scale......”

“Mackerels?......Saba......saba......Hey Maa-kun, where is this mackerel written? Mom cannot find it.”

“Ahh, mackerel is, in other words, server.”

“Oh is that so? So server is actually mackerel......mackerel is amazing after all. It’s good for your health, and even comes out in games.”

“No, that’s not what I meant......haa, well whatever......there will be no end if I explain every little things.”

Rather than that, the priority was to check the outline. He continued with affirming the guide book.

The Tokyo server that was currently used had constructed this world in a mainstream fantasy theme. The motif was done using a European landscape. It seemed to have used the Mediterranean seashore scenery which still had various Middle Age visages remaining as foundation to shape the terrain.

On a side note, it seemed that the timeflow in the real world and the game world was the same. Masato and his mother were transported in the afternoon so......ah.

“Oh, finally huh.”

The Magic Circle beneath their feet suddenly released blinding light, enveloping Masato and his mother. They disappeared along with the light.

In the afternoon sunshine, pleasant sea breeze blew. A town with cobblestone-laid streets and white walls spread out before their eyes.

Seeing that, Mamako’s first words were.

“Oh look! It looks like overseas!”

“Overseas, you say......even if I tell mom about things like fantasy or other-world landscapes, you wouldn’t understand, it can’t be helped that you are surprised......well then, for the time being, let’s get going.”

The first world’s starting point’s name was [Kassan Kingdom].

Moving on from the transportation point with a Magic Circle drawn, passing through the sturdy gate, they arrived at the capital of Kassan Kingdom. The capital town spread out with the chalk-white royal castle as the center.

The buildings made from white clay walls and bricks gave a sense of security and a deep taste of the earth to those who saw. The sound coming from horse carriages passing by brought a laid back mood. If anyone lived in those houses once, they might feel that adventuring would be too troublesome. Such a townscape continued on......

“Ha!? There are many shops on that side of the street! Let’s go and take a look!” *Dash!*

“No no, we should go around the town once to grasp its geography......Uh, she already rushed in!? Is this speed mom’s, no, a female character’s specialty!?”

Mamako learned high speed shop browsing skill 【Window Shopping Soul】.

No, it was a joke. There was no such skill.

If you change to a different street, that place was a crucible for livelihood and clamor. The moment they stepped one foot in, loud bellows came from the shop owners promoting their shops to attract customers.

“Wait up, young lady over there! You sure are wearing some strange clothes. Are you a traveller from a foreign world? Then take a look at my shop’s products. I will make it cheap for a pretty young lady like you!”

“Oh you jest, calling me young lady. Even though I already have such a big son.”

“It’s fine not to say something like this every single time. Geez......ah, hello there.”

“Eh? Is that your son?......You’re a madam with a son?”

“Ah, but now we are mother and son companions. I have become my son’s companion. Isn’t that lovely?”

“Mother and son companion?......Err......?”

“You don’t not to talk about being companions or the likes! That made the shop owner freeze! Okay, move on! Start walking!”


Masato carried their luggages on his shoulder to repay a bit of his guilt, and pushed on Mamako, who was greeting back to each and every tout, on her back.

The two of them looked like a pair of mother and son traveller strolling in an overseas open-air market, but they understood that it was not simply a tourist hotspot.

“This place is really inside a fantasy RPG......”

At just a glance, there were shops selling swords and spears, shops selling shields and armors, and people looking like warriors with those equipped were walking right past them before their eyes. The hem of those short robes from girls that had an air of magician fluttered lightly as they ran past.

“It’s really fantasy......so incredible......I am inside a game......”

Feeling the credibility of it only now, Masato unintentionally got flustered.

Mamako closely observed her son and gave him, who was showing that appearance, a side glance.

“Hey Maa-kun. Stop grinning while peeking at those girls’ hips. That will make you a pervert, you know?”

“You’re wrong! I am not delighted about that kind of thing!”

“Ufufu. Just kidding. Mom properly understands what Maa-kun is thinking about right now. We are mother and son you see, we read each other’s minds.”

“Hou? Then try to make a guess.”

“Right no, Maa-kun......is feeling happy to be strolling with mom!” *Ehen!*

Mamako declared confidently with her smile in full bloom.

Masato could only snort. What is this person saying. I have no idea.

“Nai waa. Feeling happy to be walking with mom is the most impossible reason. This mother has totally no clue about an adolescent boy’s feelings. Ah geez, you totally failed. You fail as a mother.”

“You know, from the words mom has heard until now, those are the second most painful.” *Sob sob.*

“P-Please stop saying that line! My choice of words was poor! I will apologize!”

He did a ninety-degree bow on reflex. Maintaining that apologetic posture, he checked on his mother’s condition.

Mamako was smiling happily. Her face, which even youthfulness should have a limit to, showed a mischievous smile.

“Ufufu, that’s really effective. Then mom shall make these words into Mom Magic.”

“Hero-son limited psychological weakening magic......How malicious......”

It seemed that Masato, who had just recovered from the earlier shock, would take a little more time to recover now. That aside.

“Hmm, so? We are walking for the time being, but where should we be going to next......”

“Ufufu. Leave it to mom. Mom will properly lead you after all.”

“Lead you say......mom doesn’t know anything about this kind of game, right?”

“That’s true, but it’s fine. Because mom has this.”

Mamako proudly showed him the guide book. I see. It’s reassuring that we have that.

“We cannot neglect the preparation for our adventure. So first of all......”

“Gather companions, I suppose. Correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct. The guide book also suggests gathering companion first. That being the case......Alright, we are here. This way.”

The guiding Mamako introduced a building that was firmly constructed in the corner of commercial district to him.

At first glance, it seemed to be a coffee shop with a cafe terrace, but seeing the people coming in and out of it having sturdy body build while carrying weapons and protective gears, they understood well that this was no place for enjoying tea. Adventurers in the terrace area shot appraising glances that contained no mercy this way, giving them a good taste of an aggressive welcoming mood.

The signboard hung on the building showed 【Adventurer Guild】. In other words, it meant that.

“This place does not give off an amateurish or naïve vibe, I can feel it......Fuu, just what I wanted.”

“Oh well. Maa-kun, who usually only says ‘Aah’ or ‘Whatever’, is saying such cool words......Mom has discovered a new side of her son.”

“S-Shut up! Don’t evaluate your son’s comment!......So difficult......”

“Ufufu. Sorry about that. Now then, Maa-kun, can you pass mom her swords?”

“Eh? A-Aah, alright......?”

He had no idea what she wanted to do though. He just passed over Holy Sword of Mother Sea Altura that was sticked into the boston bag.


Mamako swung her sword towards the guild building. Mamako’s attack. “......Eh?” Water overflowed from the deep blue-colored sword flash that was swung out “Wai......” and became water droplets “Oii!?” which shot out together.

*Zugagagagagagagaga!* High speed water bullets assaulted the guild. Tremendous sound of destruction echoed continuously, pillars and walls full of holes collapsed. Screams of adventurers were heard only a while after the barrage.

Masato, who was stunned from that, only came back to his senses after that.

“......Umm, mom......what are you doing......?”

“Getting belittled is no good, so we must go with [Guts!] from the start. The guide book mentioned it.”

“That meaning of guts is different......or rather, isn’t this bad......”

The front half of the guild building was half-destroyed. However, the bigger problem was the safety of those adventurers at the terrace. If someone became a victim from Mamako’s attack......

“PK, or attempted PK......won’t we receive penalty?”

PK ── Player Killer. They would kill other player characters. Those who committed that would be given corresponding punishment. Saying sorry would not resolve it.

Masato was standing there pale faced while movements came from the side of the building. Someone crossed the remnants of the destroyed door and was walking towards them.

The other party seemed to be female. She was wearing clerk-like uniform, with long black hair and a calm face......

That person’s head was slightly bleeding.

“O travellers in a journey, welcome to the Adventurer Guild. I am the receptionist Shirarase as I infoform. If you are in search of companions for your journey, please come this way.”

That person called Shirarase composedly gestured with her hand to guide them while her head was still bleeding.

The person who was sitting at the half-destroyed counter was......

“Umm, Shirase-san......”

“I believe that I have infoformed[2] you that I am the receptionist Shirarase, haven’t I? If you are not satisfied, shall I pick out those things that a son does not want his mother to see the most?” *Drip?*

“This is my first meeting with Shirarase-san! Nice to meet you-ssu! Chii-ssu![3]”

The name of the woman at the half-destroyed reception counter was Shirarase. She looked very much like Shirase, or rather, there’s no doubt that she was the person herself, but she’s Shirarase.

“Then, once again. Welcome to the Adventurer Guild.” *Drip.*

“Thanks and please take care of us. So, umm......are you alright? You have been bleeding for a while now.”

“Please do not worry about it. This is only an act......And this me is an object, not a PC or NPC. Therefore there will be no PK penalty. The building object being possible to destroy is a bug, so please be at ease.”

“I-I see. I’m glad~......What a relief, mom.”

“Eh? Y-Yes, that’s right. So this means that in the battle of objects, the PC from NEC won the PK battle, something like that right?”[4]

“Well, yeah. For the time being, that’s fine. It’s an amazing feat.”

Object was generally something not that of a character, PC was player character, NPC was non-player character. He would have to give Mamako a supplementary lesson on those terms later.

“Then, without further ado, let me introduce the adventurers registered at this guild. Here.”

As Shirarase said that, she took out some documents. It was a bundle of thick parchment-style papers. Those sheets of paper numbered about a hundred or more.

“T-There are that many......?”

“This is only about one tenth of total. Since there is no limit to the number of party members, in order to let you choose the companions you like and gather them, the administrative team overworked themselves to make this. The number is planned to increase in future.”

“Really......erm, then, are all the companions NPCs?”

“Test players are also included in it. However, there are very few of them, so I wonder if you can consider it as a rarity.”

“This development is like trying your luck in gacha, huh......”

“The first floor of the building is under repair. Please use the private room on second floor for browsing. I will bring more documents later, so please take your time.”

Above the first floor of the guild which looked like the site after some gun barrage, they went to a private room at the back of the second floor that was somehow unaffected. Masato dumped the documents on the table with a loud sound, and sat down on the opposite side, facing Mamako.

To calm his nervous heart, he took a few deep breaths of the cool breeze that blew in from the window, and started the companion selection.

“Alright, it’s my turn. Let me, the MMORPG veteran, choose the most suitable companions. Is that fine, mom?”

“Of course. Mom is looking forward to which children Maa-kun will choose. Find a good girl.”

“W-Why are you saying that the candidate must be female......”

“But isn’t it supposed to be so? Since you will be living together from now on, experience a lot of things together, grow up together, you are looking for companions with that in mind, right? Mom thinks that this is the same as choosing your girlfriend or marriage partner.”

“Uu......that’s not really wrong, but......this is choosing companions. This is purely choosing companions. Un.”

But be it the face or body type, those would definitely reflect the preference of the chooser. Anyway.

Masato faced the documents. On the document, the adventurer’s name and profession, all the stats, and even a portrait of the actual person were recorded.

“The main criteria of judgement is the battle formation, huh......we have two physical attackers, so......first, one defender and one healer. One magic attacker, and also one support would be nice......ah, but there are also production professions......I want at least one person with item production to be my companion as well......let’s take seven members as benchmark and search......”

With profession as a guide, face and body as reference, including a little bit of personal preference, Masato started picking out potential people.

“Ooh, this seems good.”

Companion candidate one. Her name was [Rushiela]. Sixteen. Her profession was Heavy Cavalry. A defense specialized profession that could take on enemy attacks with one hand, but she had a skill that could convert a portion of damage taken into attack power, so it was possible for her to participate in attacks if need be.

Her portrait was also good looking. Steel armor donned on her slim body, a robust shield held by her thin fingers, a strong will hidden inside that dignified look......She gave off a pretty stubborn impression, but her cute side might come out after breaking that hard shell, a good talent that he could also expect a gap moe from.

“The next is......ooh, elf found!”

Companion candidate two. Her name was [Sarite]. Nineteen(Human age conversion). Her profession was Priestess. A recovery magic expert. Able to purify undeads. (TL note: A certain damegami: Pupu, still weaker than a Goddess like me!)

Bright-green robe wrapped her body, a pendant with Sacred Tree as motif attached to her hand......An elegant big sister was drawn in the portrait, despite it being a portrait, it showed a beautiful elf with gentle smile.

“Good, good, I’ve gathered some high-quality candidates. Next is......oh, naughty girl found!”

Companion candidate three. Her name was [Torino]. Fourteen. Her profession was Thief. She had support skill such as preemptive strike and party speed increase. Others included lockpicking skill.

She wore a tank top and short pants. Her exposure rate was also outstanding since she was lightly equipped. However, if she moved while being lightly equipped, he might be able to catch a glimpse from her armpit. He wouldn’t know where to look at.

“Alright, alright, catching a glimpse is also good. That skin color is also greatly welcomed......So, well, for now these will do.”

Masato lined up the three documents he picked, and checked them again. Party’s defense, recovery, and then support. He believed that the members necessary for battle had been nailed down.

“Ok, I have decided......Mom, we will make these three people our companions first. Please confirm them at least.”

“Oh well, they are all cute girls. Are they all Maa-kun’s preference?”

“You don’t have to make that kind of confirmation! It just happened naturally by chance! A coincidence!”

“Ufufu. Then mom will leave it at that.”

Mamako seemed to be convinced of something on her own and lightly clapped her hand.

“So then, next will be mom’s interview.”


Mom’s interview. Mamako seemed to have said that.

“An interview with mom. Since they are the girls that may even become Maa-kun’s girlfriend, mom has to properly greet them. Mom also want to know what kind of girls they are.”

“No, look here! I did not choose girlfriend candidates! They are only going to be companions!”

“Then you won’t get intimate with them to the point of becoming lovers during the adventure?”

“Guh......t-that’s uhh......”

It was not completely impossible, rather, he was even hoping for it a little, but he could not say it.

“Rather than that! This not what I meant! It’s about only those that passed mother’s inspection can become our companion, was there such a thing......!”

“It seems to be interesting, so let me infoform you that I will adopt the mother’s inspection system.”


Shirarase suddenly appeared in the room, holding additional documents and a set of OX signs.[5]

In a haste, mom’s interview was decided.

They readjusted the interior for the sake of the interview. Interviewer Mamako and witness Masato stood side by side and prepared the chairs at the opposite side of the table for interviewees. Then, it was finally time to begin.

“Since this is an interview with mom, mom will be asking the questions. Leave it to your mom.”

“I-I know already. Then I will rely on you for the strict inspection......Interviewee one, come in.”

The one being ushered into the room was companion candidate one, with her face and voice clearly uptight, the Heavy Cavalry Rushiela.

“Nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you. Then without further delay, do you have any hobbies?”

“My hobby is to take on the enemy’s favorite attack and return double the pain!”

“You seem to have a mentally twisted hobby......So then, where do you visit most often?”

“I often go the the fields with singular trash monsters that are weaker than me!”

“You seem to be an open bully......Then lastly, I wonder if you have heard of life plan. Things like what you want to become in the future, have you considered any of that?”

“I have considered to learn the skill that can reflect attack back to cause damage, making the enemy self-destruct!”

“I can only describe that as being devilish......I understand. Then, my judgement is......”

Maintaining a smile, Mamako......

Showed a X sign. Fail. Disqualified.

“Excuse me for being rude, but I wonder what this person thinks about human beings.”

“She has only said things that are normal for a defender role!?”

Even if that was the case, she was given an out in mom’s interview. Regrettable. Then, moving on to the next one.

Companion candidate two, with a moist smile that could heal mental fatigue, the beautiful elf Priestess Sarite.

“Nice to meet you. So, can I hear what Sarite-san’s hobby is? I wonder what you do normally.”

“I usually offer my prayer to our God on normal days. Three hundred times a day.”

“With six hours a day for sleep, even praying once every four minutes is not enough......Then, where do you visit most often?”

“I usually go to the churches located in various forests, and offer my prayers. Twenty places every day.”

“Time wise, it’s understandable that you spend most of it in churches......Then, what is your dream for the future?”

“I wish to have every person follow our God’s will and offer their prayers.”

“You can continue to pray anywhere you go. Thank you for your hard work, I can only say that to you.”

What was the judgement of Mamako, who showed a courtesy smile?

It was the X sign. Fail. Disqualified.

“Hey, mom!? Why is she disqualified!? She is an elf, and a Priestess at that......!”

“That is the problem. I have no intention to deny her freedom of religion, but......After becoming companions, if I receive ‘There is a good place nearby, do you want to come over?’ such an invitation, it will be a little......Mom is not good at refusing this kind of things, you see.”

“Uu......R-Regarding that point, I have to agree with it a little......”

It would be a little difficult for a non-religious person to be in contact with her, regrettably. Next one.

Companion candidate three, with a voice and body in a bouncy spirit, the naughty thief Torino.

“Chii-ssu! Nice ta meet ya!”

“So your hobbies......”

“My hobby is probably [pilfering]! One swipe, one steal! It’s very fun!”

“Places you often go are......”

“Black market! The commission fees are expensive, but I can buy almost anything!”

“Future plans are......”

“I probably want to steal something from the treasury in the royal castle! It’s a Thief’s dream, right!? Kyaha!”

“I see, I understand, disqualified.”

Mamako who was soon convinced immediately revealed a X sign.

“Well then, let’s go to the police together, alright?” *Clamp.*

“Ueeeeeeh!? My wrists are somehow restrained!? What’s with this mysterious strength!?”

Mamako was about to accompany Torino after capturing her. The strength of a mother, who would not forgive bad kids, was tremendous.

“Hey, mom! Calm down! Thief is not a problem! Even though they are thieves, it’s a normal job in games! This is a game after all!”[6]

“Even in a game, there are good kids and bad kids, right? Mom feels that it won’t be good if I don’t do this properly.”

“That’s true, but that’s not it! Listen to me first!”

After that, it took around thirty minutes to convince Mamako.

With that.

“Kuh, something like everyone being disqualified......”

“A profession that gives a better peace of mind is better. For example......Ah, that’s right! People like police officers, self defense force, how about choosing a companion like that!?”

“There is no such profession in a fantasy RPG! I beg you, please understand that this is a game!......Ah, whatever! Then I will pick out other members, please wait for a while!”

Adopting Mamako’s judgement criteria, there was hardly any person that could become their companion, but......even so, Masato desperately worked on the selection of candidates.

He flipped through the additional documents from Shirarase......And.

“......Nn? This one is......”

Masato suddenly stopped his hand. He read through the document in his hand carefully.

The recorded adventurer’s name was [Wise]. Female, fifteen.Her profession was actually Philosopher. It was an advanced profession that could freely use both black magic, which was the general term for attack magic, and white magic, which was the general term for recovery and support magic.

A short jacket with skirt, the girl clad in crimson outfit had a face brimming with confidence. Even though it was only a portrait.

“She seems to be quite good in terms of ability......attacks with magic, furthermore, recovery and support, seems to be able to contribute in all aspects.”

“Ah well, that seems incredible. She is a very excellent girl, isn’t that good?”

As Mamako peeked over from the side, she seemed to be interested at a glance.

“Err......with regards to mom, is profession that uses magic in the safe zone?”

“Of course it’s alright. Mom has always wanted to become a magician since young. Back then, there was a certain magical girl anime that was a big success. Mom was also seeing it in dreams.”

“I see I see. That will be helpful. Then since magic user is OK......is what I want to say, but......hmm?”

Masato’s eyes could not ignore one point.

“She has something written in the remarks column......【I will Chainspell[7] you with instant death magic if I am not picked!】 was written there. Uwa, she got a loose screw in her head.”

“It’s not nice to say that kind of things. Isn’t Philosopher-san great? To be able to use two kinds of magic. Her face also seems to be cute, I think that she is a wonderful girl.”

“Haa?......Ahh, it’s true that she has a proper-looking face, but I can’t say that she is cute......”

“It’s not to Maa-kun’s preference?”

“It’s not about that......her eyes. I can’t stand those eyes.”

The eyes of that girl in the portrait, those large and sharp hanging eyes......he was concerned about those eyes that seemed to be staring right at him .

“These eyes are no good. She definitely has an intense personality. She is the type that looks down on others, acting all bossy.”

“Nn, she does seem to be aggressive, and hard to deal with, but......I wonder if she may actually turn out to be a good girl after getting to know her.”

“No, no. Just her alone, it won’t be like that. This girl must have a brain no different from those regrettable fellows despite being a Philosopher. Shooting magic without consideration, blowing up even companions, buildings and terrain away with a laughter, also known as the [Doramata[8]] type. My hero instinct tells me so.”

“Hmm......If Maa-kun says so, I suppose that’s true......”

“Exactly. Therefore, this one is dismissed. Alright, good bye. Thanks for the hard work, Wise.”

He crushed Wise’s document into a ball, and *poi* threw it away.

(TL note: Yuudachi! Where are you poi?)

The crushed document fell on the floor, and he seemed to hear something like “You!?” on that beat, or felt something like that, but that was probably just his imagination. That would be impossible. No way.

“Now then, with that off the list, next is......oh, the long-awaited production profession found.”

Companion candidate four. Her name was [Porta]. Twelve. Her profession was Travelling Merchant. In addition to item production, she had very helpful support abilities such as appraisal and shop discount.

Her portrait showed a cute and fluffy girl. Her face with round pupils that seemed to be looking back was overflowing with innocence of youth.

“Fumu. Not bad......Considerable support skills, little sister-like existence......a good potential that I can nurture with care.”

“Ah well, she’s a cute girl. Then this will be the next girl for mom’s interview.”

“You are doing it after all huh......”


Before Masato and his mother was a twelve-year-old girl.

Her name was [Porta]. Her profession was Travelling Merchant.

A Travelling Merchant was not someone who open shops for business, they travelled around various places in the world, be it in a dungeon, underwater, or in the sky, inquiring on the local situations. They were people that would show up in any place and sell items for a living. Their trademark was a big and bloated shoulder bag.

Porta was hugging that bag tightly, and looked towards Masato and his mother with an extremely nervous face.

“N......NNNNice to meet youuu!”

“Yes, nice to meet you, too.”

“It’s alright, calm down. You don’t have to be that nervous.”


Despite telling her not to be nervous, she could not help it. Porta, who was desperately straightening her twelve-year-old back to show a proper appearance, was very cute. Cute.

“First, please give us a brief self-introduction.”

“Yes! I am Porta! A test player!”

“Ooh, player huh! Rare get!”

“Well! Porta-chan is also a test player!......Then, where is your mom?”

“M-My mom is it? That’s, umm......err......”

Receiving Mamako’s sudden question, Porta showed a seemingly troubled expression . However, she raised her face soon after.

“My mom is taking a break from the game due to work! I am travelling by myself, but I have gotten permission from the administration people, so it’s alright! There’s totally no problem!”

“Ah, that’s how it is. I wonder if Porta’s mom is very busy.”


Porta somehow seemed to be very desperate, so he was slightly concerned, but......Since the administration had allowed it, it should be fine. He would not ask about it.

“Ok. Then I will ask the next question. Are you prepared?”


Masato looked at Porta with a strict interviewer’s face, and carefully asked.

“First, please appeal to us how Porta can be useful. Since you are a merchant, doing business is your specialty, right?”

“Yes!......Erm......my profession is Travelling Merchant! Therefore, my basic skills will be triggered when buying things and staying in inns!”

“That’s wonderful! Porta-chan is a walking coupon!”

“Look here, mom. That’s certainly true, but please phrase that differently.”

“And, this is also a Travelling Merchant’s basic skill, I use party storage to manage the items my companions hold! You can keep a lot more items than normal!”

“Keep you say, could it be that Porta-chan will be holding them? Where?”

“Probably in that bag. I can feel that it is a magic item.”

“Yes! I received this from the First-time Privilege, an incredible Travelling Merchant only equipment!”

Porta tapped the bag she was hugging to let them see.

“This bag alone can store up to three hundred items! Items’ size and weight are not an issue! All your luggages can be left to me!”

“Well, incredible! You have a convenient storage tool......I feel sorry for myself who is still rejoicing from a futon compression bag.”

“Every year before summer, mom works up a sweat to pack the futon......”

“But Maa-kun has never helped me even a single time.”

“D-Don’t say that kind of thing......I will properly help from now on......”

A futon compression bag could squeeze the futon flat, so that it would take up less space to store more, it was really convenient. Leaving that aside.

“I now understand how profitable it will be to have a Travelling Merchant as a companion. But that’s not all there is, right? You have other skills written in the documents, don’t you?”

“Yes! I have learned the appraisal skill! I can know the name and effect of an obtained item immediately! I can also tell its price! And then, and then, I have remembered many item creation skills! I can make the necessary items myself!”

“That’s what I am looking for the most. Is it ok to assume that recovery items and support items will be a non-issue with Porta around?”

“Yes! Please leave them to me!”

Porta saluted respectfully, her crystal clear eyes brightened up as she looked straight forward. She’s a good girl. Very good. He would like to be something more than just a companion with her.


“Fumu. I have heard about Porta’s appeal points so far, but......let me be blunt, there are not only good points, right? There should also be negative aspects. Am I wrong?”

Masato asked with a mean interviewer face......I want to see that cute troubled face again, he could not deny that he was thinking about it a little.

However, Porta replied with her pure eyes without wavering.

“I have registered as a non-combatant! Therefore, I cannot fight!”

“I see......then you are totally out of combat force. There won’t be an increase in combatants huh......”

“But, but, for that part, I will manage your luggages and item production! I will try my best within my ability! You can tell me anything! I will work hard!”


Masato and Porta maintained eye contact for a while. Even so, Porta’s eyes were unwavered.

This girl is a good girl. A good girl without doubt. She’s clearly a good girl, not to mention having decent skills. On top of that, she’s even a rare test player.

Perfect without a single speck was exactly talking about her.

“Hey Maa-kun, it’s already enough. Mom has already decided, you know?”

Mamako had already raised the O sigh. *Pinpon pinpon.* Passed.

“Yeah. I have no objection......Then......”

“Porta-chan, I welcome you to be my daughter-in-law!”

“Yes! I will become your daughter-in-law!”

Porta became his bride. Atta boy. Loli bride honeymoon.

“Bring it on, but that’s not it!......Oi, mom! We are here to find companions! You better stop trying to find me a girlfriend or a bride!”

“T-That’s true, sorry!”

“Good. Then once again......Porta, will you become our companion?”

“Yes! I will do my very best! Please take care of me!”

Travelling Merchant Porta became their companion.

“Please take care of me from now on, Porta.”

“Please take care of me as well! Erm......Hero-sama! Hero’s mom-sama!”

“Hey hey. We are companions already, so that stiff way of calling is no good. It’s fine to call me [mom] or [Mama], you know? You can call Maa-kun as [Maa-kun].”

“Spare me from that. Call me Masato normally is fine. By the way, mom’s name is Mamako.”

“Then, I will call you Masato-san and Mama-san. Is that alright......?”

“Ok. Use a more flexible way of speech if possible, but we will probably become more familiar when we go on a journey together. Let’s do lots of companion-like things from now on.”

“Yes! I will work hard!”

She clenched her small hand and made a ‘work hard’ pose. What’s with this cute living thing. That cuteness drove Masato to knead Porta’s face on impulse. “Hau~! It’s twickrish!” “Mufufu. Isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine.” “Maa-kun......” “Hah!? Don’t look at me with those sad eyes!?” His desire exploding before his mother was a serious danger.

Well then.

“Now, let’s keep increasing our companions, just like that!”

“That’s right. Mom will also keep going with mom’s interview.”

“You will just disqualify them continuously if you do it, right......uuu, I’m already tired......I guess I will take a break. I will ask Shirarase-san to get us something to drink......”

As Masato stood up from his seat and started walking out, an unexpected *crunch* sound could be heard. “Hmm? I stepped on something?” He looked under his foot. He stepped on the balled-up document he had discarded.

In that moment.

“Ouuuuuuuuch! Oi, what are you doing you idiottttttt!”


The document he was trampling suddenly exploded, blowing Masato away and as he flipped back, he knocked his head against the table. “Hagh!?” Seriously painful. It was painful enough to make him lose his entire memory since infancy, but rather than that.

There was a silhouette in the smokescreen caused by the explosion. That trembling shape was closing in step by step with a force that seemed to pierce through the floor.

The figure belonged to a girl with a crimson jacket that had a geometric pattern weaved into it.

Large and sharp hanging eyes with a furious face, and a cheek with a shoeprint.

“Don’t fool around with me! I have been acting very maturely thus far! If you don’t stop that, I will really Chainspell you with instant deathl magic!? A dozen of spells will come at you, you know!?”

“A dozen means twelve times huh.”

“It will be Chainspell, so doubling that will be twenty-four times! Rather, why are you speaking so calmly!? Ah, whatever, so irritating!......I will properly return you the favor for doubting me! Give me a moment!”

The girl with a shoeprint on her face waved her hand and a thick dictionary-like book appeared, she flipped the pages and chanted.


It was an instant of brightness and floating sensation.


Masato landed with his butt on top of grass.

It was a grassland with short weed growing wildly. Fresh green carpet stretched on, while Kassan Town could be seen further ahead.

“Hah?......Can this possibly......mean that I have been transferred to a different place instantly......?”

“That’s how it is.”

A voice came from above his head. Looking up, a sole was coming down. It was on its way to step on his face.

He could’ve evaded it if he wanted to, but Masato did not evade.

“I knew she was this kind of a person the moment I saw her......my eyes were correct after all......”

This was, in other words, revenge.

She used magic to transform herself into a document. Looking back at the situation, she probably had intended to make a flashy appearance, then ask if she could become a companion or not. However, Masato just discarded it, furthermore, stepped on it, hence that “Don’t fool around with me!”.

Then it couldn’t be helped. He let her do it until she was satisfied.

Her sole accurately stepped on Masato’s face, slowly increased in pressure, pushing Masato’s head onto the grassy ground......He thought that she would grind him further, but it seemed like she wasn’t that kind of person.

The girl who landed on top of Masato’s face lightly closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Fuu......the wind feels pleasant......let me tell you one good thing.”

“......What can it be?”

“This place is my favorite spot.”

“Who knows. I don’t care about that kind of thing......Rather, you are satisfied already, right? Can you let me go with this much?”

“That’s true. Well, alright. Since I’m satisfied, I will let you go.”

The foot that was stepping on his face floated up and landed on grass.

Masato got up as a matter of fact, and just like he thought, the girl who was satisfied after paying him back was there. She folded her arms with a bossy attitude, feeling great delight from looking down on the sitting Masato. She was a takabisha[9] type after all.

Regarding her face, well, it could probably be grouped in the cute category......

“Her brain is a failure despite being a Philosopher, seems to be correct.”

The wind blowing past the grassland made her skirt flutter, he did not say anything and could see it peeking out under the fluttering skirt, but the person herself was totally unaware of it. Masato pretended not to see anything for the time being. He also did not point it out.

The girl showing a victorious face and a glorious whiteness hummed with her nose, she was clearly in a good mood. (TL note: What else can that whiteness be? It’s exactly what you are thinking.)

“Fuun. You accepted the stepping in a fairly adult manner. I can praise you for that resolute attitude.”

“Thanks......So? What do you want me to do after bringing me here?”

“I am thinking about that now. I am seriously thinking about what to do from here now.”

“What’s with that......”

“Shut up. It’s your fault......I did not just teleport you here without thinking anything. As I was going to pay you back, I thought that you would definitely resist, so I brought you to a place that would not trouble those around and used magic to fly down and step on your face till you’re half-dead.”

“You’re really willful.”

“Despite that, you acted like an adult and let me step on you. Thanks to you, my plans are all ruined. Geez......well it’s fine......then I will take it as all gone according to plan.”

The Philosopher girl lightly closed her eyes, enjoying the comfortable wind.

“Fuu......the wind feels pleasant......this place is my favorite spot.”

“Like I said, I don’t know. I seriously don’t care about that.”

“Not caring is no good, isn’t it!? Just think about it a little!......Two people meeting at my favorite place. A gentle atmosphere......this is the kind of situation where an important talk will happen!”

“Don’t just go and make one situation or another to begin with. If you have something to say, then say it quickly. Make haste I say, make haste......Basically you want to become our companion. This is the reason why you did this. Am I correct?”

“Guh......w-well, simply speaking, that’s the case......”

“Then say it quickly. I will properly listen to it. Hey, sit down first.”

Masato tapped the ground and urged the girl on. She was in a bad mood, but still bent down her waist. She sat right next to Masato. “......A-Aren’t you a little too close?” “Y-You are the one who told me to sit here!” They adjusted themselves to a suitable distance.

While looking at the distant town, sher started started the conversation light-heartedly.

“My profile is already written in the document, but I will at least make a self-introduction......I am Wise. My profession is Philosopher. The grimoire with power increase passive that I received from First-time Privilege is my standard equipment. Attack, recovery or support, leave it all to me as long as it’s about magic. Nice to meet ya.”

“Thanks for the politeness. I’m Masato. Profession is warrior......well uh, I am more or less a hero. I am an anti-air sword specialized attacker. Nice to meet ya.”

“Puft. A hero, so laughable.”

“They selfishly decided that! Leave me alone!......Then, just to mention, I am a test player, but since you received the First-time Privilege, I assume you are also one?”

“That’s how it is. I’m a fifteen-year-old JK test player. Ah, that’s right. Want to see my number card? It can prove that I’m a Japanese immediately.”

“Enough with the personal information.”

“OK, I will stop.”

With such a light-hearted feeling, the greeting was done.

“Getting back on topic......you, how much do you know about the current situation?”

“Situation you say, do you mean about us being here right now? For the time being, I know that we have been put inside a game, but......as for why my mom has come along also, I still have some doubts......King-sama and mom won’t tell me.”

“Then let me tell you.”

Wise lightly exhaled, and told him in a serious tone.

“Why have our mothers accompanied us......that’s because, this game is MMMMMORPG, so......in other words, [Mama no、 Mama ni yoru、 Mama no tame no、 Mama to、Musuko moshikuwa Musume ga、Ōini nakayoku naru tame no、RPG] is the reason!”

(TL note: Mama’s, with Mama, for Mama’s sake, Mama and son/daughter, to get along better, RPG)

Exactly. That was the true nature of the game Masato was transported to. The astonishing truth came to light here!

However, it was impossible for Masato to show an astonished reaction.

“No, what are you saying? You fooling around?”

“I am not fooling around! The ones fooling around are those who thought of this! I am telling you the truth, so just listen to me! Or else I will Chainspell instant death magic and resurrection magic on you, you know!? I’m going to kill you, revive you, then repeat it for as long as my magic lasts, you hear!?”

“If in the end I get resurrected, then I think it’s fine, but......I understand. I will properly listen, so continue your story.”

Wise recollected herself, and continued speaking with a meek face.

“This game was made for the sake of having parents and children adventure together and become more intimate. Hence the parents and children are transported together as a group, and then go on an adventure together......I don’t know how exactly was this game made and the details regarding it, but......I have confirmed one thing.”


“You cannot return to the original world if you don’t satisfy the clear condition of this game.”

“Oi oi, you serious? I never heard about this rule......Then, what is the clear condition?”

That condition was?

“For parent and child to become more intimate.”

Wise spoke as if letting out a sigh. Don’t joke with me.

Masato understood that feeling well.

“Oi oi oi oi! What the heck is that clear condition! I don’t get its meaning! The one who thought of it must have a loose screw in his head! It can’t possibly be that kind of game!”

“Good grief! Me too, when I was suddenly brought here and mama told me about this, I was so astonished that I went white-eyed! Even my snot dripped out!”

“No, dripping out is no good. Value yourself more, JK.”

“I wiped it later, so I’m safe.”

If an actual JK said so herself, well, then she’s safe.

“To what extent should we become more intimate before we clear it is not known......but, well, it would probably be an easy clear for some mothercon who goes on an adventure with his mother.”

“I have no idea who you are talking about.”

“However, a mother with a bad relationship to her child is the worst. It’s absolutely impossible to clear. A million percent impossible.”

“For example......like some Philosopher?”

He asked based on his hunch, and Wise just shrugged her shoulders. She let her breath out in the wind in a self-mocking manner.

“I also went on a journey with my mama at first. Along the way, we had a big quarrel, then I was all by myself. My mama is the worst......more importantly, in the first place, playing a game with parents is just impossible, right? It’s not possible no matter how you think about it, right?”

“That’s, well......me too, ‘Seriously, spare me from that’ is what I thought......”

“Thanks to that, it became impossible for me to clear. I become trapped in this world like a pitiful princess. Fufun. Princess.”

“No matter how I look at you, I can clearly tell that you are not a pitiful princess, so don’t you dare to say that.”

“It’s all just a figure of speech. This guy is really driving me mad.”

“So why would you want to become my companion......aah, could it be......you want to hitch a ride back to the original world when me and my mother clear it, something like that?”

He asked based on his hypothesis, Wise malignantly laughed. This person was an evil person.

“Say, your mother looks like a really gentle and good person, doesn’t she? Therefore, I am thinking about becoming your mother’s daughter, then clear this and return. That is my battle plan.”

“You becoming mom’s daughter......in other words, a stepdaughter......eh, oi, wait. That would mean......?”

Wise and Masato would get married, then she would call Mamako ‘Mother-in-law(mom)’?

That would happen, right?

The two stared at each other for a while before “Wait!?” Wise manifested the thick grimoire and slapped Masato’s cheek. “Bash property damage!?” It was a magic profession’s physical attack, and yet, it was still very painful. There was quite an amount of damage.

“D-Don’t think about stupid things! It’s not something like that, there is the method of adoption, right!? Even so, you and I would be siblings! That’s all!”

“O-Ohh, that’s right. There’s adoption......I also refuse to have a magician bride with strong striking power......”

“I also don’t want to become the bride of a mothercon guy! Hmph!”

I am not a mothercon, though. Not mothercon.”

It was an important matter, so he properly emphasized it.

“Fumu......in any case, I understand your issues and the battle plan.”

“Then stop wasting time and make me your companion already. I will give it my all to butter up to your mama. I will act like a super cute girl that anyone would want as a daughter. Guhehe.”

“Saying such schemes so openly......”

It already looked like a failure flag at that point of time. He could not help but feel a premonition of Wise’s battle plan failing.

Masato had another thought instead.

“......Hey, can I just say one thing?”

“If it’s just one thing, then I can listen. Make it short.”

“Then I will be blunt......Can’t you just reconcile with your mom?”


It was a very simple thing.

Wise separated with her mother due to a quarrel. Hence she could not return to the original world. Then the two would be fine if they just reconcile. Any of them saying first would be fine. Just saying “Sorry” would suffice. He believed that they could somehow manage it.

Exhaling out a deep breath mixed with anger, Wise spoke unhappily.

“That’s unreasonable. It’s obviously unreasonable. It’s impossible for me and mama to reconcile......Don’t stick your nose into other’s family matters. That’s an annoyance to me.”

After saying that, Masato could only withdraw. Digging deeper was taboo.

“So, what will it be? Will you let me in as a companion? You will, right? You won’t say something like “I don’t know what my mama would say~”, right? Uwah, disgusting.”

“I never said that.”

“Then make up your mind already. Hey, faster.”

“Let’s see......”

Honestly speaking, Masato could not agree with Wise’s battle plan.

On the other hand, if he considered it from the point on making a party, then how would it turn out to be? He confirmed that Wise could use magic as a Philosopher. Attack, support, recovery, he could expect a wide range of activities from her. If he could give his all and endure her personality and human nature, she would be a welcoming companion to some extent.

He also felt that if he was going to play the game with someone, then having someone from the same age group would be better after all.

At least, having detailed information regarding this world was a strong point to Masato.

Other people’s parent-child issues were their own business. If he could ignore her habit of interrupting others, then the answer was already clear.

“Haa......it can’t be helped. I suppose that having you come along will be fine for now?”

“This means that you are saying ‘I absolutely want this cute Philosopher-sama as my companion!’, right? Fufun. You have pretty good eyes. Alright, I will become your companion, so show me your gratitude.”

“What’s with that statement?”

“Originally, I was supposed to show up with style while you were in the middle of choosing companions and say that, but I guess it’s fine. Since I got to say it here, I’m satisfied.”

“Steering it in the ‘according to plan’ direction unreasonably......well, it’s fine. So then, here.”

Masato raised his hand. He was asking for a handshake as a sign of becoming companions.

Wise stared at that hand, then slowly stretched out her hand as if she were quite embarrassed......Wise and Masato’s hands touched......Right before touching.

The ground shook violently.

Let’s rewind back to several minutes before that talk.

On the second floor of the Adventurer Guild, in the room where Masato suddenly disappeared. Several Magicians appeared from a Magic Circle, and searched the floor and walls thoroughly. However, they could not find what they were looking for. Shirarase, who was commanding the Magicians to investigate, turned around and shook her head in disappointment.

They were trying to find out what had happened, but it turned out to be a waste of time. Shirarase sighed at the predicted result, then told Mamako.

“......I’m sorry. In view of privacy protection, we didn’t implement a system that could trace a test player’s activities and location at all times......we are unable to determine your son’s whereabouts.”

“Is that so......I understand. I apologize for bothering you. Thank you all for helping.”

The Magicians left with bitter faces. After sending them off, Mamako let out a heavy sigh, and stood at the spot where her son was just a while ago.

Next to the standing Mamako, Porta timidly walked up closer. She did not know what to say, but even so, at least if she could cheer her up......As Porta looked at her with her desperate, yet encouraging face, Mamako hugged her.

“It’s alright. Maa-kun is fine.”

“Yes! I also think so! Since Masato-san is a hero!”

“Yes, that’s right. Unlike me, although his normal attack is a single target single attack, he will definitely be fine.”

“S-Saying that that’s normal makes him sound like an ordinary person though......but it’s Masato-san we are talking about!”

“That’s right. Not to mention he’s my son. He will definitely be fine!”

Mamako declared so clearly, but her expression did not brighten up.

“However......how should I put it, I can’t explain it well, but......Something bad is going to happen, that’s what I am feeling......”

“Something bad......d-don’t tell me, Masato-san will be attacked by monster!?”

“Hmm, it’s a little different than that, I suppose. Not like that, but more like this......rather, I feel that something bad for me will happen.”

“For Mama-san, is it?”

“What exactly is it, I wonder......Something bad for me......Aah, that’s it.”

Mamako suddenly thought of something.

“What if......Maa-kun left mom alone and become more intimate with someone else, then that would be something really bad for me.”

“Eh? I-Is that so?”

“Maa-kun is now having an adventure to become more intimate with mom. Despite that, if he becomes more intimate with someone else, leaves mom’s side and travel with that person, then mom will be very lonely. I will definitely cry.”

“Erm......I-I think that Mama-san crying is not good......”

“I cannot leave it like this. We must find Maa-kun quickly!”

However, did she have any way of doing so? How were they going to find Maa-kun?

At that time, Shirarase murmured while pondering.

“......The possibility is low, but there may be one method.”

“Is that true!? Please tell me how to do it......no, please infoform me!?”

“Of course!” *Flash!*

Hearing Mamako’s words, Shirarase’s eyes changed color. Since if one speak of infoform, it would be her.

“Listen well, Mamako-san......the decisive factor of this game is the bond between parent and child. First you need to believe. Strengthen the bond between Masato-kun and Mamako-san.”


“Following that, Porta-san. Please hand over Holy Sword of Mother Earth Terra di Madre to Mamako-san.”

“Y-Yes! Here!”

Porta opened her shoulder bag, took out the burning-colored sword from Mamako’s luggage that she kept inside, and offered it to Mamako.

“Now, Mamako-san. Raise your sword, and call out to the earth......Mother Earth is a mother as well. Noticing Mamako’s feelings, it should respond to your wish.”


“Yes......Probably!” *Side glance.*

“I understand! Even if it’s a chance, I will believe!”

Mamako raised the sword with her hand and prayed.

“O great Mother Earth ......if you are also a mother, you must understand my feelings......I do not intend to interfere in my son’s relationship with his friends......that is also an important matter, but I just want to tell him to become more intimate to me......if you understand this feeling, please tell me Maa-kun’s location!”

Mamako swung her sword down together with her wish.

Then, in a part of the grassland outside the town, faraway from the window’s direction, the earth trembled *Zugon!* abnormally, lifted and shot up into the sky. A tower of earth was made in an instant.

On the two sides of it, two grain-sized figures were blown off into the air. They seemed to have been forcefully torn apart.

“Aah!? That’s Masato-san! The one that is somersaulting with incredible rotation is Masato-san! I have the appraisal skill, so my eyes are definitely not mistaken!”

“Hohou, you have really done it. Even I am astonished. ”

“Well well, he’s at such a place......Ufufu, what is it, I wonder. I feel that I have won a very important battle just now.”

Mamako felt like she had defeated an enemy(?).

Finding the location of her missing son, furthermore, interrupting any situation on scene single-sidedly, she had learned the support skill【Mother’s fang】.

“Please inform me immediately if something happens! Then, please excuse me!”

The guard saluted diligently, then walked away while his metal armor made *clang clang* sounds.

Mamako turned to the girl again, after sending the guard off with a light bow.

“You should be......the Philosopher Wise-chan, right?”

“Yes, mother. I am the Philosopher Wise.”

Wise got down on her knee and lowered her head politely on the spot.

“I have followed the prophecy received from the king of spirits, who knows everything in the world, and came to be invited by the hero to accompany him on his journey. Please, allow me to be everyone’s companion, no, even better, as mother’s daughter. Let me stay by your side.”

“Well well, thank you for the politeness......But do you know, Wise-chan?”

“What might it be, mother?”

“You don’t have to force yourself to be polite. I have already heard your ‘Don’t fool around with me!’ roars. You can just speak like usual, you know?”

“N-No, that’s a misunderstanding, mother. Since I have the Philosopher profession, people have the impression of me being inflexible, I have used such rough words in order to avoid that......”

“Oh is that so? Philosopher-san also has a lot of troubles.”

“It is exactly as you say......As such, mother. Please bring this polite, well-behaved, clear-headed, pretty Philosopher along as mother’s daughter.”

“Hmm, I do feel like doing so, but......Maybe it’s a little difficult......”

“W-Why is that so!?”

“Because Wise-chan has been arrested.”

Wise was on the other side of the iron bars. “Right. Ahaha......*Sniff*......Uwaaaaaaaan!” Wise bawled. Wise was in detention after being arrested.

In the underground prison of Kassan Town. After crying for a long time in the prison, Wise looked down as if everything was over.

She pretended so, then rushed to the iron bars with a furious force, and barked at Masato who was glancing at her with a carefree look.

“This isn’t right! Hey, isn’t this strange!? Why am I arrested!?”

“It seems that you are judged to have committed attempted PK on me.”

“Hah!? You’re lying, right!?”

PK was about killing a player, and attempts of doing so. In other words, Wise was in the state of attempting to kill Masato.

“Is that the case, Shirarase-san?”

“Yes. The data left behind indicated that Wise-san’s attack has reduced Masato-kun’s HP to fatal condition......Masato-kun is still level 1, and not wearing any protective gear, even a magic profession’s physical attack can easily prove to be fatal.”

“That’s the case. It was about ‘that’ back then.”

“So it was ‘that’ back then huhhhh......B-But! We shook hands and became companions, didn’t we!? It was a really good feeling! So I should avoid the penalty because of the establishment or something! Won’t that be good!?”

“Hmm, well, I do feel like doing that, but......”

Unfortunately, due to his mother’s skill, their exchange of promise was not established, but Masato and Wise’s intention of becoming companions was not wrong. It was clear that neither of them held any enmity against each other. It was fine to follow along Wise’s wish.

However, he decided to wait instead. He had a few things to say.

“Wise-chan. Can you spare me a moment?”

“What do you want now!?......Ah, not that, w-w-what do you need, mother Mamako-sama!?”

“I have heard from Maa-kun about your plan. So I thought about it......after all, you should not have these strange ideas and honestly reconcile with your mom......”

“That’s absolutely unreasonable!”

“Don’t say something like that......okay? Please give it a little thought.”

“Unreasonable is just unreasonable! Impossible! Reconciling with that worst kind of person is not possible! Compared to reconciling with mama, destroying this world would be much easier!”

“Oi wait. At such times, shouldn’t you say ‘Dying is much easier’ instead?”

“Hah? Why do I have to die? That would make me look like I’ve lost to mama! That’d definitely piss me off!......I will become the one to survive until the end! And I will use any means necessary to make my plan work! Kukuku, hah hah hah!”

She said so as she showed an evil face.

“Having the vigor to survive gives you a high rating. Throwing your life away easily when you encounter something you hate is not good.”

“Yeah! I am that kind of girl! I am a wonderful girl that firmly holds my faith to go against mama in my heart! That’s why, so......aah, whatever, all that goody two-shoes act is too troublesome so I will be blunt, make me Mamako-san’s daughter! Please! I beg of you!”

Wise clasped her hands together and lowered her head. She was a Japanese Philosopher who was familiar with Japan’s manners.

Despite being treated like a goddess/buddha Mamako-sama, Mamako did not accept it.

“No. I cannot let Wise-chan become my daughter.”

“Please find a way......!”

“However, I will gladly welcome you to be our companion and adventure together.”

“Hah?......Erm......what does that mean?”

“Now, I wonder what that means......Does Maa-kun understand?”

“Well I can more or less imagine it. In short, first we will bring this fellow along, then face this fellow’s mother during our journey, and act like busybodies to make them reconcile, right?”

“Great answer. Mom and Maa-kun are really mother and son after all. We read each other’s minds.”

“W-Wait a moment! What’s with that! I didn’t ask for that! If that’s how it’s going to be, then I will retract my request! I won’t become your companion!”

“Ah, is that so? Then it’s a pity, we will separate here.”

“Do your best with the attempted PK movement restriction penalty.”

“Regarding the penalty, it is experimental, so we used the actual criminal law as reference to set it up. It will be a fifteen year detention, please take care.”

“Ueeeeeeeeeeeeh!? That’s too longggggggggg!?”

According to Japan’s criminal law, the penalty for bodily harm was [Imprisonment for fifteen years or less or a fine of five hundred thousand yen or less].

If Wise did not want to receive the penalty, she could only choose to accept.

“Kuh......in that case, I have no choice but to accept your conditions, don’t I......”

“I will only meddle a little. I will not do something like forcibly order you to reconcile. That’s how it will be, alright?”

“Gunununu......however, that’s......!”

Mamako tried to persuade Wise with her youthful, but full of motherhood smile. However, Wise still seemed to be unwilling to take that step. She needed one more push, something was necessary. In that case.

“Listen, Wise.”


“If we have your wonderful magic, it would help us a lot. Therefore, I think that on the account of your assistance, this is one......”

“You’re saying that my strength is crucial to you, right!? Fufun! If you say it like that, then it can’t be helped! I understand! I will become your companion!”

“Good grief, what an easy fella......Then, please take care of me from now on.”

By showing a little admiration for her, she was so easily baited that it was funny.

Philosopher Wise became their companion.

Masato and co left the prison after adding Wise as their companion. They walked down the street that was bathed in the orange color from the setting sun.

“Geez......this is totally different from my plan......why is this......”

“This is because you don’t have the actual strength to carry out your plan. What a regrettable Philosopher you are.”

“You there, shut up! You are also just a useless hero who has no power to decide! Even in terms of firepower, Mamako-san is better, right!? Mamako-san is the one who invited me to be a companion in the end! You pretty much didn’t do anything!”

“Guh......d-don’t say it like that......I’m also secretly concerned about it......even though I just thought that I shouldn’t be the one to take the stage back then......” *Gusun.*

“Don’t worry. Mom has understood Maa-kun’s feelings and just spoke out for you. We read each other’s minds.”

They chatted as they walked.

Shirarase suddenly stopped.

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I am sorry, but I will excuse myself here. Regarding Oosuki family’s progression, and also Porta-san and Wise-san’s situation, I have to, more or less, give a report to my superiors.”

“Ah well, you have to carry out your duty from now? Work is very tiring, isn’t it?”

“Totally. But it’s for my family’s living expenses. Now then......ah, before that......Wise-san, and Porta-san as well, can I have a bit of your time? I have some things I must tell you two.”

“Eh? If it’s lecturing, then please spare me.”

“Y-Yes! What could it be!?”

Facing towards the unenthusiastic Wise and the attentive Porta, Shirarase told them their problems.

“I think you should understand without me having to repeat myself, in regards to the treatment of you two, you are test players who have been specially allowed to remain in this world. Please don’t forget that.”

“Yes! I won’t forget!”

“Yes yes, I got it. I got it already.”

“Especially for Wise-san, please learn from the behaviors of Mamako-san and Masato-kun as parent and child. I believe that you need to work hard to repair your own parent-child relationships. Are we clear?”

“......I hate that kind of thing......who would do it with that stupid mother......”

“Did you say something?”

“Noo. Ok ok I got it, I will work hard.”

“Good grief......you don’t seem to understand anything at all, but......considering the extra time and effort I may need to spend on my job due to this JK, I will excuse myself.”

Saying her honest feelings with a serious face, Shirarase went away. “T-That person is too honest......” “I think that she is amazing, in various ways.” Masato and co smiled wryly as they sent her off.

Now then.

“So? What will we do from now on?”

“It’s already evening, mom has to make dinner already.”


“Where you ask, that’s of course in the kitchen of our home......”

“We are currently in the middle of a fabulous adventure inside the game. There is no such thing as home or the like.”

“Ah, that’s right! We are currently adventuring!......Then, erm......”

Mamako immediately checked the guide book, then *bling* found it.

“Let’s stay at an inn! It’s been a long time since mom had been to overseas! Mom can feel her heart pounding!”

“I don’t think overseas is the correct way to say it, but well, that’s true. We should look for an inn first.”

“Where can the inn be......as for mom, it’s alright to skip making dinner, but mom will properly make the breakfast.”

“Shouldn’t you let people at the inn make breakfast? That should be more fun, right?”

“No. Mom cannot yield on that. Mom will properly prepare the meals, even if this is inside of a game. Maa-kun must also properly eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Health management from meals. That was the true essence of a housewife mother. Mamako insisted on that.

“Regarding that, it would be nice if there was a place that could let mom borrow the kitchen......”

“That’s a difficult request......but leave it to me. As a hero, I will display my leadership here and lead us to the best inn......!”

“Umm, please hear me out! There is an inn that meets Mama-san’s wish! I know, because I have been in this town the whole time! I will guide everyone to the inn that provides dinner and lends out kitchen in the morning!”

“That will be a great help! Porta-chan is really reliable!”

“On the other hand......this hero here didn’t do anything. Puu, laughable.”

“Kuh! But I won’t give up! Next time, next time it will be me!”

I will shine brightly just like that first star!......Masato looked up to the evening sky with a tearful face.

At that time, Porta showed a clouded expression.

“Ah, but......the inn which I introduced only has double rooms, I think it will be a little difficult to decide on how to share the rooms......”

Room sharing. Who would stay with who in a room......who would stay with who in the same room overnight.

At the sudden problem, the one man three women party stopped on the spot.

“Without a doubt, Maa-kun will be sharing room with mom, right?”

“Hohou? Asking me to die? I firmly refuse.”

“Then let me stay in the same room with Mamako-san! I will act as a filial daughter and butter up to her as much as possible! I would even use illusion magic! Kekeke!”

“Stop with that mini-demon-like laughter.”

“Mom does not mind sharing the room with Wise-chan......however, if that were to happen......”

If Mamako and Wise share the room, inevitably, the remaining Masato and Porta would have to share a room.

“Mom’s a little worried......Maa-kun also seems to be quite interested in Porta-chan......and Porta-chan is......”

“I will make myself useful to Masato-san! You can tell me anything! I will do anything!”

“This kind of feeling, so......Mom is worried if they will make a mistake......”

“What are you saying, My Mother. Please, believe in your gentleman son.”

“Of course mom believes in you. Because Maa-kun does not have the courage to assault a cute girl sleeping defenselessly next to him.”

“I don’t want that kind of trust......” *Shobon.* (TL note: (´・ω・`) face)

“But that’s only a what if scenario, so let’s do this instead.”

Mamako walked closer to Porta, then hugged her from behind.

“Porta-chan will share the room with mom. It’s a rare chance, so let’s sleep on the same bed. Okay?”

“Y-Yes! I am grateful! Ehehe.”

Mamako and Porta had decided to share a room.

“That means......?”

“That means......?”

The remaining Masato and Wise, who were staring at each other vacantly, would be sharing a room......

1 Mackerel – 鯖(さば) has the same pronunciation as server in Japan. Gaming terminology slang used by Japanese players.

2 Infoform – In the text, the original Shirase(白瀬) and shirase(知らせ) was the pun from back then. Here, the NPC name is Shirarase(シララセ) and the pun continues with an extra ra to become shirarase(知ららせ).

3 Chii-ssu – An informal way of saying hi in Japan, often used between buddies or underling towards boss. On a side note, the ending with -ssu is also a form of showing an underling-boss relationship.

4 Mamako has linked terms such as PC, NPC, object into what she is familiar with. It most likely referred to the NEC PC competition. http://www.giantbomb.com/nec-pc-9801/3045-112/characters/

5 OX sign – two sign boards with a circle and a cross respectively. Raising circle will mean pass or true, raising cross will be fail or false.

6 The first Thief refers to the job シーフ(Thief), while the second thieves refers to the criminals 盗賊(bandit/thief).

7 Chainspell – The original kanji is 連続魔, it is a skill in FFXI. http://ffxiclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Chainspell

8 Doramata - ドラまた. The second nickname of Lina Inverse, it is called “Dragon spooker” in english. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Inverse

9 Takabisha - 高飛車. One category of moe personality. Think of it as a Tsundere, but never going full dere on you until the end. Examples: Kashiwazaki Sena, Kousaka Kirino, Kunitachi Rinka.

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