Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 12 - I'm Heading to Your House

Chapter 12: I’m Heading to Your House

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Song Yu could never imagine that Yu Qianyin, who had never cooked before bankruptcy, would ever get used to the lifestyle of a typical housewife.

“Stop hanging around here. It’s greasy and smelly. Go out and chat with Mr. Song. Song Yu, stay around and help.” Yu Qianyin chased one away and kept the other around.

Jian Yi smiled and glanced at Song Yu before he heading out.

Yu Qianyin grabbed Song Yu and whispered in her ear, “You need to make it clear to me today. What do you think about Jian Yi? Do you like him?”

“Mom, can you not?” Song Yu said. Her face was flushed.

Yu Qianyin knew her daughter well. She could tell Song Yu was into Jian Yi by her reaction.

Yu Qianyin was raging at Song Yu’s cowardice. She poked her head and said, “Look at yourself! If you like someone, you have to go for it instead of waiting for him to come after you. If that’s your approach, the dinner will turn cold! You’ve been passive ever since you were little. You weren’t bothered when Qi Chengji fell in love with someone. On the contrary, you supported him! Now, you’re doing the same thing with Jian Yi. If Jian Yi gets sick of waiting and goes for someone else instead, what’re you going to do?”

“There aren’t many good men around. The competition for a good man is going to be fierce. If one appears, a bunch of women will pounce at him like hungry tigers while you’re still dawdling about! All you know is work and more work! If you’re always so busy, when will you have the time to date? How many men would like a woman who only cares about her career?”

“Mom, I got a call. Let me pick it up!” Song Yu quickly took out the ringing phone from her pocket.

Yu Qianyin was so angry that she expanded more energy while stir-frying, causing a loud clattering sound as the spatula hit the wok.

“Hello.” Song Yu picked up the call.

“Hey, it’s me, Qi Chengzhi.”

Song Yu was stunned. She did not ask why he had her number. It was simple—Luo Yushu had it.

The sound of the kitchen hood was too loud, hence she stepped out.

“Young Master Cheng.”

“I’ve taken a look at your design proposal. The idea is good, but I need to discuss some areas with you. Are you available right now? I’m heading to your company 1 .” Over the phone, Qi Chengzhi sounded composed.

“This…” Song Yu looked at the door behind and asked, “Is it okay if we talk over it tomorrow?”

“I have an appointment with Guanyu’s architect tomorrow. By the day after we will have the meeting to discuss whose design we are going to use.”

“…” It meant that there would be no other time other than tonight. If she could not answer Qi Chengzhi’s questions, any flaw in the proposal could cause her to lose the bidding opportunity.

“I will head back now,” said Song Yu.

Qi Chengzhi hung up and began to hum happily. ” There’s no need to be obsessed with me, as I’m just a legend. I’ve never felt lonely because you’re always there with me. 2

While humming, he called someone. “Changju, how about we have an artificial snow show tonight?”

Song Yu returned home and hesitated to enter the kitchen. “Mom…”

“What’s up?” Yu Qianyin could tell that Song Yu had something to say just by looking at her behavior.

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