Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 26 - It Is Futile for Some People to Work Hard

Chapter 26: It Is Futile for Some People to Work Hard

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“I’ll tell you once more, I’ll never let my personal life interfere with the decisions I make at work. Even if I slept with you this morning, I wouldn’t give you the business simply because we slept. As for the insults directed at me, I don’t want to hear them coming out of your mouth again.”

Song Yu spoke with a low voice, “I’m sorry.” Her face was ghostly pale.

Qi Chengzhi stiffened his lips for a long time before he spoke coldly, “Get out of my car!”

Song Yu did not say a word. She unbuckled the seatbelt with a lowered head, opened the door and got off.

The moment the door closed the Range Rover sped away.

Song Yu let out a sigh. Fortunately, she was dropped off in the city, she could then order a cab back home.

Back home, she took her pajamas to the bathroom for a shower and saw Qi Chengzhi’s briefs hanging on the hook.

No other man had ever stayed overnight other than Qi Chengzhi.

There was something she could not figure out. He wore briefs that morning when he left, it was highly unlikely that he brought a spare everywhere he went?

Song Yu seemed to have come around to something. With a straight face, she grabbed the briefs and chucked it into a bin.

After the incident, she had not heard from Qi Chengzhi. No decision was made on Qilin’s end about who was awarded the leisure hotel contract.

The news would definitely spread within the circle if it was known.

Song Yu was kept on her toes as they parted on bad terms the last time they met. She was afraid to call Qi Chengzhi.

When she got to the office that morning, she bumped into Ruan Danchen at the entrance. The two joked and laughed along the way to the office.

Ruan Danchen was curious. “What’s with the commotion? Manager Wang from the engineering department is also here.”

In addition to Manager Wang from the engineering department, Xiao Chen from the sales department was there too.

Ruan Danchen whispered, “Could it be that we won the Qilin business?”

Xiao Chen’s expression was unnatural and sympathetic when he saw Song Yu. Song Yu felt that something was off.

“Aye, Song Yu! You’re here!” Taking the steps in her stiletto, Wang Liwei swayed her hips as she walked toward Song Yu. She greeted Song Yu with unprecedented warmth and a fake smile that was brought to the next level.

“Heh, it’s all thanks to you that Qilin awarded the seven-star hotel contract to us! I’m just about to head over to Qilin with Manager Wang and Xiao Chen to sign the contract.” Wang Liwei beamed proudly. “I really have to thank you for landing me the opportunity to design a seven-star hotel. I will buy you dinner tonight!”

“What do you mean? What do you mean that it’s all thanks to Song Yu and what do you mean by you’re designing? Song Yu is the one who won the business, why are you the one going to sign the contract?”

“What does this mean? Well, it is what it is. This business belongs to me now.” Wang Liwei sneered. “That’s why it’s futile for some people to work hard. In the end, what she does is only paving the path for others but she reaps no benefit. Hehe.”

“Didn’t you tell me to sleep with Luo Yushu to see if I can score this business? I didn’t need to do that and now this business is mine.” Wang Liwei beamed in high spirits. She glanced at her watch. “Well, no time for more chatter. We’re going to be late. Manager Wang, let’s go!”

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