Tyranny of Steel

Chapter 1221 Lawrence Of Arebia

Chapter 1221 Lawrence Of Arebia

The winds were changing, and over the last few years, many changes had come to the Arabian Peninsula. German oil companies had made their way into the region after Emperor Alexandros Palaiologos sold the mineral and oil rights of the land to the Reich.

But perhaps the man most bewildered by these vast and sudden changes were the native Bedoin tribes, among which was a noticeably European man. Though his skin had been kissed by the sun above, after years of exposure. The features of this man were clearly English.

It was none other than the previous King Lawrence Lancaster, who had ruled over the English throne during the days prior to the Catholic Church's last crusade. The man had abandoned everything after witnessing his army so spectacularly massacred by the German Reichsgarde within the Sinai Peninsula, and as far as the rest of the world was concerned, he had died a long time ago.

Yet in this foreign land he had found himself accepted by the locals, and had even converted to Islam, where he now lived the life as a desert nomad with his four Arabian wives. He had hoped by doing this that he would never have to see the German army ever again in his life.

But were the ambitions of the von Kufstein dynasty so miniscule? For years, the Bedoin tribes had been forced out of the lands they once roamed, for the sake of German oil drilling, and by now many of them were getting fed up, believing that they should take action against these foreign invaders.

Currently, while sitting at a campfire, there was a gathering of several tribes. Lawrence listened to their woes and sympathized with them as he did so. A particularly large Arab man was quick to spit on the ground as he cursed the Germans for being outsiders and non-believers.

"These foreigners come into our lands, and kick us out of them, and now they dig deep within the earth, causing who knows how much damage to the environment. Well, no longer! I say we gather the tribes and force these filthy Kafir off of our lands once and for all!"

This sentiment immediately gained the approval of most of the tribes, but Lawrence, who had gained a position of prestige among the bedouin, due to his fierce talents in diplomacy, was quick to rise to his feet, and voice the exact opposing position.

"My brothers, do not get so frustrated that you become blind to the power that the enemy possesses. Many of you know this, but I have tangled with the Germans before, and back then my army was far more vast and powerful than all the tribes combines.

In those days, the Germans were still drawing their carts by horses, and not the machines they have now. They did not fly in the skies above, nor did they rule the world's oceans. What you are talking about will only result in the massacre of our people.

I implore you to think this through, and negotiate with the Germans to have rights so that we may pass through and hunt on these lands. For if we were to take up military force, we would all perish, and quite horribly at that!"

Though the older generation practically venerated Lawrence as a Wiseman of their tribe, the younger generation was not so generous in their views. And were quick to speak against him.

"Your failures are your own, old man. Back then, you were a kafir, just like the rest of them. You did not have the strength of Allah backing you in your wars. But we do, and there is no power greater than Allah in this world!"

Lawrence sighed heavily and shook his head as he tried to think of a way to explain to these people just how wrong they were, without coming across as blasphemous. He quickly thought about what happened to the Emirate of Tlemcen, and shook with horror, before speaking of that horrible incident with pleading eyes.

"I beg of you, think abut what happened to the Emirate of Tlemcen. One man, in a privileged position, managed to offend the Kaiser, and he unleashed fire and fury across the entire nation, leaving no survivors! Please, my brothers, I understand your fury, I do, but the German Army of today is so much more powerful than the one I faced decades ago. They do not even need to step foot into these lands if they wish to kill us all!

I know the way the Germans think, if even one Bedoin tribe attacks their men, they will respond as if all of us are guilty, and will attack us with everything they have until we go extinct. Do not let our customs and culture pass from this world, simply because of one minor outrage!"

The older members of the Bedoin tribes quickly spoke up in favor of Lawrence's opinion on the matter at hand and even went so far as to shame the younger generation for their disrespect towards their elders.

"Lawrence is right. We do not have the strength to contend with the Germans. Our swords and arrows would not even be able to pierce the chariots they drive around. In fact, you should all apologize to Lawrence for the way you have treated him. The man has settled many disputes between our people without a cause for blood, and I am sure he can do the same with the Germans!"

As the younger generation bowed their heads and apologized, Lawrence was practically shitting bricks. These idiots wanted him to go and engage in diplomacy with the Reich? Were they insane? He had no idea what happened to England after the war, but if he were to show his face to the Germans, then they would certainly consider him a threat to whatever puppet regime they set up in his former Kingdom.

There was simply no conceivable way he was going to do this, not when he had such a comfortable life, with his four wives and many children. Screw you, you go speak to the Germans!

Though this was what he was thinking, Lawrence sighed heavily, and looked to the stars for guidance.

The truth of the matter is, after what he saw on that fateful day, there was nothing he feared in this world more than the Germans finding out he was still alive. Why the hell do these people think he joined them at the first given opportunity? He never thought the Germans would make their way to Arabia.

But they had, and by the look of their current weapons, he did not even want to guess what technological marvels these people had achieved over the last three decades. Ultimately, it was a voice of another tribal elder who interrupted Lawrence's thoughts.

"What say you Lawrence, will you negotiate with the Germans on our behalf, so we can freely enter the lands which we have roamed for centuries?"

Lawrence looked over at the pleading eyes of his new people, and could hardly believe that he found himself willing to do as they asked. He sighed heavily before nodding his head and accepting the job.

"Alright... I will do it... I will speak to the Germans... But.... I fear they may kill me before I have the chance to make my case...."

The Bedoin tribesmen looked at Lawrence with curiosity as one of them posed the question he had avoided answering for the last twenty to thirty years.

"Why would they do that? Are they so barbaric that they would kill a messenger?"

Lawrence obviously shook his head and sighed once more before telling everyone the truth.

"No... It's because I'm the King of England, and because of that, I am a threat to whatever puppet regime they have imposed over my homeland...."

At first, Lawrence thought that these people would gaze upon him with astonishment and respect, but in the next moment, they all broke out into laughter as they heckled the man for making such boastful comments. One man in particular slapped Lawrence on the back before making a sarcastic remark.

"Right, and I am the Jalayirid Sultan! Get the fuck out of here, Lawrence! You're the King of England? Good one!"

Naturally, Lawrence took offense to this, and immediately began to protest in response.

"Not it's true. My name is Lawrence Lancaster, son of Edward Lancaster! I was the King of England for nearly a decade!"

This only elicited further laughter from all the Arab tribesman, who continued to heckle the man for his remarks. It was so bad that even his wives stepped forward to patronize him.

"My husband, the King of England, then that must make me a Queen!"

"What a lovely King!"

Erich could feel his tanned cheeks turning rosy as he endured the laughter that resulted from his wives' own jests. He could not believe he was going to risk his life for these assholes.

But they were his family, and he would do anything for his family. Thus, he sighed heavily as he accepted his fate.

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