Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 11: Crisis Descends

Chapter 11: Crisis Descends

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A short moment after, the tens of skill books which originated from the Celestial Sect’s treasure room were all recycled by Xu Que. His deposit storage grids were also mostly cleared up.

Furthermore, this round of recycling also caused some changes to his character information.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Stage: Foundation Building Stage Level 1 (Small progress)

Experience Points: 600/2000

Acting Tough Points: 15 points

Skill Path: , Beginner’s Level

Ability: (Progress 0.1%, Control up to First form)

Essence: Skill (530 points)

Job class : None

Position: Consort Prince of the East Wilderness, Fire Country

An additional description message "Essence" was added.

A number of skill books have all been converted into 530 points of Skill Essence but Xu Que didn’t know if this number was considered large or small.

After muttering to himself for a moment, he operated the system and used 10 points worth of Skill Essence on "Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations". At the same time, a system message popped up in his head.

"Ding! Consumed 10 Skill Essence points. ‘Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations’ rank up successful. Current progress: 10%."

"Ding! Congratulations to host on successfully reaching ‘Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations’ second form."

Wow! Dang… 10 Skill Essence Points is able to improve the progress to 10%?

That immediately improved Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations to the second form. Damn! I’ve earned it big this time.

Xu Que’s heart was overfilled with joy.

At this moment, he used another 90 Skill Essence points on "Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations".

"Ding! Consumed 90 Skill Essence points. ‘Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations’ rank up successful. Current progress: 100%."

"Ding! Congratulations to host on successfully mastering ‘Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations’. All nine forms can now be controlled."


Xu Que momentarily felt his insides erupting and welling up as if something was trying to escape from his body.

Following that, he could vaguely hear a hiss of a dragon, seemingly from the inside of his body.

Xu Que opened his eyes wide and quickly focused his attention listening to the sound.

However, everything seemed to return to normal. He didn’t feel any difference and the sound of the dragon’s hiss also ceased.

"An illusion?" Xu Que frowned in suspicion.

"Dong! Dong!"

The small wooden door was being knocked, following a "creak" and a slow push on the door.

Xiao Rou had returned.

"Young mas... Immortal elder…" Xiao Rou looked at Xu Que while she turned wary and fearful as if she didn’t know how to address Xu Que as anymore.

Xu Que smiled, "Xiao Rou, you don't have to be so formal. I am the same as everyone. The only difference is that I have trained a little. Also, since I am older, you can call me Brother Xu Que?"

Xiao Rou pursed up her lips and contemplated for a moment. Her face then started to blush and she nodded, "Eh, Brother Xu Que, I… I spoke with the villagers a while ago, but..."

But they were not able to accept the fact?

Without the need for Xiao Rou’s explanation, Xu Que already guessed what she was saying next.

He anticipated this to happen and wasn’t surprised at all.

"Ah, no big deal!" He shrugged his shoulders and spoke nonchalantly.

Xiao Rou walked to his front and earnestly explained, "I believe that you are good person."

Xu Que felt guilty.

Good guy? He didn’t think that he was good at all!

He felt that he could merely differentiate between the right and wrong things to do.

For example, bullying these kind-hearted and well-natured villagers was something he would never do.

Though in the case of those Water Back village tyrants and even for those Celestial Sect scums, he would be more than happy to kick their asses.

After two days...

Xu Que was still residing in the village and Xiao Rou had given her room up for him. As a result, she would be temporarily staying in one of the widow’s house located opposite of her home.

During these few days, whenever the villagers saw him, although they did not kneel to him like previously, their actions revealed that they were respectful to him in a reverent manner.

They will bow to him every time and ask, "Good day immortal elder, do you have any orders?"

This made Xu Que uneasy which ultimately made him choose to stay at home, learning and honing the usage of the system.

However, on this day, Xiao Rou ran in the house all of a sudden. Neglecting her rest, she said in a panic, "Brother Xu Que, you must go quickly."

Xu Que was taken aback, "What happened?"

Xiao Rou anxiously warned, "Big brother Da Zhuang just returned from town and said that many immortals were holding drawings of you. It seems like you are wanted by them. On his way, he witnessed the Water Back villagers revealing your secret to them. The chief has ordered me to tell you to leave the town before it’s too late."

"I’m wanted?"

God damn it! It must be those people from Celestial Sect.

Xue Que became furious immediately.

Coming to this world, he had inevitably offended the people of Celestial Sect.

On top of that, he emptied their treasure safe. They definitely won’t leave it at that.

"Brother Xu Que, you have to leave quickly. Those immortals have the ability to fly and they will get here in no time." Xiao Rou urged anxiously while helping him prepare his belongings.

Xu Que quickly held her tiny hands and shook his head, "Xiao Rou, I cannot go. If I go, what will happen when those immortals start interrogating all of you?

"It’s alright. The chief said that those immortals will not do that. Besides, everyone had already gone into the underground cellar to hide. Follow me."

Xiao Rou finished and immediately grabbed Xu Que’s hand as they dashed out.

Xu Que frowned a little and followed her towards a small cottage near the end of the village.

The cottage was old and broken down. Upon entering, Xu Que could smell a tinge of moldy air as if it had been vacant for many years.

Xiao Rou then walked towards a cabinet. As if she was very familiar with it, she opened it and a path leading to an underground passage was revealed.

Xu Que froze and couldn’t believe that there were such things in this small village.

"This underground cellar was dug out by everyone to avoid the immortals from taking any of us away. This path leads to the foot of a mountain. Big brother Da Zhuang and the guys are all inside. Follow me."

Xiao Rou was holding Xu Que’s hand while explaining as both of them are heading in.

Upon hearing her say that the fellow villagers were all inside, he had no objections and followed her lead.

Although shabbily dug, the underground passage seems solid and spacious. After some walking, they appeared in front of a crowd.

More than 10 villagers were hiding inside.

Upon seeing Xu Que, everybody harmoniously greeted with respect, "Greetings, immortal."


Xu Que suddenly realized that there was something amiss. The number of people weren’t right!

"Where are the others? Why aren’t they here inside?" He anxiously asked.

Xiao Rou then explained, "The village chief and other men are guarding the outside. The immortal cultivators will be suspicious if there is nobody at all. Brother Xu Que, please go quickly. Don’t… Don’t come back ever again."

"No way! I absolutely won’t leave." Xu Que exclaimed on the spot.

He knew that if he were to leave, the innocent villagers will definitely become targets of interrogation.

Xiao Rou panicked, "Listen to me. If you don’t leave, they will kill you."

"Yes! Immortal. When we went to town, we saw those wanted posters of you. It wrote that if anyone sees you, they are allowed to kill you on the spot. They only require your corpse to be brought to the Celestial Sect." Da Zhuang warned.

The other villagers also continuously warned Xu Que to leave at once.

Unfazed, Xu Que felt that with his knowledge of the system and his successful honing of the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations to its pinnacle, if he were to activate his ninth form, even Core Bearing Stage cultivators would have no chance and will be slaughtered by him. There was nothing to fear.

The only worry was that if the old woman from the Celestial Sect appears. If that was the case, he would have no choice but to use the last "Beginner’s Divine Escape Emblem" and bring everybody away from the battlefield.


This time, a loud noise came from the outside and Xu Que could feel a wave of large tremor under his feet. It seems as if there was a forest landslide outside.

Following this, what seemed like an angry scolding could be heard from the outside, "What impudence! Where the hell is he? You better quickly hand him over!"

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