Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: There’s a Unique Treasure Here!

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The Aquamarine Kirin Fruits looked like a Bodhi Beads Crystal. Xu Que stuffed an entire Aquamarine Kirin Fruit into his mouth where it absolutely melted. Suddenly, there was a horrible yet grand Celestial Core Power that burst out and swept through his whole body. One tiny Aquamarine Kirin Fruit encompassed an endless ocean of Celestial Core Power. The Celestial Core Power gushed out of it and was constantly absorbed by the Green Lotus Seed in his Dantian. In a very short while, the Celestial Core Power that gushed out of the Aquamarine Kirin Fruit was comparable to the tens of thousands of medicinal item that Xu Que had consumed for seven consecutive days. That condition lasted for an entire day and an entire night.

Until the first Aquamarine Kirin Fruit was depleted, the Green Lotus Seed didn’t stop absorbing, Xu Que had to grit his teeth and take out the second Aquamarine Kirin Fruit.

Soon, a day passed…

A second day…

A third day…

It wasn’t until the eighth day when Xu Que had taken all eight Aquamarine Kirin Fruits that the Green Lotus Seed had finally quieted down! That was a terrible process. Eight Aquamarine Kirin Fruits had been completely swallowed up by the Green Lotus Seed. If he did the math, every Aquamarine Kirin Fruit was comparable to 500 years of Cultivation, so the Green Lotus Seed had swallowed 4,000 years of Cultivation! The Green Lotus Seed couldn’t be called a seed anymore.

After absorbing eight Aquamarine Kirin Fruits, the shell of the seed had disappeared, and it had grown into a young Green Lotus. Of course, the lotus flower was temporarily not visible. At most, it could only be regarded as a seedling with five small green leaves. But now, those five small green leaves were slowly giving out wisps of incomparable pure Celestial Core Power and feeding his drained Dantian.

Xu Que opened his eyes, and his face was somewhat surprised and amazed. Such a pure and clean Celestial Core Power was unprecedented in his Dantian. It seemed that the Green Lotus had changed his body’s constitution. The power of the pure and clean Celestial Core Power, compared with his previous Celestial Core Power, was comparable to a ratio of one to ten. The difference was glaring. In other words, even if his Cultivation Stage was the same, his strength was at least ten times stronger than before. As for why “even if” was used, that was because Xu Que’s Cultivation Stage was no longer in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage!

While he was consuming the Aquamarine Kirin Fruits and when the Green Lotus Seed was continuously evolving, his Cultivation Stage was unknowingly changing. He hadn’t even noticed the change. It was only when the Green Lotus Seed had quieted down that Xu Que discovered his Cultivation Stage had reached the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Stage!

“Yay. I thought this Green Lotus Seed was taking advantage of me. I didn’t expect it to be so strong, that’s great luck!” Xu Que was delighted.

Although he was in the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Stage, he had failed to achieve the expected Earth Celestial Stage. However, with his current strength, he felt that the gap between him and the Earth Celestial Stage wasn’t huge. At least for now, he had such a pure and clean Celestial Core Power and his strength was stronger than if he were to consume the Aquamarine Kirin Fruits to advance into the Later Stage of the Human Celestial Stage!

That should be considered as the highest achievement of proceeding steadily. It was like Equipment Refining whereby other people might refine the material to near 100 percent ready for fusing, while Xu Que could refine the material to 100 percent pureness. Now his Celestial Core Power was 100 percent pureness and flawless, which also meant that he would advance further and steadier in the future! Xu Que was absolutely sure that the Chaotic Green Lotus growing in his body was a huge piece of enlightenment and glad tidings.

But there were potential dangers too, such as not knowing when it would suddenly have its third growth. If that happened again and when he didn’t have a treasure like the Aquamarine Kirin Fruits, which contained a lot of Celestial Core Power, it could be dangerous. It seems necessary to carry things that can supplement a lot of Celestial Core Power in the future, the more the better! Xu Que muttered to himself and slowly stood up, ready to end his Secluded Meditation.

Although he had wasted more than ten days here, the Waste Realm was so vast that he believed that there must be many places where there were natural treasures like the Aquamarine Kirin Fruits that hadn’t yet been found. Maybe there might be some chance to find some if he exited now. However, when Xu Que was ready to break the Protective Screen and leave, he took a step and looked up all of a sudden.

“Uh, this place seems a bit weird. Are there treasures there?”


The outside world had never stopped looking for Xu Que! The Dingtian Academy and the Zhan Family had never stopped sending people into the Waste Realm. They spared no expense, offering a reward like an Inferior Celestial Artifact to gain help from the other forces to capture the fake Zhan Gaoli. More than ten days later, almost everyone in the Waste Realm was looking for enlightenment while pursuing the whereabouts of the fake Zhan Gaoli, but they were coming up empty-handed!

As for the Litian Academy, Qin Susu and several young men and women had already entered the Waste Realm and were also looking for Xu Que. So far, they knew that the fake Zhan Gaoli came from the Exploding Heavens Faction, but they didn’t expose him. They went into the Waste Realm to see if they could help Xu Que.

At that moment, their group had just landed on a hill and was taking a short rest!

“Senior Qin, this Waste Realm is too big. Can we really find that fellow?” A young woman asked.

“Yes, maybe that fellow was encircled and killed by that group of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage!” Someone laughed bitterly.

“That’s not possible, otherwise there would be news. But one thing is for sure—he must be running for his life now!”

“How so?”

“Don’t you see? If he really had the strength to fight back, how could the Dingtian Academy and the Zhan Family have suffered zero casualties so far? He must know that he can’t beat them, so he has been running for his life and dares not show up!”

Several of them kept on discussing what was probably going on with Xu Que.

Qin Susu remained silent until she noticed something in front of them. Then she suddenly interrupted, “Okay, stop talking. Someone is coming! No matter where that fellow is right now, he must be in a difficult situation. All we can do is to do our best, if we can help him escape from here, we’ll take it as returning him a favor!” After her explanation, the rest of the young men and women nodded, shut their mouths, and stopped talking about Xu Que.


Almost at the same time, there were at least ten figures dashing past them. They were all aces at the Earth Celestial Stage. The leader was at the peak of the Earth Celestial Stage, his presence was unusually strong!

“Oh, no, it’s the team from the Dingtian Academy and the Zhan Family. How did they get together? Could it be…they discovered the trail of that fellow?” A young man frowned.

There was certainly no good reason for so many aces at the Earth Celestial Stage to flock together. However, the ten aces at the Earth Celestial Stage didn’t pay attention to the people with Qin Susu. They didn’t even glance at them or stop anywhere near them. Among them, the ace at the peak of the Earth Celestial Stage was holding a jade-colored compass and his Celestial Core Power continuously poured into the jade-colored compass.

A moment later, the ace at the peak of the Earth Celestial Stage pointed his hand to the mountain where Qin Susu and the others were sitting. He was surprised as he exclaimed, “Found it, there’s a unique treasure there!”

After that, the gaze of the ace at the peak of the Earth Celestial Stage suddenly fixed on Qin Susu and the others, and he hollered, “Three seconds, get out of that place right now!”

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