Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1548 - Ancient Divine Tex

Chapter 1548 Ancient Divine Tex

The first time Xu Que had met Ah Qi, he’d already felt as if he looked a little familiar. But he’d never been able to think of who he reminded him of.The first time Xu Que had met Ah Qi, he’d already felt as if he looked a little familiar. But he’d never been able to think of who he reminded him of.

After all, the Duan Jiude that he knew was already a rotten old man, whereas Ah Qi was an honest young man. Even though the facial features of the two men were similar, there was such a gap in age between them that it’d been rather difficult to associate Ah Qi with Duan Jiude at first.

But now, having learned Ah Qi’s full name, Xu Que had immediately arrived at the conclusion that Duan Qide absolutely was some kind of relation to Duan Jiude. Based on the inference in the name, Duan Qide could possibly be Duan Jiude’s grandfather, because there should have been a Duan Bade in between the two.


While Xu Que was getting over his astonishment, Duan Qide, in the testing area, had already pressed his hand on the Tao Test Stone.

The whole Tao Test Stone blossomed with a splendid glow. It was a bright red, not deep nor pale. It was normal! But the entire Tao Test Stone was almost completely covered with this red light, at least 80 percent of it.

“Tao Aura with Fire System at the eighth stage!” There was an instant cry from the crowd. Many people were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

This young man with an ordinary appearance actually had a Tao Aura at the eighth stage.

The old man in charge of the Heaven Palace Sect’s assessment also raised his eyes and swept a glance toward Duan Qide as he said indifferently, “Tao Aura at the eighth stage, go report to the second-class compound.”

With that, just as he had done before, he waved his hand and shot out a beam of light, which fell into Duan Qide’s arms.

Duan Qide looked extremely excited. Even he hadn’t anticipated that his Tao Aura ranking would be so high: actually at the eighth stage!

“Ha, ha, ha, eighth stage. My Tao Aura is actually at the eighth stage!” Duan Qide cried out excitedly.

He cheerfully looked over at Xu Que and shouted, “Brother Slayer, my Tao Aura is at the eighth stage. What a big man I am!”

Xu Que politely gave a smile and said, “Very good.”

Duan Jiude’s grandfather had had the same ridiculous urges that Duan Jiude would later have. BAH!

“Next!” There was another cry from the testing area, “Slayer…Slayer Lord?”

The person who read out the name obviously hesitated. “What kind of name was this?”

The surrounding cultivators were also startled. This kind of name was really uncommon. “Could it be a rare ancient family name?”


Xu Que immediately shouted and walked out from the crowd, bursting with life and eager to give the Tao Test Stone a try.

Finally, it’s my, the Act-Tough Saint’s, turn to try.

At long last I, the Act-Tough Saint, can take a look at the level of my Tao Aura, as well as its color.

“Is it multicolored and brilliant, or gorgeous and brightly colored? Or is it magnificent and amazingly luminous, so dazzling that it will blind everyone’s eyes…?”

Full of expectation and excitement, Xu Que stepped into the center of the testing area under everyone’s gazes and stood before the Tao Test Stone.

“Brother Slayer, come on, you absolutely can do it.” Duan Qide gave a cry of encouragement.

“Okay.” The corners of Xu Que’s mouth raised into a smile. It went without saying that he was full of confidence and could absolutely do it. Of course, the Act-Tough Saint’s Tao Aura would be able to do it.

With the infinite ways to achieve the Tao, I only had to cultivate according to my heart’s wishes.

To do as I please, Heaven can’t be without if I want it. If I don’t want it, then Heaven can’t have it.

If the Way of Heaven is lacking, the Way of Tao is changeable, but I only ask for Heaven and Earth to follow my wishes.

Look, so domineering, so cocky, so stylish…

Xu Que’s eyes sparkled and his clothes fluttered in the wind. He raised his hand and pressed his palm on the Tao Test Stone.


The whole Tao Test Stone instantly shook.

He’d used great strength.

But…beyond that, the Tao Test Stone had had no response at all.

Everyone present opened their eyes wide and impatiently looked at him.

Duan Qide remained full of anticipation as he watched Xu Que.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…


Xu Que himself was somewhat taken aback. What’s going on? Why is there no reaction?

“Hurry up, don’t waste everyone’s time!” At this point, the old man glanced over and gave Xu Que a slightly impatient reminder.

“Eh, how do I hurry up?” Xu Que asked, blushing with embarrassment.

“Brother Slayer, quickly release your Tao Aura.” Duan Qide was also finding it difficult to watch and urged him on.

“I am releasing it.” Xu Que looked helpless.

I’ve indeed released my Tao Aura. At first, I was afraid of my Tao Aura being too strong, and I didn’t want to scare people so I didn’t use all my effort.

But since the Tao Test Stone hadn’t responded to his aura, Xu Que had long since completely released it. However, the Tao Test Stone remained silent.

“Hey, have you released your Tao Aura?”

“This can’t be. Even if his Tao Aura is too weak, there’s no reason it can’t be tested.”

“Can it be that this guy is playing tricks?”

“Look at his refined, honest appearance. He doesn’t look like a person who would play tricks.”

“Ah, could it be possible that he used too much strength just now and damaged the Tao Test Stone?”

“F*ck, let’s hope not or he’ll hammered to death by the Heaven Palace Sect.”

The crowd in the testing area was getting restless and talking among themselves.

The old man in charge of the assessments frowned at the moment as he realized that things weren’t so simple.

He believed that Xu Que wasn’t playing any tricks, because he had already felt the boundless power of his Tao Aura.

“But why couldn’t the Tao Test Stone detect it?

“Unless…it had been damaged…”

As he thought about this, the old man couldn’t stay calm and collected. He immediately reached out to Xu Que and said, “You stay where you are and don’t move. Who’s next? Come up for your test.”

“Next, Ming Tiangeng.” The announcer shouted a name.

“Here!” A man immediately raised his hand. He was a handsome young guy. He walked up with big strides and quickly came before the Tao Test Stone. He reached out his hand and pressed.


The Tao Test Stone lit up in an instant with a dark blue light that occupied 70 percent of the stone.

A dark-colored Tao Aura!

Everyone was surprised. According to the rules, this would add another stage by default, which was equivalent to his Tao Aura being at the eighth stage.

“Wait, the Tao Test Stone is normal.” Someone suddenly reacted.

The old man stared blankly for a moment. His figure shook and he instantly turned into a shadow that appeared in front of the Tao Test Stone. He didn’t pay any attention to Xu Que. He first took the measure of the Tao Test Stone and didn’t find anything peculiar about it before his gaze fell upon Xu Que.

“Young man, you try again.” He opened his mouth and said at last.

Xu Que nodded and once again reached out his hand to press against the Tao Test Stone, while releasing his Tao Aura.

He was also curious as to why his Tao Aura had gotten no reaction.

This time, however, the Tao Test Stone didn’t react, but stayed calm and showed no activity.

“Oh, this…” The old man was puzzled. This time, he’d clearly felt Xu Que’s Tao Aura rushing into the Tao Test Stone, but the Tao Test Stone had had no reaction at all.

This never should have happened!

Such an obvious strength of a Tao Aura would be at least at the sixth or seventh stage, or even above. Why wasn’t it showing?

The old man frowned and realized that the matter was not so simple.

“Young man, what kind of Tao Aura are you cultivating?” The old man immediately looked at Xu Que and asked.

“Whatever I please.” Xu Que replied.

“What?” The old man stared blankly as if he hadn’t heard clearly.

“Whatever I please.” Xu Que replied again.

“What’s whatever?” The old man was a little taken aback now. “What’s whatever? Whatever he pleases? I must have heard wrong. How can that be considered Tao Aura?”

“Just whatever.” Xu Que said again.

“I’m asking you what’s the whatever you mentioned just now?”

“I’ve said it, just whatever.”

Xu Que stared. At this time, his mind was basically not on the old man but fully concentrated on the Tao Test Stone.

He’d even summoned the System to let the System check what was up with the Tao Test Stone, but he hadn’t received any feedback yet.

“No way, I don’t believe it that my, the Act-Tough Saint’s, Tao Aura can’t be tested. I want to try again.” Xu Que was not going to wait for the System’s check. He reached his hand out and spat on his palm. He rubbed his hands and pressed again on the Tao Test Stone.


In an instant, the Tao Test Stone immediately lit up with a light. It finally had a reaction!

Xu Que’s face started to smile, but the smile hadn’t finished before it was frozen again.

The light on the Tao Test Stone was especially small, because it was only a line of luminous text. It was even a very strange text, which Xu Que couldn’t understand.

“Eh, this…this is…” The old man was shocked. He looked at the line of luminous text, and his face took on a look full of horror. He spoke in a trembling voice, “Divine Text, Ancient Divine Text has actually appeared on it.”

He became extremely excited as he said, “This is the text used by ancient Deities. Quickly ask the Dean to come over!”


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