Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1565 - Exposed

Chapter 1565: Exposed

“Wh…what’s this?”

Many of the Elders were dumbfounded as they looked at the jade slips in their hands. The lines of translated Divine Text made their hearts twitch.

“What was this?”

“Wasn’t the translation method wrong?”

“How…how could it have been used so successfully?”

It had swiftly translated the whole Divine Text without any difficulty.

“But why were all of the sentences of this translated text scolding the tyrant?”

“Wasn’t he the Divine Son?”

“Hadn’t he received the Divine Decree?”

“Wasn’t he sent by the deities to teach the Heaven Palace Sect how to pass through the great tribulations?”

“Sh*t, this couldn’t be right!”

Several of the Elders suddenly exploded with anger. Their expressions changed, and they yelled loudly, “Oh no, we’ve been fooled! We’ve been fooled!”

“Thief, stop!”

“Return our Celestial Spirit Stones!”

Some of the Elders roared at Xu Que, and some of them used their Magic Arts.

Soon, everyone in the audience had heard these shouts and they were all stunned. They turned their shocked gazes in the direction of all the noise.

Dean Wang Chi, who had arranged for them to translate the Divine Text, was so brilliant that he had figured out what had happened. At this moment, hearing the shouts of the Elders, he groaned to himself as he realized that his speculations had been correct.

D*mn it, it had been a scam, a huge scam!

“You’re going to die!” Wang Chi’s expression became deadly serious, and his murderous spirit swirled madly, majestic power pouring out of it. It was obvious that he intended to join with those Elders and take down Xu Que.

“Oh, no!” Not far away, Xuanyuan Wanrong suddenly frowned. The situation was not looking good.

Originally, according to Xu Que’s plan, he would cheat and obtain the Celestial Spirit Stones and go and change the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array into a death spell.

Earlier, as she’d watched Xu Que trick Wang Chi and the others into running around in circles and had even made them hand over the Celestial Spirit Stones, Xuanyuan Wanrong had almost felt that Xu Que had already succeeded.

But now, in an instant, the tables had turned.

The Elders who’d reacted first had already used their Magic Arts and rushed toward Xu Que, who was still setting up the death spell.

Even if Xuanyuan Wanrong had wanted to help, it was too late. But, after hesitating a little bit, she decided to attack and used a Celestial Art against the Elders.

With her ability, and because everything had happened so fast, she could only help Xu Que by blocking these two Elders.

However, at this moment, Xu Que didn’t respond at all. He seemed to be completely unaware of what was going on around him and simply continued to focus on setting up the spell Array.

The two Elders from the Heaven Palace Sect who’d rushed out in front of the group to attack Xu Que had been blocked by Xuanyuan Wanrong’s Celestial Art and immediately slowed down in order to resist this Celestial Art.

However, the other Elders had started to catch up and immediately started attacking without hindrance.


A ray of powerful Sword Qi, with momentum that could split the sky, slashed toward Xu Que.

Another Elder waved his sleeves, forming a golden light in the shape of an inverted bowl, trying to block Xu Que’s retreat.

Suddenly, Xu Que seemed to be trapped in a dead end. There was no way for him to escape or to fight his way out.

Xuanyuan Wanrong’s expression suddenly changed. In a shocked tone, she reminded him, “You are still not running away?”

She had chosen to attack to buy time for Xu Que. “Who would’ve thought that this kid would continue to set the spell Array and miss the best opportunity to escape?”

What was even more worrying was that now the Elders were full on attacking him, and he wasn’t even resisting. He remained squatted on the spot laying down his Celestial Spirit Stones. “What was he doing?”

Even if he’d wanted to give up, he didn’t need to do it so blatantly.


The next moment, both the Golden Light Magic Art and the sky-splitting Sword Qi all came crashing down.

Everyone could see clearly that Xu Que had not managed to escape and was directly overwhelmed by the Magic Arts.

“Something’s wrong! That’s not his real body!” Dean Wang Chi understood what was happening extremely quickly and shouted loudly.


He pushed his palm forward with a shining spirit, his diffusing celestial core power condensing in mid-air and quickly transforming into a scroll that resembled an ancient painting.

In the painting, there were mountains and water. At first glance, it was clearly recognizable as a scene of the Heaven Palace Sect. There was also a dark-colored figure, whose facial features were blurred and couldn’t be seen clearly. He was moving quickly in the painting and finally had gotten to a place where he stopped moving.

“He’s in the Treasure Room!”

Wang Chi waved his hands and shouted coldly, “This is an order to everyone from the law enforcement hall. Xuanyuan Wanrong is suspected of colluding with foreign thieves and must be immediately taken down, shut into Taishang Cave, and dealt with later. Everyone else, follow me and head to the Treasure Room to capture the thieves and stop the tyrants.”

After giving this order, Wang Chi didn’t pause. He launched directly into the air, rushing toward the Treasure Room.

Xuanyuan Wanrong was certainly important, but he was very clear that because of Xuanyuan Wanrong’s strength, it was impossible for her to escape from the hands of the Elders from law enforcement hall. It would be easy to take her down.

The more urgent task at this moment was to take down that guy who was operating as a tyrant.

Through cheating and lying, he had swindled his way into the Heaven Palace Sect. These swindlers this year were really bold. It was no small matter that they had already stolen thousands of Celestial Spirit Stones by cheating. However, if this news ever spread around the Heaven Continent, wouldn’t the Heaven Palace Sect become a laughingstock?

The important thing was that he, as the Dean, would bear the brunt of this. After today, how would he still have nerve to walk around in the Heaven Continent in the future?

Therefore, it was necessary to stop this tyrant. No matter how difficult, it was necessary.

However, before leaving, Wang Chi held back a trick or two. He was 80 percent sure that Xuanyuan Wanrong had restored her memory, so he made a hand gesture and sealed Xuanyuan Wanrong’s voice so that she couldn’t speak of the truth of her past. Wang Chi didn’t want to arouse suspicions from any of the other disciples of the Heaven Palace Sect.

“These old guys, every year they plant Spiritual Poison into my cultivation pills. Now, they’ve easily sealed my voice. When Xuanyuan Wanrong realized that she couldn’t speak, she immediately knew why.

After Wang Chi had made that hand gesture, the Spiritual Poison that had been hidden in her body for so many years was activated and made her mute. What was most deadly was that this Spiritual Poison was produced from her own celestial core power, and so she couldn’t expel it by herself.

So Wang Chi could control her life and death with little difficulty.


“When did that guy change his real body into a replica? He did so with so many people watching him, and no one, not even I, noticed it?” Xuanyuan Wanrong didn’t bother to resist. She was indeed not a match for the several Elders from the law enforcement hall.

At this moment, she was already thinking about Xu Que’s future plans.

“What other follow-up arrangements did that guy have?”


At the same time, in the Heaven Palace Sect’s Treasure Room, Xu Que was sitting cross-legged on the floor, smiling and staring at the astonished-looking pre-existences of Buttface and Duan Qide.

“Sh*t, you’re so cunning?”

“So which one is your real body? How could I not notice it just now.”

Buttface and Duan Qide asked at the same time.

“At the last moment, my replica was broken up, and now Wang Chi and the others are rushing over here. Which one do you say is the real body?” Xu Que smiled and said.

“Nonsense, you must be the real one!” Buttface rolled his eyes, and, suddenly thinking of something, he panicked and shouted, “Sh*t, so you’ve been exposed? Are they rushing over here now? We’d better slip away.”

“That’s not right.” Duan Qide glared and said in a deep voice, “I suspect that you are also a replica.”


At that moment, Xu Que smiled and shook his head. “What you saw was only the second level, and you even thought that I was at the first level. In fact, I am on the fifth level!”


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