Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 17: Arrival of the Vermillion Sparrow

Chapter 17: Arrival of the Vermillion Sparrow

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The speed and strength was unnaturally astonishing, giving no time for Elder Liu to react. After his face had been kicked, he fell off his flying sword and landed on the ground.

"Not good!"

"Elder Liu, be careful."

All the cultivators around reacted to this sight as they shouted out in surprise.

Several others, whose reflexes were faster, managed to cast spells and charged straight at the oppressor.

Clearly, the person who attacked was Xu Que as he rode atop a bolt of lightning, causing his movements to be extremely quick. After striking out, he hurriedly headed for the mountain just behind Pan Shan Village.

The sounds of his laughter could be heard.

"Haha! Old strands of hair, were you scolding me behind my back? Here’s a kick to your face. You’re welcome."

"Asshole!" Elder Liu stood up, his entire body was trembling in fury.

This powerful figure within the cultivation world now had the imprint of a shoe across his face and was an extremely comical sight.

The other cultivators were furious as well as they pointed at Xu Que and shouted out.

"Despicable and evil person! You dare to attack us stealthily?!"

"You dare to hurt the elder of my sect? You’re finished!"

"If you dare, come and fight!"

Elder Liu’s disciples were enraged as they pointed at Xu Que and started scolding him loudly.

Xu Que shirked his shoulders and held a look of indignance and replied, "How can that be considered stealth? I came here openly. It’s just that the entire bunch of you are rubbish and your eyes cannot catch up to my speed."

"You little bastard, you’re asking for death." Elder Liu’s face was contorted into ugly rage as he gritted his teeth and cursed.

Xu Que was enraged too, "Old sparse hair, please mind your language. The minute you open your mouth, dirty words come out. Did your mother teach you that? Then your mother probably didn’t have much manners as well?"

When everyone heard this, their lips curled in a snarl. Elder Liu was so angry he nearly passed out.

Damn it, aren’t you cursing and speaking dirty words as well?

"I only speak this way to the bunch of you. Anyway, old sparse hair over here is correct. You’ve been tricked. There’s no powerful cultivator in Pan Shan Village. Oh, that’s not right. I am the powerful immortal!"

Xu Que then laughed, his eyes were barely visible in his laughter.

An old man stepped forward, his face was downcast. "Hm… Regardless of whether there’s a powerful being, you’re dead today for sure."

"Is that so?" Xu Que opened his mouth and looked at the ray of light overhead and smiled, "You bunch of trash, see if you can penetrate my spells first before speaking."

The crowd was enraged as everyone conjured their own spells and charged towards Xu Que with killing intents.

Elder Liu stood there and laughed, "So the spell was casted by you. No wonder it looked average at best. Although you caused quite a stir by casting the spell, if you think it’s going to hold us back, you’re a dreaming fool."

The several disciples behind him all agreed vehemently.

"That’s right. Elder Liu is correct."

"Just a mere spell and you wish to obstruct us? You’re simply boasting and courting death."

"When we break through your spells, we shall make you beg us to end your life because of all the pain we shall inflict on you."

Xu Que replied happily, "Yo yo yo, you really think you can break through my protective spell?"

Elder Liu shook his head and smiled, "Ignorant young thing. Do you really think that acquiring your first precious spell is enough to stop us?"

"Oh, it looks like you’re the ignorant ones. I never intended for this spell to obstruct you. Because…" Xu Que paused for sometime, as killing intent built up within his eyes as he continued, "I planned to use it to kill you."

The minute he said this, everyone around was stumped.

Soon after, everyone on the mountain burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

"Haha!!! Did you guys hear that? That little kid wanted to use that protective spell to kill us."

"What a stupid fool!"

"It’s really scary to be ignorant."

"One look and I know this kid hasn’t seen the real world. If he were to see the protective spells casted around my sect, he would be scared to death."

The immortal cultivators continued laughing as elder Liu shook his head with a mocking expression.

"Little bastard, to be very honest, I am extremely proficient and knowledgeable with such spells. Your tiny and insignificant spell can be broken by me in the time it takes for my to finish a cup of tea. Prepare to die."

Seeing all their reactions, Xu Que was stumped as some uncertainty surfaced in his heart.

Damn it. Could it be true that the Four Directions Desolation was really not as powerful as I imagine?

That doesn’t make sense. I spent a full 80 acting tough points on it and the spell description even said that those below the Infant Transformation Stage would die if they tried to force their way in.

Could it be that the cultivators in this world are all well versed with spells and have already reached an elite level when it came to casting and dealing with spells?

Xu Que’s heart had several doubts as fear swamped him. If these group of people really managed to break through the spells, that would be disastrous.

Xu Que then turned his eyes away and decided to try it out first before making his next move. He then looked at elder Liu and shouted across.

"Old sparse hair, you said that you can break through the spell in the time it takes to finish a small cup of tea. Fine. I shall give you the time needed to drink a cup of tea, come and try it."

"Hm, you’re hungry for death."

Elder Liu cleared his throat as he stepped on his flying sword. His body soared into the sky as he waved his hands, summoning a huge fire energy to his palms.


The fire energy accumulated before his body as it formed countless of fiery swords with red glowing energy around them. They floated in midair, poised to strike.

"I won’t even need to open my eyes to break your protective enchantments." After elder Liu spoke out, he mumbled to himself.

"Break it."

At the same time, the numerous flaming swords coalesced into a red ray of burning light as it charged towards the mountain behind Pan Shan Village like raindrops.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The fire swords slammed against the ray of light sphere enchantments, causing loud thudding sounds to be heard.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed onto the glowing enchantment, trying to see it being destroyed.

Elder Liu’s face revealed a confident smile as he watched on.

After the time needed to finish a cup of tea had passed and all the fire swords had been depleted, the bright protective screen looked exactly the same, unblemished and undamaged. It was as if the fiery assault didn’t even happen.

For a split second, there was complete and utter silence.

Elder Liu’s smile froze across his face.

Xu Que paused in anticipation before he burst out laughing. "Haha! Break through the enchantments? Old sparse hair, are you joking?"

Elder Liu’s cheeks and ears turned red, his anger was burning up within him.

The cultivators around him were embarrassed as well. This matter was extremely humiliating and shameful for them.

It’s just… How could that happen?

Elder Liu’s knowledge and experience in such spells were anything but insignificant. How could a small fry like this conjure a protective spell that wouldn’t break? Unless there was something fishy behind it?

"Iya, the powerful immortal is bored!" Xu Que sighed and looked up at the heaven as he sighed in boredom.

"Tell me. If you guys can’t even break through a mere small spell such as this, how can you dare to talk a whole lot of crap outside and talk of killing me?"

"Cluck cluck. Come on, I’m waiting to kill all of you."

"Why aren’t you speaking? Come on. My neck is extended for you to slaughter."

Hearing Xu Que speak all these taunts and antagonizing words, the many immortal cultivators were all furious beyond words.

A young disciple stepped forward and started shouting in response.

"If you have the guts, come out and deal with us! Don’t hide within the spell like a timid tortoise!"

"That’s right. Stop hiding in the spell and speaking such words. If you are really capable, come out and have a good fight."

"Exactly. If you have the guts to come out, I will fight you with just one hand."

All the disciples around had a glimmer in their eyes as they began responding to Xu Que with insults and riled themselves up.

Several sect elders nodded their heads in approval as well, thinking that this wasn’t a bad idea.

These hot blooded youths are young, aggressive and vigorous. They would certainly be unable to tolerate such insults.

The minute Xu Que steps out of the enchantment, they will strike like lightning and take him down.

However, Xu Que seemed extremely calm and unperturbed by the insults thrown at him.

He slowly walked over to a large tree and sat beneath it with his legs crossed. He then raised his head, pointing his nose to the sky and gave off an arrogant look. "Do you think you have the ability to fight with such a mighty being like myself?"

The immortal cultivators were incensed by these words as the several elders snarled furiously.

Damn it, I’ve never seen such a shameless person ever!

Just a mere Core Bearing Stage and he dares to call himself a powerful being in front of cultivators in the Golden Core Stage!

Elder Liu cleared his throat and shouted out across.

"Hm, since you don’t dare to come out, just remain there and hide yourself. After today, we shall send people here to guard this area everyday. You and your villagers will never be able to leave this place!"

Xu Que started laughing maniacally.

"Haha! I have no intentions of hiding. It’s just that I really wish to test the powers of this protective spell. Besides, it’s already clear that the spell I casted is on a different league from those dog shit spells you use to protect your own sects."

"Oh right, don’t assume that just because you’re standing outside the spell, you would be safe from it."

"Because… You’re still within the attacking distance from my spell!"

The minute his last word was spoken, he retrieved something from within the folds of his robes. It was the amulet for the Four Directions Desolation Spell!

Using two hands, he pressed down on southern point the amulet, where the vermilion sparrow symbol was.


Instantaneously, the nearest marker from where he was rumbled as a bright ray of light shot towards the heavens.

The spot which was stained with the blood from vermillion sparrows shook as a solid figure emerged from the ground. It gradually formed the outlines of a vermillion sparrow, as light rays swirled around it.


After several breaths, a loud screeching sound could be heard in all directions.

The immortal cultivators around were astonished and couldn't help but tremble in fear.

Soon after, a sparrow which was surrounded in burning flames erupted and flew across towards the immortal cultivators, scaring them out of their wits.

Although it was somewhat small in size, it was a majestic looking phantom which was covered in flames. As it took form, it charged down upon the cultivators, who were staring wide eyed.

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