Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899

Xu Ke has completely changed at this time.

His white hair was scattered behind him, and his eyes glittered with golden and black lightning. Around his body, he was overflowing with the majestic power of immortal yuan, just like the gods and demons who came to the world in ancient times. At a glance, it made life have an irresistible mind.

If only from the perspective of momentum, if these friars don't know the four immortal emperors, I'm afraid they will think Xu Weicai is the real Immortal Emperor.

"See the ghost, unexpectedly someone will challenge the Immortal Emperor?"

"I've seen it before. Later, the man seems to be dead and all the gods and souls are gone."

"The power of the Immortal Emperor can't be challenged by ordinary friars!"

The monks talked about it one after another, although Xu lacked showed much more power than they imagined.

But people don't think Xu lacks the strength to challenge the Immortal Emperor.

You know, for thousands of years, I don't know how many amazing monks have been stopped outside the threshold of the Immortal Emperor.

Among them, those who try to cross this threshold and challenge the Immortal Emperor are the demons of genius. Only the top elite friars can do this.

But the four immortal emperors are like four mountains, pressing high on everyone's head.

Every monk who goes to challenge will eventually end up dead.

Even the genius of the Ji family was also insidious in this.

So when they saw the match between several people, they couldn't help shaking their heads.

"Unfortunately, another genius is about to fall."

"The road of the Immortal Emperor is so difficult. Although he is a little immoral, he still has a bright future. Why should he do such an irrational thing?"

In Cheng Yuanxian domain, Jiang Hongyan and others also saw this scene, and their hearts immediately tightened.

Although Xu Ke had almost never been defeated before, the power of the Immortal Emperor had completely exceeded their understanding.

That is not a gap that can be smoothed simply by virtue of strong power.

Several people stared at the trembling figure, silently lowered their heads, and there was only one idea in their hearts.

Xu Xu... We must succeed.

Xu Ke, the protagonist of this historical war, stood proudly in the air at this time, feeling the power in his body, and a radian was raised at the corners of his mouth.

"From now on, I has the final say, who will approve of it and who will oppose it?" he said lightly.

Several immortal emperors' faces were dignified, their bodies were filled with immortal clouds, and the atmosphere was filled with tension.

Even if Xu que just stood there without any action, he could make several immortal emperors have enough vigilance.

"You are too arrogant. The power of Immortal Emperor is not what you can understand." Yongzhen Immortal Emperor is still trying to make peace. "As long as you are willing to retreat, we can guarantee that we won't hurt Yurou's slightest bit, and it will be returned to you immediately after the matter is over."

"This should be said by me." Xu que stepped forward and stared at each other coldly. "Hand over xiaorou and I'll spare you!"

"Arrogance! Do you really think you can beat two?" emperor Cheng Yuanxian couldn't help but roared.

Xu que raised a finger and shook it slightly.

Emperor Cheng Yuanxian was stunned, and then sneered: "even if you beg for mercy now, it's too late..."

"No, I mean, I'm going to hit all of you!" Xu Kuang said, "with all due respect, everyone here is happy!"


The friars on Xianyun Island immediately burst into flames.

This man is so arrogant that he provokes the Immortal Emperor in public!

The Immortal Emperor Chengyuan was so angry that he closed his hands and the immortal yuan rolled.

"Jue Tian Yin!"

A huge gold seal stuck out of the cloud.

The gold seal is as big as half of the West Tianmen City. The appearance is full of mysterious gold patterns. The powerful and unparalleled pressure directly makes the friars below unable to stand up. They can only stoop and look at the scene in shock.

"God... It's Jue Tian Yin! The famous stunt of emperor Cheng Yuanxian!"

"It is said that Cheng Yuanxian killed dozens of people in the same territory with this move before he became immortal emperor. They are all evil geniuses!"

"This guy is dead today. No one can stop the Immortal Emperor's full hand."

Facing the imposing golden seal, Xu que looked up at the sky and suddenly smiled.

The smile was full of disdain.

"That's it?"

He took a deep breath and punched hard.

The combination of Zhengqi seal magic Sutra and forced King fist made his fist burst out with unparalleled power.

Chakra rushed out with a fist, like a river pouring down, pounding on the golden seal.


The deafening roar echoed between heaven and earth. Tianhe and Jinyin collided heavily and fell into a stalemate.

Everyone was shocked.

Just seeing this golden seal, they can't resist. Can Xu Ke shake it?

"It's terrible..."

"Who the hell is this guy?"

"The leader of the fried heaven Gang is so terrible!" the standoff did not last long. Under the shocked eyes of the people, a crack suddenly appeared on the gold seal. The crack spread rapidly, and soon the whole gold seal was like a fragile glass product, "click" and completely cracked! "Poof!" emperor Cheng Yuanxian spewed a mouthful of blood directly, and the whole man flew upside down and hit the wall of the heavenly palace! Boom! The heavenly palace seemed to be hit by a meteorite and shook violently. The friars on Xianyun Island were stunned and looked at this scene, feeling that their world outlook was broken in an instant. Emperor Cheng Yuanxian... Was defeated by one move! Before they could return to their senses, they saw Xu Ke's body flash. In a flash, they came to Emperor Cheng Yuanxian and raised their fists high. "Send you to the West!" the violent air rushed away, and the surface of the heavenly palace was directly blasted out of a pit, which was full of bloody stumps. The monks' brains are blank, and there is a dead silence on Xianyun island. You can smell the dropping of needles! Emperor Cheng Yuanxian was killed! This scene is sensational to the extreme. Any monk could not believe this scene, but it happened to appear in front of them. Xu Wei looked at his fist, frowned and said, "why did you fall down before I did my best?" as soon as the voice fell, the flesh and blood in the pit suddenly began to dissipate and turned into brilliance. After a few moments, the figure of emperor Cheng Yuanxian appeared again in front of everyone. Xu que immediately frowned: "Why are you alive again? Can't the Immortal Emperor kill me?" the newly resurrected Immortal Emperor Cheng Yuan snorted coldly and said with a gloomy face: "ignorant, you don't know the secret of the immortal kingdom until you come to the immortal kingdom. You can't kill me..." boom! Before the words fell, Xu que came forward directly and hit Cheng Yuanxian emperor with a hard punch, directly smashing him again. As before, Emperor Cheng Yuanxian resurrected and said in a fierce voice, "don't you understand? The Immortal Emperor can't kill..." boom! "Don't dream..." boom! "You don't understand the emperor's words..." boom! "NIMA..." boom! When people saw this scene, they were filled with thunder

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