Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 25: Spreading Of Notoriety

Chapter 25: Spreading Of Notoriety

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That night, Xu Que strolled around town.

On his way, he walked past cultivators from time to time. They were all attracted by the black robes he donned but at the same time, were afraid to provoke him due to the immense aura he emitted. One by one, they chose to take detours instead.

Throughout his trip, he bought a number of goods and gained considerable amounts of act tough points.

Due to the late night, many shops were already closed. Xu Que had no choice but to find an inn to stay for the night.

The next day morning, the market became crowded again and the shops reopened. Xu Que decided to walk around again.

Many cultivators were staring at him in awe, along with some degree of respect for him. He continued strutting along with the black robes flapping with every step, showing a very confident front.

At the same time, system beeps were continuously heard sounding out. His act tough points were rising quickly!

When he finally bought all the supplies, Xu Que found out that his act tough points had risen by quite a bit, increasing from 25 points to 130 act tough points. This trip was fruitful indeed.

With a contented heart, he left the small town.

On his way out of the small town, he quickly deposited the items he purchased into the system deposit space without anyone looking. He also changed out of the black robes, back into the coarse hemp clothes. Chewing on a piece of foxtail millet grass, he confidently walked towards the direction of Pan Shan Village.

He felt like he had nothing to worry about. If he showed his true appearance and walked along the streets, even if people recognized him, he was prepared to kill a large number of pursuers to earn a whole bunch of act tough points.

However, Xu Que’s luck wasn’t so good. He had seen a little to no cultivators.

The weird thing was that when everyone saw him, they turned pale and ran away.

The reason was that during the night, Xu Que’s notoriety had already spread past the small town’s borders.

Many cultivators had already heard of him killing Golden Core Stagers and had a formidable master backing him up. Who would dare to provoke him?

This situation made Xu Que panic. If nobody dared to stand up to him, how will he gain experience and level up his cultivation?

"Hey, hey. Who’s that? Come here. Yes, you, come over here… Damn it, why are you running away? I am not going to eat you."

He finally chanced upon several cultivators and Xu Que quickly called out to them. The bunch quickly figured out his identity and swiftly fled as if seeing a ghost.

Xu Que made a face of regret. He shouldn’t think of killing others for the sake of leveling up. Furthermore, they hadn’t provoked him.

"Sigh, you people have no perseverance or willpower whatsoever. How can you guys give up on killing me due to such a small obstacle?!" Xu Que shouted at those people’s backs.

The bunch of cultivators who were running heard his voice and one of them stumbled and almost tripped and fell.

You single-handedly fought countless Golden Core Stage Elders and you are some famous man’s disciple. Who the hell would dare to touch you?

You call your skills a small obstacle? This obstacle is scarier than the heavens, don't you think?

"Forget it. I still have other chances in the future to fight and gain levels."

The few people were all gone out of sight. Xu Que pursed his lips and gave up the thinking of gaining experience on the way back.

Lightning streaked past under his feet as he executed the Lightning Haste spell. He then advanced towards Pan Shan village.

After flying past two mountains and a lake, Pan Shan village was already almost within reach.

At this time, he suddenly saw two rays of light fly past him.

Xu Que turned and looked. He became increasingly overjoyed by the minute.

They were disciples of the Celestial Sect and they’re wearing long robes. Amongst them, there was a young man who seemed familiar. He then recalled seeing him when he was at the Celestial Sect stealing items from their treasure store. That young man was Zhang Su Liang.

Don’t tell me they are sending me free experience points? Why are they sending just two men?

While puzzling over the situation, those two people saw Xu Que and steered their flying swords towards the ground.

"My friend. Our Sect Leader invites you to come to Celestial Sect!" Zhang Su Liang felt awkward and weird seeing Xu Que again but explained his reason for coming regardless.

Xu Que was stunned the moment he heard the two words, "Sect Leader".

Celestial Sect Leader? Damn. It’s that old monster who is at Infant Transformation Stage. He has invited me over to see him. With my current Cultivation Stage, what if I go and he pins me down and beats me up? Only a dummy would agree to go.

"I’m not going." Xu Que replied with a cold and straight face.

Zhang Su Liang and the other disciple was stunned for a moment, panicked and asked, "My friend, we don’t mean harm. The Sect Leader has invited you over to the Celestial Sect to discuss and clear the misunderstanding between you and the various factions."

Clear the misunderstanding?

Xu Que became surprised yet again and thought about the rumour he heard about him at the small town. He immediately came into realization.

It most probably because the Celestial Sect Leader thought that he was the disciple of Duan Jiu De and therefore chose to give way instead of punishing him.

This is a good chance to act tough!

Xu Que touched his chin in contemplation, and muttered pretentiously, "Oh, so he wants to discuss that matter with me. Alright. Go back and tell your Sect Leader to come to me and discuss the matter instead."

"What?" Zhang Su Liang and the other disciple widened their eyes.

Ask the Sect Leader to come to you? Are you dreaming? And what an arrogant tone you have there?

Xu Que replied with a straight face, "What is it? Don't you people know who am I? If you two don’t know, go back and ask your Sect Leader."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points."

The system beep sounded and Xu Que laughed out loud in his mind.


Zhang Su Liang and the other Celestial Sect disciple puckered their eyebrows and looked at one another with their faces revealing some embarrassment.

Clearly, they had already heard the rumour of Xu Que being Duan Jiu De’s disciple and in the face of Xu Que’s arrogance, the both of them were further convinced of the truth of the apparent rumour.

"Friend, we know that you have a respectable name but our Sect Leader and the various Faction Elders are currently waiting for you. We would like to trouble you to just follow us back…"

"Right. On the account of your good attitude, I shall follow you people." Xu Que waved his hands, interrupting the two disciples, agreeing to go to Celestial Sect.

He originally wanted to reject at all costs but had changed his mind at the last minute.

The reason was for Pan Shan village’s safety. He thought about the fact that although nobody was a match for the Four Directions Desolation so far, it was only effective against cultivators below the Infant Transformation Stage.

If the Celestial Sect Leader comes down personally, the protective screen would be absolutely useless to him. Also, if he destroys the spell, consequences would be dire.

Therefore, Xu Que decided not to make the Celestial Sect Leader come over. He’d rather go over the Sect and act tough and gain more act tough points!

Moreover, he had in his system inventory the Divine Escape Emblem. He could escape after acting tough and immediately exchange for even higher ranked spells. This would make Pan Shan village be free of dangers.

Xu Que had planned out everything perfectly. He then calmly activated the Lightning Haste spell. He immediately headed towards the Celestial Sect in a frenzied speed.

"What a fast skill he has!"

"He can actually ride on lightning. His background is definitely not normal."

Zhang Su Liang and the other Celestial Sect disciple landed and marvelled at Xu Que’s skills and were both awestruck.

At the same time, Xu Que who was miles away again received the successful acting tough system beep!

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