Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 4: Gorgeous Looking Little Village Girl

Chapter 4: Gorgeous Looking Little Village Girl

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After some time, Xu Que heaved a sigh of relief.

The system’s solution meant that there was a way out. It was for him to muster the skill of "Destruction of Meridians". This was the only way to expel the excess Qi.

Since Qi flowed along the meridians, everytime he collapsed his own meridians, Qi would automatically be used up to repair the damage vessel.

It would even cause his meridians to become stronger after each reparation process and would also strengthen his health and physique.

However, this process was bound to be tortuous and excruciating. In order to allow the Qi to repair his meridians, he would have to shut off the system’s reparation ability. This also meant that Xu Que had to endure the pain of countless destructions of his own meridians.

"Forget it. If it has to be destroyed and repaired, then so be it. It’s much better than exploding to death."

Xu Que made the choice.

He gritted his teeth and spent 10 acting tough points to buy the manual .

In that instant, a flash of light flashed across his mind as he acquired the cruel manual.

He then shut his eyes tight as he used his own Qi to press down hard on each of his crucial acupuncture points, collapsing his own meridians.

At the same time, the shrieks and wails which sounded like a pig dying could be heard in the forest.

Once he broke the first meridians, he didn’t stop for two days and two nights. At the end of it all, Xu Que was completely drained as he passed out.


When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying within a small and old wooden hut. To his sides were simple and plain furnitures. A rusted and spotted pot rested on the table as it emitted steam.

"Looks like I survived…"

Xu Que laughed out contentedly.

He licked his cracked up lips before sitting up to pour himself some water to drink.


At the same time, he sucked in a breath of cold, fresh air. Pain coursed through his entire body agonizingly as he fell back down onto the bed helplessly.

At this point, he realized that his entire body was wrapped up like a mummy. A sharp and unpleasant smell of medication wafted from within the wraps.

Fuck, which quack of a doctor did this to me?

Xu Que was filled with anger. What’s a simple wound? All that’s required was to spend some acting tough points and I will be alright. But you decided to wrap me up like a damned mummy. How am I supposed to act tough in this state?


The door creaked open gently, as a petite figure walked through the door.

"Eh, you’re awake?"

A sweet and melodious sound of a girl speaking coursed through his ears.

Xu Que looked up to get a better look as his entire body froze.

The petite girl standing before him was a beauty. Her skin was fair and smooth as an entire head of dark black hair fell lightly on her shoulders. Her big round eyes gleamed of innocence and clarity.

Seeing that Xu Que was awake, the corners of her mouth moved to reveal the smile of a gorgeous angel.

"So you’ve finally woken up. Yesterday, I went up to the mountains to pick some vegetables and saw that you were unconscious on the ground, and your entire body was covered in blood. Thus I called for second brother Leng and the rest of them to carry you back. You must be a foreigner, right? You must never go up that mountain again. It was very easy for people who were unfamiliar with this area to fall prey to the beasts around." Her beautiful eyes gleamed as she smiled once again and her cheeks revealed a sweet pair of dimples.

Xu Que was still dazed by her beauty.

My god. How can this world produce a woman of such beauty! Compared to the pretty immortal girl who turned violent previously, this little village girl was on a different league. She had the countenance of a flower and the face of goddess. It was difficult for Xu Que to contain his infatuation.

"Don’t be afraid. This is Pan Shan Village. Wild beasts won’t enter this place. Besides, there are many immortals who would beat them savagely if they ever showed up." The little village girl looked at Xu Que’s expression and thought that he was still afraid. He was watching her little hands imitate the beasts as she spoke. She was extremely adorable.

Xu Que regained his senses. Staring at a beautiful girl was a simple act. However, the grand mastery of acting tough was a job that was perpetual and must never be dropped!

Hearing this, he sat upright and replied, "Afraid? I, Xu Que, have never known fear. Truth be told, I am a hunter. That day when I was atop the mountain, I ran into a thousand.. Err, several dozens of wild beasts trying to take me for their dinner. But I wasn’t the least afraid. When I encountered them, I stood my ground and shouted at them. Everyone has to die sooner or later in spite of how severe or easy their deaths would be. But I, Xu Que, will never surrender. Hence I began a battle for my life which lasted three days and three nights. Look at these battle scars, they were caused by a savage wolf…"

"Ah? We’ve never heard of any wolves on that mountain!"

"Aren’t there any? Then it means that it probably came over from another mountain! Aiya, don’t bother yourself with the minor details. The important point is that I wasn’t willing to die as a meal to them, and thus I jumped off the mountain. Who would expect that heavens was looking after me and sent an immortal fairy to look after me. Thank you."

"Ah… I… I’m not an immortal fairy. I’m Xiao Rou." The little village girl froze momentarily as her face blushed red in shyness, tipping her head down.

"It’s alright Xiao Rou. From today on, you shall be my immortal fairy." Xu Que replied sincerely.

"You… How can you say… Ah…" Xiao Rou sounded extremely anxious and flustered as she covered her adorable face before turning around to run off.

In this place, even if it’s a tiny village, people were still very traditional and conservative.

In speaking this way, Xu Que was as good as taking liberties with her and teasing her and not just complimenting her on her looks.

Xiao Rou ran out of the hut and hid outside as she started using her little fingers to fan her hot flushed cheeks.

Xu Que laid back down on the bed and smiled in admiration of himself.

That acting tough was extremely successful. He had earned 2 points from it and was pleased. That's why his glib tongue decided to flatter and praise Xiao Rou.

He then called out the system as the interface appeared before his eyes.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Stagel: Qi Refining Stage Level 10 (Small Progress)

Experience Points: 0/1000

Acting Tough Points: 7 Points

Skill Path : Beginner’s Level

Occupation: None

Status: Prince Consort of the Eastern Fire Country


Xu Que was taken aback.

The last time he looked at the interface, it was still the same— level 10 of the Qi Refining Stage. However, the system’s comments were that it was just beginner’s access. Now it stated that I’ve made small progress, as if I had increased by a mini level. Could it be the rewards of constantly destroying and repairing my meridians?

Oh, if that’s the reason, then all that suffering wasn’t in vain.

Xu Que’s heart regained some sort of calmness as he spoke to the system, "Activate recovery capabilities. Help me to recover from my injuries."

"Ding! Activating recovery capabilities. Deducting 1 acting tough point."


Almost instantaneously, a clear and cooling feeling enveloped his entire body.

Xu Que felt his entire body shrouded in comfort and pleasure. It was the same feeling as dipping into a hot stream after a long and tiring day, causing all his pores to open up in relaxation.

After several breaths, all the pain in his body had disappeared as he regained his energy. He felt much stronger than before he was hurt.

Xu Que then laughed out, extremely satisfied as he leapt off the bed. He then clenched his fists as he stretched, causing his muscles to twitch.

"Pa! Pa! Pa-da!"

Following the sounds, he had ripped apart the bandages on his body as it fell to the ground.


At this point the finally composed Xiao Rou pushed open the door once again and entered.

At this point, her gaze fell upon Xu Que’s. Her pupils dilated as her smile turned into one of extreme horror as she let out a loud shriek. Her entire face turned a deep shade of red as she ran out of the door.

Xu Que paused for sometime, his expression was suspicious as he looked down at himself. What he saw caused his face to turn as red as a pig’s liver.

Fuck, who took off all my clothes?

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