Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 9: The Strength Of The Dragon Is Unparalleled

Chapter 9: The Strength Of The Dragon Is Unparalleled

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At this moment...

Pan Shan Village entrance.

Several villagers were crowded near the wild beast’s dead carcass. They were armed with hoes, their faces filled with hatred and reluctance as they stared at a group of men on the opposing side.

The dozen of men across them didn’t look like local Pan Shan villagers and the head of the group was a tough and stocky built man— his hand held a big wood chopper. He resembled a devilish fiend.

Facing the Pan Shan villagers, he shouted: "If you all don’t get out of the way, don’t blame me, the Big Panther, for being ruthless!"

Pan Shan villagers rebuked, "You Water Back villagers are too much. We, the villagers brought the Tiger-Ox beast down and you people dare to claim it as your kill?"

Big Panther sneered, "You are asking me why do I dare to claim this kill? Let me tell you people, this Tiger-Ox beast ran here from our village and was by all means our village’s responsibility. Now that it’s been killed by you people, you all are lucky that I didn’t ask for any compensation. Yet you still dare to claim it as yours?"

"What a load of shit! The mountains are full of the Tiger-Ox. What proof do you have that it came from your village? You people are open-snatching our kill."

"Hehe… So what if I am snatching? I will definitely do it and those who don’t agree can fight me!" Big Panther laugh sarcastically and waved the big chopper aggressively, creating sounds from slashing the air.

The Pan Shan villagers momentarily blanked out and inevitably retreated a few steps.

This Big Panther was from the neighbouring Water Back village. He was the son of the village’s chief. He possessed godly latent talent, trained in a Martial arts school and learned the Kung Fu. His skills were top notch.

The Pan Shan villagers who were up against him were slightly terrified.

"Hehe… are you all scared? Just obediently hand over the beast and save the beating." Big Panther mockingly laughed.

Still, the Pan Shan villagers were insistent on not giving way and stood their ground in front of the beast carcass.

One of them timidly spoke out, "The tribute day is only in a few days and if this time we don’t meet up to the immortal elders expectations, we will be duly punished. We absolutely cannot afford to give way."

"That’s right. We’ll all die anyway. Might as well fight it out with Big Panther."

"Right! Men, let’s hold the front and quickly go find others to help us."

"Yes." One of them immediately nodded, turned and dashed towards the inner village.

Big Panther couldn't care less and jeered at the fact that one of them dashed to ask for backup.

"Hehe... it’s no use even if you ask for help."

"You Pan Shan village have less than 20 men and you people are obviously no match for Panther boss. Why do you all resist?"

"Argh! You all are such ignorant fools!"

The Water Back villagers ridiculed them continuously.

Big Panther also followed with grim laughs. He waved his large knife, rested it on his shoulder and said:

"You people dare to call for help? Looks like you guys don’t know my prowess unless I show you my blade skills."

Without another second’s delay, Big Panther dashed towards the defenseless villagers.

That big chopper looked at least 50 over kilograms but did not affect his speed in the slightest bit.

In a split second, he rushed in front of the villagers and swung his sword towards them.

The few villagers’ expression fell as they hurriedly lifted up their hoes and positioned it in front of them.

However, with Big Panther’s natural god strength, he swung his blade, causing a loud "Bang" sound, breaking the villager’s hoes and knocking all of them flying off their feet.


Akin to being knocked back by a wild beast, the few villagers landed on the ground with a thud. Their faces became pale and coughed out fresh blood.

A mere blade was able to cause these few able-bodied men to sustain heavy damage.

The Water Back villagers momentarily cheered together.

"Nice! Boss Panther, nice shot!"

"What earth-shaking power!"

"Haha! Pan Shan villagers don’t know what’s good for them. With our boss’ godly powers, he can even take down God or Buddha."

"Yeah! We tried to be nice but you all didn’t take the offer. We guess that all of you had incurred our boss’ wrath?"

Big Panther loved the ongoing flattery by his fellow villagers, growing complacent by the minute.

"Screw your dog shit of a mother! What kind of trash dare to make trouble at MY Pan Shan Village? Is he courting death?"

Angry yelling could be heard. The Water Back villagers’ boastful celebration was ended prematurely.

Big Panther’s expression changed and directed his attention towards the village entrance.

What he saw was a figure with a coarse hemp clothing with a head wrapped with a white towel, resembling that of a handsome looking young man advancing towards them.

Xu Que has arrived!

While on his way, he had already seen Big Panther clashing with the few villagers and saw them fly. He was furious.

Damn you! How dare you bastards bully these humble villagers. And you are doing it infront of me, Xu Que.

"Little Doll, were you scolding me?"

After witnessing Xu Que’s skinny frame, Big Panther moody expression momentarily revealed a sinister grin.

Xu Que laughed sarcastically, "Don’t worry, it wasn’t only you. I was referring to the whole lot of them too. Utter trash."

The scene was oddly familiar.

The injured villagers were stunned and while staring blankly at Xu Que, they felt thankful.

What a mouth on this little guy! He is able to scold someone with such sincerity.

Following was the group of Water Back villagers bursting out in anger, pointing at Xu Que while cursing.


"Son of a bitch! Where did this little doll come from, is he looking to die?"

"Boss, this chap is asking for it. Let us take care of it."

While scolding, they pulled up their sleeves, ready to brawl with Xu Que at any minute.

"Young… Young master, don’t be rash!"

A petite silhouette can be seen scurrying towards the entrance and worriedly shouting from afar.

Xu Que turned and looked. It was Xiao Rou.

The Water Back villagers saw Xiao Rou and were stunned.

"What a fresh-looking lady!"

"What the hell? Since when did Pan Shan village have such beautiful women?"

"The person who marries this lady is damned lucky."

The Water Back villagers were discussing amongst themselves.

Big Panther’s eyes glittered and thirstily stared at Xiao Rou, "Heheh... turns out that Pan Shan village have such a fresh lady hidden. I must take her back to my village."

Xiao Rou was frightened pale and instinctively hid behind Xu Que. Pulling his sleeves, she whispered, "Young… Young master, don’t be rash. Someone had already called second brother Leng and others for help."

"Don’t be scared!"

Xu Que warmly smiled. He reached out his hand and gently rubbed the top of her head. He replied softly, " These people were spouting bullshit. Let me teach them a lesson!"

"Ba-dum, ba-dum.", Xiao Rou froze and her tiny heart was beating quicker by the second.

When she regained her composure, she found out that Xu Que had already sped off, moving further and further.

"Don’t!" Xiao Rou cried out.

Still, Xu Que was already waving his fists in front of Big Panther, bearing a cold, icy grin at the side of his lips.

Initially, I was wrecking my brains on where to test the prowess of my Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations and since you people have shown up looking for trouble, I might as well test it.


Upon fully releasing the the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation skill, Xu Que’s body abruptly emitted a ‘Bang’ sound, with Water-element spiritual Qi activating all over his body. A dragon was shaped and sent upwards from the dantian.

"Hmph! Ignorant little prick, I’ll destroy you!"

Big Panther let out a war cry, lifted his big chopper and dashed in Xu Que’s direction.

The next moment, he was scared stiff.

He could only see a faint, blue light aura rushing from Xu Que’s body hovering into the air, forming a gigantic, blue dragon. The dragon was baring its fangs and branding its claws while circling above Xu Que in a spiral motion.

A tremendous feeling of dominance and arrogance emitted from the dragon, enveloping the whole area.

"Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations, first form!"

Xu Que deeply groaned, clenched his fist and sent it towards Big Panther’s big chopper.


Along with the power of the dragon, his fist landed heavily at the tip of the blade.

Next, a trembling "Dang" could be heard and the chopper broke on the spot.

Like a broken kite, Big Panther was sent flying. He spat out fresh blood, flew in a parabolic motion before finally landing heavily on the ground. He twitched twice and stopped moving.

Everybody was flabbergasted. The scene was in a gloomy state as everything went silent.

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