Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1024 - Unexpected Changes To The Wedding, Chu Hong Being Controlled Like A Puppet

Chapter 1024 Unexpected Changes To The Wedding, Chu Hong Being Controlled Like A Puppet

Immortals gathered on Divine Dragon Island for the grand wedding. Among the crowd, Lin Yan could not help but glance at Shang Honghua.

As a fellow Fated One, they shared a unique connection.

Lin Yan could tell that Shang Honghua was a lot stronger than before, and similar to him, she was also a step shy from becoming an Immortal.

Shang Honghua also sensed Lin Yan’s presence. When she met eyes with him, she grinned. “It’s him.”

Gong Yue noticed her disciple being distracted. She, too, looked in the same direction and saw Lin Yan. Then, the several figures behind Lin Yan caught her attention.

“Oh, that’s the Ancient Immortal Lin clan.”

The Ancient Immortal Lin clan, similar to Jade Clarity Immortal Sect, originated from the ancient immortal times, and the wisdom and resources the clan accumulated throughout history were not to be underestimated. Their clan members rarely appeared in public.

“It seems like they are prepared to join the Battle of Destiny, and the one they have chosen is Lin Yan. Interesting,” Gong Yue said with a grin.

It was then a flare of golden Immortal Sparks shone from further away.

A massive golden battle ark came from the sky.

The battle ark seemed to be forged out of gold, and the Daoist patterns that circulated its body resembled a three-legged Golden Crow.

The arrival of the battle ark left many cultivators in awe.

“Honorable Yokai Hall!”

“The Honorable Yokai Hall is here!”

Several figures came out from the ark. The leader of the bunch was covered in golden Immortal Sparks as dazzling as the sun. The man was none other than the Yokai Hall Ruler.

“My lord, how have you been?”

A voice came from within Divine Dragon Island.

Several figures walked out from the deeper parts of the island. All of them had different hair colors, which were gold, white, red, green, and yellow.

The five men were the Five Element Dragon Rulers of Divine Dragon Island.

The weakest among them was a Higher Third-grade Earthen Immortal, and the leader of the bunch was obviously the Golden Dragon Ruler.

“Dragon Rulers, congratulations. After the union of dragon and phoenix, Divine Dragon Island might very well be the leader of the whole Yokai Tribe,” the Yokai Ruler said with a faint grin.

“You are too courteous, Yokai Ruler. The Honorable Yokai Hall rules over a myriad of yokai, and it is not our place to think of that,” the Golden Dragon Ruler said with laughter.

“Heh.” The Yokai Ruler did not want to continue the conversation. Everyone else knew that he must be in a terrible mood.

The Honorable Yokai Hall had grown rapidly in recent years, and some felt it had surpassed the Divine Dragon Island and Sycamore Mountain. It even showed signs that it wanted to rule over all the Yokai Tribes.

Now, with the union between dragon and phoenix, it would definitely impact the Honorable Yokai Hall’s influence. Not to mention all the great ambitions they had, even the idea of taking over Sycamore Mountain was ruined because of that union.

It would be strange if the Yokai Ruler were in a good mood.

Hearing the sarcastic comments from both tribes, the Dean and Gong Yue could not help but giggle.

A year ago, the Azure Dragon Ruler and Yokai Ruler prevented them from saving Chu Kuangren, and they still remembered it until this day.

Now, seeing the bickering between the two tribes only fueled the delight in the Dean and Gong Yue.

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t the bride or the groom arrived yet?” Shang Honghua looked around.

“Relax. It’s not yet time for the ceremony,” Gong Yue said with a smile.

Following the arrival of all the important guests, the ceremony finally began.

The Mountain Rulers of Sycamore Mountain, Feng and Huang, the Golden Dragon Rulers, and others sat down at the host seats. In front of them was a path of gold built entirely out of golden bricks. It looked as lavished as it was shiny.

At the other end of the golden path were a couple, the bride and groom, stepping into the hall.

The young man was in golden robes, looking handsome and energetic. Every step he took screamed of royalty.

“That’s the Golden Dragon Young Master? This presence, he really is something else. He’s not just a common Dragon Immortal.”

“I think his combat strength can rival a Higher Third-grade Immortal.”

“You must be exaggerating. He had just become an Immortal. It’s not that easy to challenge someone above his rank.”

“He’s a Fated One. You can’t judge his strength level with common sense.”

The crowd was in a heated discussion.

Lin Yan and Yuan Xu were also among the crowd, staring at the Golden Dragon Young Master, who had become an Immortal before them. The look on their faces sank.

‘Such strong energy. If I were to fight him, I might not even be able to hold on for ten moves. It seems like I must refine the Scorching Silent True Flame and become an Immortal when I go back. Only then can I compete with the Golden Dragon Young Master,’ Lin Yan thought.

On the other hand, Yuan Xu also shared a similar thought.

“I must make a breakthrough in the Holy Judgement Codex. With my past life experience, and the will of the Immortal World that I got this life, becoming an Immortal is certain. Until then, I will be able to overtake the Golden Dragon Young Master.”

The two Fated Ones were deep in their own thoughts when they saw the Golden Dragon Young Master.

The others also paid close attention to the bride and groom, but some of them quickly noticed that something was wrong.

“The bride seems strange.”

The bridge, seemingly only a girl of fifteen, sixteen years of age, had pink lips, fair skin, and delicate facial features. However, her eyes did not complement her beauty as the gaze felt dull as a puppet.

Something must have happened prior to the wedding “It’s… Lil Hong!”

In the crowd, Shang Honghua was shocked.

Lan Yu also wore a bitter look on her face. She bolted up and shouted, “Chu Hong, what are you doing?”

She was furious, not at Chu Hong but at the wedding.

She could tell that Chu Hong was not herself. Chu Hong might have been forced to agree to the wedding

Her figure flashed and appeared before Chu Hong. “Chu Hong, wake up! Do you remember me?”

Chu Hong glanced at her but barely reacted. There was a hint of struggle in those dull eyes of hers.

“What did you do to her?!” Lan Yu questioned the Golden Dragon Young Master.

“Hmph. Who do you think you are to cause a scene here? Guards, take her away,” the Golden Dragon Young Master bellowed.

The guards of Divine Dragon Island came rushing in and wanted to take the intruder away.

At that moment, Shang Honghua jumped out and released her source energy, blasting the guards away immediately.

The sudden occurrence left everyone confused.

The Divine Dragon Island’s Dragon Rulers reacted bitterly to the commotion. They looked at the Dean and Gong Yue, demanding an explanation for the intrusion because they knew the girls came from the academy.

“Dean, Jade Clarity Sect Ruler, please explain this!” bellowed the Golden Dragon Ruler.


The Dean looked at Lan Yu with a troubled gaze.

Lan Yu took a deep breath and said, “She’s Master’s sister, and she will never agree to marry the Golden Dragon Young Master. Something must have happened.”

Her words sparked a commotion among the crowd.

Many of them knew who the Master she was referring to was.

“The bride is Chu Kuangren’s sister?”

“This is going to be interesting. Divine Dragon Island participated in the siege against Chu Kuangren, and many still remember it like it happened yesterday. Now the Golden Dragon Young Master wants to marry his sister? What is going on?”

“Interesting. Will Chu Kuangren show up


The Feng Mountain Ruler took a step forward and bellowed, “Nonsense! Chu Kuangren is a human, and she’s a Divine Phoenix. How could they be brother and sister? If you two continue to cause a scene, don’t blame us for taking you out by force.”

“Hmph! Chu Hong might not be related to Master by blood, but they are as close as brother and sister. Besides, you guys must have done something to her to control her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t stay quiet like this. It’s like she’s a walking puppet under someone’s control!” Lan Yu argued, refusing to step down.


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