Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1816

1816 Battle of the Heavenly Champions, Final Battlefield, The Gathering

“The Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Directions Formation is terrifyingly powerful. With this formation, we don’t need to worry about Chu Kuangren anymore!”

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist lifted a giant golden bell above his head, looking excited.

At that moment, he saw the hope of defeating Chu Kuangren.

No, it was not just wishful thinking. He could already see Chu Kuangren begging on his knees.

With that, he eagerly wanted to challenge Chu Kuangren again.


“The Ten Directions Formation is indeed terrifying,” the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden exclaimed.

She believed Chu Kuangren might not be able to withstand the power of the formation, but she did not think Chu Kuangren would lose as well.

The man had calculated everything before it happened.

At that thought, the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden sighed to herself.

“Now that the formation is ready, we should go to Chu Kuangren,” Long Xuan said.

“There’s no need to rush.” Fuxi’s successor shook his head.

“Other than sufficient power, we also need a suitable and eye-catching stage to fight him. I want to destroy him at the very end of the Battle of the Heavenly Champions, when he thinks he has become the Immortal World Ruler. I will obliterate not only his body and soul but also his spirit.”

His words enlightened the others.

It would send Chu Kuangren straight to hell from heaven.

It was a great idea indeed.

The thought of that interesting suggestion made them all chuckle.

“I believe Chu Kuangren would look ‘amazing’ when that happens.” Long Xuan chuckled.

While they were talking about the final stage, a beam of divine light shot up into the sky, moving the clouds away.

A beautiful and grand scroll of painting expanded in the air.

Then, a grand but emotionless voice said, “The final battlefield for the Heavenly Champions will be the Thalassic Mountains, where the Immortal King will ascend to his or her throne.”

The brief message contained information that shook the entire Immortal World.

It was a mountainous terrain that resembled an old and barren land.

That would be the final battlefield for the Heavenly Champions, the Thalassic Mountains.

“Hahaha! Just when we were thinking about the perfect timing to deal with Chu Kuangren, it arrives!”

“That’s right. The Thalassic Mountains will be where we defeat Chu Kuangren once and for all.”

Everyone was delighted.

“Now that it has appeared, everyone should go back and get fully prepared. Remember to keep in contact. Another important thing would be…”

Fuxi’s successor said with a serious look on his face, “Before the ten of us get together, no matter how many more cultivators there are, do not engage Chu Kuangren.”

The Ten Great Godly Weapons must be intact.

If any one of them was defeated by Chu Kuangren and lost the artifact to him, the Ten Directions Formation would be wasted.


“We have cultivated for so long. Waiting a little longer is nothing.”

Everyone agreed.

The appearance of the Thalassic Mountains moved the entire Immortal World.

Other than the wielders of the Ten Great Godly Weapons, many other sky-prides and Prodigies, especially the seventy-two Immortal Prides, would not give up the position of Immortal King without a fight.

Inside the Soul Restricted Area, countless evil ghouls and souls rose to the sky.

A beautiful figure emerged from the sea of souls, but her paleish and vicious look gave everyone the chills.

“That’s Lan Haifang, the Restricted Area Young Overlord!”

“She has appeared! Is she going to the Thalassic Mountains?”

“Nonsense. Lan Haifang is one of the seventy-two Immortal Prides so, of course, she would not miss the final battle of the Heavenly Champions. The Immortal World Ruler is a position that everyone wants.”

Lan Haifang looked at the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield coldly. “Chu Kuangren, I hope you will be there. It’s time to settle the beef with you once and for all.”

On the other hand, a demonic three-headed dragon flew out of the ocean, and its rampant demonic qi swept across the waters.

A dozen mountains near the sea were destroyed by the wave of demonic qi.

Cultivators escaped the collapsing mountains and emerged from the dust storm. They looked at the demonic dragon in fear and gasped.

“It’s the Three-Headed Demonic Dragon!”

“The other Young Overlord of the Subspecies Restricted Area!”

“What a terrifying demonic qi! With that power, he would be able to rival Long Xuan or even surpass him.”

“The Restricted Area Young Overlords are really something.”


On the land where countless beasts called home, a deafening roar forced all the beasts on their knees, shaking.

A colorful kylin walked out.

The kylin was surrounded by five different colors of light and countless runes, which granted it a mystical presence.

The horns on its head had lightning bolts surrounding it, its front limbs sparked flames, and its rear limbs had strong wind surrounding them. Its body had a colorful luster, and it looked tougher than an Immortal Metal.

Life flourished wherever the kylin went. Grass grew and withered wood came back a life.

Then, the colorful kylin transformed into a man with a colorful robe. He looked at the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield eagerly.

“I, the Five-colored Kylin Child, have been cultivating for many years and have never fought anyone before. It was to conserve my energy so that I could do my best at the final stage of the Battle of the Heavenly Champions. I will seize the throne of the Immortal World Ruler! The chance has finally come!”

Five-colored Kylin Child chuckled and flew toward the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield.

On the other hand, Ye Zhu was cultivating on a mountain peak within the Three Clarity Daoist Sect’s territory.

When the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield appeared, sword qi surged into the sky and tore the sky and earth apart.

The entire mountain peak transformed into a massive sword that perforated the heavens.

“The Thalassic Mountains Battlefield. The final battle has finally come.”

Ye Zhu’s eyes flickered before he disappeared from his spot. The endless sword qi disappeared as well.

At Every Goat Mountain, a buffed man walked out with endless battle intent that swept across the land and shook the heavens.

He wielded a halberd and a shield as his weapons.

“Hahaha! The Holy Judgement Tribe has been living in seclusion at Every Goat Mountain, and now, it’s time for us to show ourselves. I will become the Immortal World Ruler and destroy the Immortal Hall!”

The buffed man had overflowing battle intent surrounding him as he released a powerful cry.

He was like a man-like ancient wild beast. He could destroy mountains and rivers with his power.

Back at Five Ways Mountain, an ape wielding a metal rod looked at the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield fiercely.

“The Battle Saint Ape Tribe will fight until the end! I, Yuan Zhan, has won and lost before in my life, but Chu Kuangren is my nemesis. Now that I’m no longer the same, I wish to fight you again,” Yuan Zhan muttered to himself excitedly.

Even though he had a hunch that he was still not a match for Chu Kuangren’s strength, the blood flowing in his vein drove him forward.

At the Great Ten Thousand Mountains, a beautiful woman came out.

There was a crescent moon mark on her forehead, and it was emanating a mystical Daoist Rhyme. Wherever she went, invisible restriction seals formed.

“Master, Lil Fox is coming!”

The appearance of the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield rang the alarm for all the forces in the Immortal World.

The seventy-two Immortal Prides showed up one after another and made their way to the battlefield.

Some of them were already well-known Prodigies, while some had been hiding for as long as the story went on and only decided to show up at the very last moment.

For a moment, the appearance of the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield gathered all the Immortals Prides at a single place.

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