Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2 Sacred Weapons Fighting to Acknowledge The Master

Chapter 2: Sacred Weapons Fighting to Acknowledge The Master


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A myriad of swords hummed and whistled in Black Heaven Sect.


A light beam with countless large Daoist runes revolving around it suddenly shot up into the sky in the courtyard Chu Kuangren was in. There were even waves of Daoist chants coming from it.

The runes intertwined in the light beam and turned into the shape of a heart.

There were nine orifices in this heart and sword qi shuttled back and forth whenever it throbbed. The sound of gold and metal colliding with each other could be heard amid the thumping heartbeat.

“W-what’s going on?!”

“For there to be an anomaly of this level, could it possible that some kind of Daoist physique has awakened?!”

“Nine orifices born in a heart that contains sword qi. Could this be the legendary Supreme Daoist Physique… the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart?!!!”


“Tch, it’s been almost ten thousand years since this Daoist physique appeared in the world, right? How could it suddenly appear, and even in Black Heaven Sect’s territory no less!?”


“That’s from… the outer sect courtyard.”

“Is it possible that this constitution awakened in an outer sect disciple?”

“How can it be possible?!”


This abrupt anomaly startled everyone in Black Heaven Sect, from the paramount Elders to the outer sect disciples.

As the fusion between Chu Kuangren and the sword heart went deeper, the might of that anomaly kept increasing too and spread outside Black Heaven Sect.

In a moment, most of the powerhouses in Azure Dragon Domain could sense this.

In a vast city.

A man dressed in white sitting upright in a tall building abruptly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of Black Heaven Sect. “This aura is the birth of a Supreme Daoist Physique!”

Supreme Daoist Physiques had only appeared a few times in written history.


Any random Supreme Daoist Physique had the potential to achieve the Emperor Realm.

In the history of Firmament Star, there were not many almighty cultivators who achieved the Emperor Realm at all.

“Black Heaven Sect is in that direction. Could there be a young Emperor from Black Heaven Sect in this era? That’s amusing.”

The man in white laughed softly before his eyes closed slightly, signalling his nonchalance.



In a dazzling main hall.

A domineering man sat on the throne and gazed in the direction of Black Heaven Sect as he muttered, “A Supreme Daoist Physique! I never thought that another Supreme Daoist Physique would appear in this era again. Heh, it really is the era of war!”

“But no matter who it is, in this generation, the imperial throne belongs to no one other than I!”


“Whoever fights with me will meet his end!”



An old man was sitting on a blood-colored lotus seat bearing a thrashing sea of blood. He looked into the distance as he sensed something and his face abruptly sank.

“The aura of a Supreme Daoist Physique!”

“Could it be from that Black Heaven Sect? Humph, it looks like I have to speed things up and incubate that Blood Spirit Daoist Fetus a little earlier.”


“Only then will I be able to seize the imperial throne in this lifetime.”


“The competition is really heating up.”


In Black Heaven Sect.

The power of the anomaly increased together with the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.

A group of swordsmen could no longer control the swords in their hands. Countless swords flew out of their owners’ hands and turned into a flow of light as they flew toward where Chu Kuangren was.


There was a mountain peak completely stabbed full of swords in the distance.

All of a sudden, the mountain peak rumbled and shook!

Swords soared one after the other and flew toward where Chu Kuangren was as well.

“F*ck! That’s a sword from Black Heaven Sword Mountain!”

“Quickly look at that, that’s the sacred weapon, Purple Firmament Sword!!!”

“No, it’s not only the Purple Firmament Sword, there’s also the Azure Vine, Crimson Drill, Dragon’s Cry, and Tai’e… these are all saint weapons!!!”


“Black Heaven Sect is known for its swordsmanship. Disciples have to leave for Sword Mountain and choose a sword to accompany them when they enter the sect. Rumor has it, there are Ten Great Sacred Swords and very few disciples can obtain their acknowledgment! In this generation, only Daoist Nan Gonghuang obtained the recognition of the sacred weapon, Deep Pool Rainbow.”


“But these sacred weapons have all flown over on their own now. From the looks of it, they can’t wait to acknowledge their masters on their own. This is too inconceivable! Who exactly is responsible for this?!”

“The sacred weapons are acknowledging someone as their master of their own accord? How terrifying!”

It was incomparably majestic as countless swords hovered above the courtyard.

Silhouettes arrived around the courtyard one after the other. An old man with white eyebrows amongst them loudly called out, “The disciple in the courtyard, please show yourself!”

A door opened with a creak.

Chu Kuangren slowly walked out slowly dressed in the white uniform donned by outer sect disciples. It was just as though he was a Daoist sword deity with the legendary swords hovering around him on top of his handsome face and the refined aura he exuded.

Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him when they saw him.

“Who is this person? He looks very proper and handsome.”

“He’s too handsome, and with a refined aura like this, I would believe you if you said he was the reincarnation of some immortal. There is actually a person of such outstanding talent in the outer sect?”


“If this person was a girl, they would be as beautiful as a jade; if this person was a man, they would be an elegant son of a noble.”


“It’s him, Chu Kuangren.”

“It can’t be, it really is Chu Kuangren. He was handsome in the past, but not to such a ridiculous extent, right? How could he change so much in the two days that we haven’t seen him. Is he also the one who awakened a Supreme Daoist Physique?”

“I heard a True Elder Martial Sister wanted to keep him, but he rejected her. Elder Martial Sister seriously injured him out of anger, so he should be lying on the bed now. I never thought that he actually caused this disturbance.”

“Shoot, it’s no wonder why that True Elder Martial Sister wanted to keep this person for herself. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t be able to help myself either.”


“Wake up, you’re a man.”


The disciples’ tongues were wagging, some were amazed while some were shocked whereas others were infatuated. Evidently, Chu Kuangren’s Banished Immortal Aura had shocked many people.


A female Elder with outstanding good looks inevitably had a strange expression on her face after she saw Chu Kuangren high up in the air. A hint of a ripple surfaced in her mental state, which was one that resembled an ancient well devoid of ripples. “Isn’t it against the rules for him to have an aura and face like this?”


At this moment, Chu Kuangren had already finished merging with the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart. The anomaly in the sky above the courtyard disappeared as well, but those innumerable swords were still hovering above him and did not disperse for a very long time.

There were a few swords that stood out the most amongst them; jeweled light swirled around the bodies of the swords which also had large prominent Daoist runes on them. The remaining swords didn’t dare to get too close at all under the pressuring might of these few swords.


‘Do they want to acknowledge me as their master???’

Sacred swords had spirits. Chu Kuangren seemed to be able to perceive the thoughts of these swords and he couldn’t help but feel amazed. Who knew the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was this charming?


Perhaps it is to say that this was the overlapping effect of the Sword Heart and the Banished Immortal Aura?

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren did not dare do as he pleased now no matter what. These sacred weapons were Black Heaven Sect’s most valuable treasures. What would the other disciples, and even the Elders, think if all of them acknowledged him as their master?


A Daoist physique had just awakened in him and he was itching to take the sacred weapons for himself.

It would be difficult for him to put himself in a powerful position with a temperament like that.

Chu Kuangren ignored the sacred weapons around him and walked directly toward the old man with the white eyebrows. He bowed and made his salutations.

“Outer sect disciple Chu Kuangren pays his respects to all the Elders.”


The old man with white eyebrows nodded in satisfaction. ‘He can resist the temptation of the sacred weapon. Not bad, not bad, this boy really does have somewhat of a heart.’

Chu Kuangren immediately guessed what the other party was thinking when he saw the expression on the old white-browed man’s face. ‘Heh, all in a day’s work.’

“Chu Kuangren, were you responsible for this anomaly?”

“It is probable.”

Chu Kuangren put on a look of hesitation.

“What do you mean, probable?”

“Elder, I was resting in the house today but all of a sudden, my body was in unbearable pain as though I was being hacked to pieces. Immediately after that, a beam of light shot out from my body, and then this happened,” said Chu Kuangren.

He couldn’t reveal the Fantasy Roulette, so he could only pretend that the Daoist physique suddenly awakened in him for the time being.

“Oh.” The old man with white eyebrows was right in front of Chu Kuangren in a flash. He grabbed Chu Kuangren’s arm and injected a whiff of spirit energy into him to examine him.


Chu Kuangren let the other party do as he pleased and did not move an inch.

A moment later, the old man with white eyebrows looked ecstatic as he burst out laughing and excitedly said, “It really is the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart! The heavens really are protecting my Black Heaven Sect! We actually have a Supreme Daoist Physique in this generation!!!”


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