Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 27 True Dragon Blood Essence, Just a Single Slash

Chapter 27: True Dragon Blood Essence, Just a Single Slash

Gu Changge calmed himself down from the shock he experienced and coldly replied Chu Kuangren, “No matter what, I’m going to defeat you today!”

Up until that point, he was only a few steps away from completing the Heart of Invincibility. If he were to lose to Chu Kuangren now, all of his effort would be wasted!

He would not allow such a thing to happen.

“My crown price, this person is too strong, I’m afraid…”

The elderly white-robed man hesitantly told him.

He had not finished his sentence, but the meaning was loud and clear.

Chu Kuangren possessed a Supreme Daoist Physique level and a Sage Ruler Technique, and also managed to develop the Three Great Supreme Foundation Levels to their peaks. His strength wildly exceeded that of his realm.

Just a mere slash was enough to critically wound him.

If that battle went on, Gu Changge would undoubtedly fall!

“Elder Ouyang, just let the young ones deal with their matters themselves, why get yourself mixed up in this?” Honorable Xuan Qi spoke in a light-hearted tone while looking at the elderly man in a white robe.

The white-robed elder’s name was Ouyang, and he was an offering of the Royal Azure Dynasty, and also the personal bodyguard of Gu Changge. His cultivation was at the level of the Honorable Realm.

“I’m the protector of his royal highness, so it’s only natural for me to think of his wellbeing.”

Elder Ouyang calmly replied.

“But this fight is one that’s concerning the young ones, regardless whether you’re a bodyguard or not. You have no right to meddle with the decisions of the Azure Dynasty’s Prince.”

After speaking, the Honorable Xuan Qi turned to Gu Changge and told him, “So what will it be, your highness? Are you still going to continue the fight? If not then you might as well just surrender and give up.”

Gu Changge glanced back at Honorable Xuan Qi, this cheap lowly master wanted to keep the Heart of Invincibility out of his reach it seemed.

“Fight! I’ll defeat him no matter what!” Gu Changge boldly retorted and turned down Elder Ouyang’s attempt to advise him.

“Very well.”

There was a satisfied smile on Honorable Xuan Qi’s face. He then told Chu Kuangren using telepathy, “Kuangren, if Gu Changge’s Heart of Invincibility were to be completed, it will soon become a large obstacle on your journey to be the Emperor!

“Judging from his wounds, it doesn’t even matter if he has Saint Weapons, it’ll be very easy to take him down. Make sure you go all out to truly defeat him! Break his Heart of Invincibility, and after this, he won’t be a problem!”

Chu Kuangren began to realize that when Honorable Xuan Qi initially provoked Gu Changge, he did it for him to get rid of another obstacle on his climb to Emperor Level.

He gave out a subtle nod, a sign that he understood.

Victory seemed to be in the palm of his hand.

However, Gu Changge retorted, “You think that just because you managed to land a hard blow on me that you can take me down that easily? Then you’re sorely mistaken!

“I’m the crown prince of the Royal Azure Dynasty, I have many techniques and skills that you can’t even expect, but now I’ll let you truly see how formidable I am!”

“Will you just stop it with the nonsense already, when are you going to use the True Dragon Blood Essence?” Chu Kuangren impatiently uttered.

The moment he heard that sentence, Gu Changge’s face froze in shock and he menacingly asked, “How the hell do you know that I have the True Dragon Blood Essence?”

It was a gift that was bestowed upon by his father the Emperor, and was his biggest trump card. Even his protector did not know about that item.

However, Chu Kuangren completely exposed him!

Back then during the previous bout, when he managed to easily counter and break through his Dragon Slaughter Fist, it gave Gu Changge a feeling that his opponent had completely seen through all his moves.

That feeling was very terrifying indeed, and it sent chills down his spine.

“Can it be that he has the ability of deduction, or some sort of clairvoyance?”

The skill of clairvoyance was an extremely rare talent. The ones who possessed this skill were able to predict future events, such as the road to Emperor’s Realm opening. Such a person could be considered an extremely skilled clairvoyant.

Supreme Daoist Physiques, Supreme Foundation Level, Clairvoyance…

How many more hidden techniques or abilities did this man still have!

Gu Changge gulped, a trace of fear started to spread within him.

However, he courageously held back that feeling of fear, and firmly spoke back, “So what if you have the skill of clairvoyance? I’m having your head today, and your blood will be used to cultivate my Heart of Invincibility! With this, I’ll be able to ascend to become the Supreme Emperor!”

A roar was let out, the momentum from Gu Changge’s body instantly erupted!

That drop of True Dragon Blood Essence could be seen burning within him. An unparalleled surge of energy burst out immediately and blood-red rays of light shone into the air. Rays upon lines of energy seemed to appear out of nowhere, and formed into the shape of a Supreme True Dragon!

The True Dragon roared, its poise rumbling the heavens and earth!

All the creatures throughout the land were groveling and trembling from that roar, their bodies facing and heads bowing towards the direction of the Black Dragon Sect.

“This is the might of the True Dragon!”

“It seems there really is a drop of this True Dragon Blood Essence within Gu Changge’s body. Judging from the might of that dragon’s poise, this is at least a Supreme Realm True Dragon Blood Essence. D*mn it, this is going to be troublesome.”

The Honorable Xuan Qi and Elder Ruyan had a grim look on their faces.

They were ready to make a move to suppress Gu Change.

it was crucial that Chu Kuangren, who had the Supreme Daoist Physique, did not sustain too much damage.

A single roar from that dragon was enough to cause everything around it to rumble, and all living beings around that area to tremble.

At that point, Gu Changge had changed. His wounded body healed in that instant and draconic scales and wrinkles delicately covered his face when paired with the Sacred Dragon Scale Armor he wore, shining in bright gold.

Gu Changge gripped his fists and a terrifying surge of spiritual power erupted, which sent out violent shockwaves into the air. He comfortably closed his eyes as if he was enjoying the power that was surging through him and grinned. “I feel like now, I can fight equally with a Battle Monarch!”

A Battle Monarch was a realm above the Paradise realm. Gu Changge as he was now could spar evenly with a Battle Monarch, that was the power of the True Dragon Blood Essence.

“To be able to force me to use this move is well deserved of the Supreme Daoist Physique wielder of the Black Heaven Sect! However, the title of Emperor Realm belongs to no one but me!

“Come, let me bestow you a crippling defeat!

“Become a stepping stone for me to attain Emperor Realm!

Gu Changge looked at Chu Kuangren, whose hair was messed up due to him dodging with the attack.

Following this, the spiritual power erupted from his body, and Daoist Rhymes flowed from him violently. An unusual wave of transformative power surged through, eventually taking the form of a golden dragon behind him.

“Dragon Blood Physique Transformation!

“Dragon Scale Armor, activate!

“Dragon Slaughter Fist!”

Gu Changge set aflame his True Dragon Blood Essence, triggered his Physique Transformation, activated the power of his Saint Weapon, and unleashed his Fully Realized Sage Dragon Slaughter Fist Technique towards Chu Kuangren.

The terrifying momentum of the attack resonated into the void.

The surging spiritual power drummed through the air frantically, spreading circles of shockwaves upon shockwaves, followed by a fiery dragon-shaped fist that came out from that attack.

That single punch reverberated the space around it.

The unparalleled dragon poise permeated thousands of miles, and rumbled across the rivers and mountains!

The crowd was utterly captivated by that single punch, and at Chu Kuangren who was about to receive it. The Honorable Xuan Qi must have been struggling to control himself from interfering in this match.

At that instant, Chu Kuangren moved.

Rows upon rows of Sword Daoist Rhymes emerged out of thin air, intertwining and forming into the Sword of the Heavens. An innumerable flow of sword qi gushed out into the open in all directions. It formed into the shape of a prison, the Nine Heaven Sword Prison!

Following that, Daoist Rhymes started to gather and swirl beneath the feet of Chu Kuangren. They soon combined and formed a Thirty Sixth-ranked sword qi green lotus, waves upon waves upon of Daoist Rhymes echoed in the air.

It transformed into the Green lotus Sword Song.

The three Great Daoist Transformations, fully activated!

After this, the body of Chu Kuangren radiated with golden light and the husk of his body became as clear as crystal-like a golden jade. Just when he surpassed the threshold of his spiritual power, the Golden Jade body automatically manifested itself.

“Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique!”

Chu Kuangren held the Great Sacred Descendant Self Sword, and let out a slash.

The boundless offensive sword intent erupted and its menacing beam of light flowed against the Daoist Rhyme of the dragon-shaped fist. Compared to this, what had happened beforehand was child’s play!

With an explosion, the punch attack was completely obliterated!

The sword’s unyielding beam of light landed a strong blow on Gu Changge’s body.

The Dragon Blood Physique transformation was shattered in an instant by that sword qi!

Dragon Scale Armor, the Saint Weapon, was battered so hard that it became dull and cracked!

That devastating attack caused Gu Changge again to spew blood, the originally mighty Dragon Poise was beaten to pieces by that single sword attack!

“Even after so much nonsense, it’s down to a single slash.”

Amidst the silence, Chu Kuangren murmured.

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