Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 672 - The Heavenly Imperials Have No Power to Deal With This Person, Greetings Heavenly Tormentor

Chapter 672: The Heavenly Imperials Have No Power to Deal With This Person, Greetings Heavenly Tormentor

Inside the Purgatory Forest.

Chu Kuangren had made all of the Emperors speechless with his strength alone.

He then said to everyone, “Now, I’ll need a lot of swords to reseal the Demonic Realm entrance, especially Emperor Weapons that are longswords. Come on. Hand over your swords now.”

The Emperors who did not use swords did not think much about his demands.

However, those that did were dissatisfied.

“What’s the reason for using our swords?”

“That’s right. Seeing that the Firmament Star is such a big planet, can’t you find a few swords yourself to seal the Demonic Realm entrance? Or is this a kind of payback to what we did?”

“Yeah, are you taking revenge on us because the territory we allocated for you was too small?”

Chu Kuangren remained calm before the questions and doubts from the other Emperors.

However, the aura emanating from his body started getting colder.

“When the Demonic Realm invaded us earlier, you guys did nothing about it. Now that I need you guys to hand over your Emperor Weapons for me to seal the Demonic Realm entrance, you guys are making all sorts of excuses. Shall I take it from you all by force instead?”

Chu Kuangren said.

“Chu Kuangren, I’d suggest you don’t take things too far. We are all going to be on the Firmament Star for a long time, I’ll have you know.”

A sword Emperor uttered in an unpleasant tone.

His name was Sword Emperor Yun Qing.

Among the Emperors in the Firmament Star, he was the only one who ranked first in Sword Dao. Furthermore, his cultivation level was not weaker than that of Great Emperor Hua Xing too.

However, Chu Kuangren looked at him with a gaze full of contempt. “I’ll repeat one last time. Hand over your swords, or I shall take your lives along with them!”

“You dare to kill me?!”

Sword Emperor Yun Qing took out his Emperor Weapon that was a gorgeous green longsword with countless mysterious Daoist patterns engraved on it.

It was a Perfected Emperor Weapon.

His Emperor Weapon was said to be the best sword Chu Kuangren had ever seen, and all the more reason to use it in the Sealing Sword Formation.

“Why don’t you come and find out?”

Chu Kuangren’s Descendant Self Sword flew out from its sheath as he took a step forward.

With a swing of the sword, the power of his Prominent-grade Emperor’s Core and Invincible Technique erupted at once.

Sword Emperor Yun Qing’s expression changed a little, and he blocked that attack with his sword. Both swords collided with a clang while two different blasts of Daoist Pattern clashed.

Although he was a Perfected Emperor in the Rank Eight Initial Emperor Realm, Sword Emperor Yun Qing was still sent flying several hundred meters back by Chu Kuangren’s powerful slash.

“So powerful!”

“How is the quality of his Emperor qi so high? He’s clearly just a Rank Four Emperor, yet he can overpower a Rank Eight like me!”

Sword Emperor Yun Qing was secretly amazed yet shocked.

Compared to watching Chu Kuangren’s battle against the Seven Great Demon Emperors, he could feel his opponent’s inexplicable combat strength even more as he fought him now.

“Chu Kuangren, you’re just too tyrannical! If you carry on with this behavior, I’ll certainly report you to the Heavenly Imperial Council and have them punish you!”

Sword Emperor Yun Qing said loudly.

He wanted to scare Chu Kuangren using the Heavenly Imperial Council’s name.

At this time, an apathetic voice suddenly came from the distant skies.

“The Heavenly Imperials have no power to deal with this person.”

Bundles of clouds surged in the distance.

A white ray of light shot over and turned into a beautiful figure in a blink of an eye. It was a middle-aged woman in oriental robes.

She had an exquisite appearance and graceful temperament.

“It’s Heavenly Imperial Su!”

“I didn’t expect Heavenly Imperial Su would come here in person.”

“Greetings, Heavenly Imperial Su.”

All the Emperors immediately bowed and greeted that middle-aged woman.

Chu Kuangren’s Eye of Revelation activated, and he analyzed her information, only to find that her cultivation level was far higher than any of the Emperors he had seen.

Other than the Chaos Daoist Celestial, she had the highest cultivation level.

The person who arrived was a High-rank Heavenly Imperial.

The Heavenly Imperial Realm could be split into three ranks — Low-rank Heavenly Imperial, Mid-rank Heavenly Imperial, and High-rank Heavenly Imperial.

From Chu Kuangren’s analysis, he learned that Heavenly Imperial Su’s cultivation level was extremely high even among the High-rank Heavenly Imperials.

“I can’t believe Heavenly Imperial Su is here.”

The Emperors looked at each other.

That was because Heavenly Imperial Su held a high position within the Heavenly Imperial Council. Normally, the Emperors would expect the Heavenly Imperial Council to send a Heavenly Imperial instead.

Even during the Demonic Realm invasion, sending a few Mid-rank Heavenly Imperials would do the trick. However, it was Heavenly Imperial Su that arrived.

“What did you just say, Heavenly Imperial Su? Why does the Heavenly Imperial Council have no power to punish Chu Kuangren?” Sword Emperor Yun Qing asked.

The crowd was shocked when they recalled what she said earlier. The Emperors then looked at Heavenly Imperial Su, hoping that she would explain why.

However, Heavenly Imperial Su came up to Chu Kuangren instead and spoke to him politely, “Brother Chu, I heard you weren’t affected by the Demonic Realm Domain, is that true? If so, may I ask how you did it?”

Chu Kuangren looked at her. Then, he slowly raised his arm, showing a mysterious Daoist pattern swirling in the palm of his hand.

That Daoist pattern was so mysterious that even the other Emperors could not understand it.

In fact, the faint majestic Heavenly Might made them shudder.

To those more knowledgeable Emperors who saw that Daoist pattern, horrifying speculation appeared in their minds.

“T-this is no doubt the Heavenly Punishment Daoist Pattern!”

“Great Heavenly Tormentor, Heavenly Imperial Su welcomes your presence!”

Heavenly Imperial Su suddenly got so excited that she immediately knelt in front of Chu Kuangren before the eyes of every Emperor at the scene.

The sight stunned all the Emperors, their mouths wide open.

‘What the hell?’

‘Heavenly Imperial Su, one of the Ten Great Heavenly Imperials, a High-rank Heavenly Imperial of the Heavenly Imperial Council is bowing to a new Emperor?!’

Were they dreaming right now?

Some of the Emperors that came back to their senses quickly followed Heavenly Imperial Su to kneel before Chu Kuangren. They were in such shock and disbelief that their pupils trembled violently.

“A Heavenly Tormentor… You… You’re a Heavenly Tormentor?!”

Sword Emperor Yun Qing looked at Chu Kuangren and shuddered in fear.

Chu Kuangren just shot him a glance and said nothing. Similar to the others, the rude and agitated Sword Emperor Yun Qing kneeled before him.

Several rays of light soon appeared from the distance.

Those were the remaining Emperors on the Firmament Star.

When Chu Kuangren asked them to come earlier, they did nothing.

When Heavenly Imperial Su arrived, they also did nothing.

Yet now that Chu Kuangren’s Heavenly Tormentor identity had been revealed, they had no choice but to appear and kneel before him like everyone else.

A short while later, hundreds of Emperors were kneeling and bowing before Chu Kuangren!

Lan Yu, Murong Xuan, Leng Ningyu looked at each other, dumbfounded by what just happened.

‘What the hell is this?!’

This was especially true for Zi Wuji.

He used to think Chu Kuangren was absurdly overpowered, but today, he learned that what he saw would always be the tip of the iceberg for his opponent’s true strength!

He thought that an Emperor was a supreme existence that ruled over the others, yet hundreds of Emperors were now kneeling before Chu Kuangren right now!

What kind of person did he and the other so-called sky-prides mess with in Emperor Road back then?

Chu Kuangren stood calmly in his spot.

However, his mind was filled with question marks.

‘Who am I?’

‘Where am I now?’

‘What should I do now?’

“You can stand up now.”

Chu Kuangren said lightly.

‘Anyway, let’s go along with this for now.’


Heavenly Imperial Su stood up while the others followed suit.

Everyone now looked at Chu Kuangren differently. There were gazes of curiosity, awe, fear, and even admiration.

“Let’s seal the Demonic Realm Portal first.”

Chu Kuangren said.

The moment he finished speaking, Sword Emperor Yun Qing, the Emperor who was very unwilling to hand over his Emperor Weapon came forward first. This time, he held his Emperor Weapon before Chu Kuangren and said, “I’ll gladly offer my Emperor Weapon to assist you, Heavenly Tormentor.”

The other Emperors whose swords were their main weapon did the same thing as well. One after another, they offered their Emperor Weapons to Chu Kuangren.

“This is my Emperor Weapon. It is a pleasure to provide you with my assistance, Heavenly Tormentor!”

“It is my greatest honor to help the Heavenly Tormentor…”

Chu Kuangren was speechless.

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