Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 796 - Interstellar Object, What Do You Think You’re Doing With My Body

Chapter 796: Interstellar Object, What Do You Think You’re Doing With My Body

At the Arcane Aqua Sect’s plaza, a crystal coffin was being lifted for display.

Inside that coffin lay a person.

Everyone could not help but feel stunned when they saw that person. He was the most perfect human they had ever seen.

With eyebrows sharp as a sword and a slender nose, that man’s appearance was flawless. A crystal-like gleam could be seen reflecting from his white jade skin.

That man was lying quietly inside the crystal coffin, looking like the most perfect being created by the heavens. It made countless female cultivators smitten and dazzled by his looks.

“Who is this person? He’s so good-looking.”

“Didn’t they say they were going to bring out the interstellar object? Is this man related to the interstellar object?”

“What is the Arcane Aqua Sect’s purpose for doing this?”

Everyone was very puzzled.

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master looked at the man inside the crystal coffin and announced, “This person you’re looking at is the interstellar object that appeared three years ago.”


An uproar suddenly broke out in the crowd when they heard what she said.

The Sacred Fire Ruler asked, “So this man is the interstellar object we’re talking about?”

“That’s right.”

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master nodded. “Three years ago, this man suddenly came crashing down from the skies, landing one thousand meters deep into the surface of our planet. After we managed to dig him out, we found out that his body was not injured at all. There was no sign of life on this body as if it was already dead. However, upon further observation, we also discovered immense energy contained within this body.”

At this point, her eyes gleamed with excitement. “That energy was so vast that it exceeded our imagination.”

The Sacred Fire Ruler walked to the crystal coffin and took a closer look. When he noticed the great energy flowing inside that body, his expression changed. “This energy is Emperor qi. It seems that this person was an Emperor as well. However, I’ve never seen Emperor qi of such scale before. This is just too unbelievable.”

He, too, was an Emperor. However, he felt that compared to this person in the coffin, his Emperor qi was like a small river in comparison to a vast ocean. His strength was no match at all.

“What kind of cultivation level did this person possess when he was alive?”

The Sacred Fire Ruler exclaimed.

Standing next to them, the leader of another emperor orthodoxy, the Holy Dragon Pavilion, also walked towards to sense that energy. His eyes immediately lit up. “If we can utilize this power efficiently, it’ll surely benefit everyone greatly.”

“That’s right.” The Sacred Fire Ruler was also excited.

“It’s useless. I’ve tried many ways to extract the energy contained within this body, but they were all useless.”

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master just had to pour cold water on the plans of the other two.

“I don’t believe it.”

The Sacred Fire Ruler said as he opened the crystal coffin. Then, a black bundle of flame appeared in his palm, and he hurled it towards that man’s skull.

His idea was very simple and brutal.

Since vast energy was contained within that body, all he needed to do was to destroy it to release the energy.

As long as he could obtain that energy and absorb even just a small portion of it, his cultivation would progress to the next level.

That idea sounded good, but he had to face reality.

That body could not be damaged at all, no matter how he wielded his flame. Not even a single strand of hair was broken.

“D*mn. What kind of body is this? This strength is crazy.” The Sacred Fire Ruler was utterly shocked by this.

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master, who stood beside them, was not surprised, to say the least. She had known about the body’s strength for a while now.

“This body is unbelievably indestructible. I have tried countless ways but still cannot damage it.”

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master said.

“I do not believe it as well.”

The Holy Dragon Pavilion Leader took out a long black saber.

It was an Emperor Weapon.

“That’s the Holy Dragon Saber. Legend says that this sword has been passed down throughout the ages from the first forefather of the Holy Dragon Pavilion. Its strength is considered the top three among all the weapons on this planet.”

“That’s right. It’s one of the most powerful items that the Holy Dragon Pavilion possesses.”

“Will this Holy Dragon Saber be able to damage this body?”

Everyone looked at the Holy Dragon Pavilion with excitement.

However, some of the female cultivators looked at the body in the coffin with a sorrowful gaze. ‘Why do they have to treat such a good-looking guy like this?’

They quickly covered their eyes, not daring to look any further.

“Now break!”

The Holy Dragon Pavilion Leader yelled, channeling all his Emperor qi into the Holy Dragon Saber and unleashing a powerful slash at the body.

The razor-sharp saber ray was concentrated on a single point as it landed towards the body.

A clang was heard.

Along with the sound of metal clanking, sparks burst out.

Following that, the Holy Dragon Pavilion Leader’s expression changed upon him feeling a strong impact force. Just like that, he was sent flying away from the coffin.

While he flew dozens of meters away, the Holy Dragon Saber in his hand trembled as the arm holding it had split open, with blood gushing out from it.

Then, he looked at the body inside the crystal coffin.

It was still unscathed and flawless!

“By the heavens, does this body really belong to a human?”

“That slash just now could slice any of the strongest metal on the planet in two. Yet, it can’t even make a dent in that body?!”

“It’s horrifying…”

Everyone was utterly shocked.

They looked at the body in the crystal coffin with disbelief.

The Holy Dragon Pavilion Leader was horrified too. “What is this body made of? What kind of person is this?”

Out of nowhere, he suddenly felt a little terrified.

‘If this person were to be alive…’

At that thought, he looked at the Arcane Aqua Sect Master and asked, “Are you sure this person is dead?!”

The Arcane Aqua Sect Master shot him a glance. “There is no soul energy fluctuation in this body at all, so what do you think? Is he alive or not?”

Every living being possessed a soul.

Without a soul, that living being would be considered dead.

“How can a dead person still possess such a powerful body? This is unbelievable. I’m sure there’s a great cultivation secret hidden inside it.”

“That’s right. We must conduct more research into this.”

The Sacred Fire Ruler and Holy Dragon Pavilion said excitedly.

Although they had ascended into Emperors, the strongest cultivators on Planet Bei who held the life and death of every human at their command, they were still cultivators. It was their instinct to pursue a higher level of cultivation. That was why they would never give up studying the secrets of this body.

“Divine Eightfold Fire Furnace, activate!”

The Sacred Fire Ruler commanded and took out a huge golden three-legged copper furnace. “This is an item of heritage from my kingdom, and it can refine anything in this world. There is no way I can’t refine this body in it.”

After that, he threw that body into the furnace.

Golden flames suddenly erupted within the furnace.

The Sacred Fire Ruler channeled his Emperor qi to its limits.

Inside the furnace, countless sparks of brilliance radiated from the body as it was burned in the flames. As if they had been activated, countless Daoist patterns started flowing around it.

Those Daoist patterns were too profound.

A few Emperors looked at it, dazed.

“Ha! It’s really working!”

“Haha. It might not be able to refine that body immediately, but give it a few years, hundreds, thousands, or millions of years even. Don’t tell me that it won’t be refined then!” The Sacred Fire Ruler laughed.

His eyes lit up with a gleam of delight that had never been seen from his eyes before.

How many years has it been?

How many years has it been since he had been stuck in the Emperor Realm?

Finally, he saw a hope to progress in his cultivation.

“As long as I can learn the secrets of this body, not only will I break through to the next level, I might even reach the next realm of cultivation!”

Besides the Sacred Fire Ruler, the Holy Dragon Pavilion Ruler and Arcane Aqua Sect Master were very excited too.


At this moment, that body inside the furnace trembled a little, as if it had sensed something. Soon, a strand of energy was released from it.

That energy was only a small portion of what was contained in that body. However, to the Emperors at the scene, it was the most horrifying thing they had ever encountered.

With a bang, the Sacred Fire Ruler’s Divine Eightfold Fire Cauldron immediately blew up into pieces, and frightening flames spread in all directions.

As the closest to it, the Sacred Fire Ruler felt the full brunt of that explosion and was blasted away by those immense flames, dying on the spot immediately.

“What do you think you’re doing with my body?”

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