Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian

Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian

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At the Ye Manor.

In a room, filled with medicinal fragrance and fog, located at an isolated corner of the manor.

"Young Master, you were so impressive today at the Drunken Star Manor. That Manor Lord Wan who even Old Master couldn't deal with was completely defeated by Young Master," Lu-er said while fanning with a cattail leaf fan.

An herbal bath for Ye Yuan was prepared in an enormous wooden tub. It sat just on top of the fire that Lu-er was fanning with the cattail leaf fan.

Today at the Drunken Star Manor, Wan Donghai treated Liu An to death, stunning everyone. The highly popular Drunken Star Manor had always boasted that it was the number one in the State of Qin. Yet today, an ignorant brat walked up to their door to slap their faces, slapping so hard that it reverberated. No matter how thick Wan Donghai's skin was, he was somewhat unable to maintain his face any further.

After Liu An's death, Wan Donghai immediately decided to close shop for a day. Everyone was chased away to temporarily avoid immediate embarrassment.

Everyone present knew their stuff. Even though they did not know what poison this Heart Inch Fissure was, they could guess that it was something Ye Yuan concocted. Everyone felt the world changed too quickly. A former rotten mud-like silkpants actually forced a Grandmaster of his era to his wit's end. Many people knew that Ye Yuan was dying of poison just yesterday; could it be that the poisoning actually enlightened him?

Of course, there were some who did not believe that it was instigated by Ye Yuan but instead by Ye Hang who had borrowed Ye Yuan's hands to give the Drunken Star Manor a vicious blow. But as they thought about it, it did not make any sense. If Ye Hang had that ability, what was he doing all these years? The competition between the two families was not a matter of one or two years.

Either way, the arguments bore no fruit. But the subject became the mealtime conversation topic of the common people within the capital. Ye Yuan who was originally already well-known became even more famous now.

"Hahaha. This was just claiming back some interest. Although today's event had a large impact on the Drunken Star Manor, it's not fatal. That Wan Family's father-son pair, sooner or later, I will make them pay the real price." Ye Yuan's tone became somewhat cold upon mentioning them.

Having inherited this body, Qing Yun Zi naturally had the responsibility to take revenge for his predecessor and help the Ye Family eliminate this competitor. Furthermore, Ye Yuan already witnessed how sinister and unscrupulous this father-son pair were; he had no favorable impression towards them at all.

Only that right now Ye Yuan's current strength was too weak. Apart from vexing Wan Donghai a little, he could not really do anything much to him. In the future when he had sufficient strength, the father-son pair naturally had to be eliminated.

If it were up to someone else, this would practically be an impossible mission. But to Ye Yuan, Wan Donghai and his son were merely a stumbling block on his road for vengeance; removing it just required some time.

"That's right. That Wan Yuan is so hateful. In the past, he was always bullying Young Master. Young Master must work hard! I have faith in Young Master!" Lu-er always had that unconditional faith in Ye Yuan.

"Hahaha. Young Master won't disappoint you. Oh right, Lu-er, I can see that your aptitude is excellent. Why don't you practice martial arts?"

After being occupied for the entire day and finally able to lounge with Lu-er in the same room, he discovered that there was not the slightest essence energy within Lu-er's body, to actually be an ordinary person. Yet Ye Yuan could see that Lu-er had an excellent aptitude; a hundred times better than that loser of a predecessor.

Hearing Ye Yuan's question, Lu-er's expression became a bit downcast. "Old Master said Lu-er has Nine Yin Absolute Meridian and cannot cultivate. Otherwise the higher the realm, the earlier I will die."

"Nine Yin Absolute Meridian?" Ye Yuan repeated once, before grabbing Lu-er's wrist to take her pulse.

Having her wrist held by Ye Yuan made Lu-er's heart pound, and her face immediately turned bright red. In her opinion, being unable to cultivate might be regretful, but as long as she can be together with the Young Master, that would be good enough.

Ye Hang had long concluded her fate, so she did not hold any hope at all. Ever since experiencing that incident, the Young Master really changed so much, becoming more mature, being concerned about others, and taking care of others.

Ye Yuan held Lu-er's wrist; his brows initially locked tightly together, before slowly relaxing.

"En. Old Master and Madam treat Lu-er just like their own daughter. If Lu-er could cultivate, they would have definitely long taught me." Lu-er was still that considerate girl, afraid that Ye Yuan would misunderstand Ye Hang because of this.

Ye Yuan put down Lu-er's hand and smiled. "My silly Lu-er, you're overthinking. Of course, Father wouldn't lie to you. But even he has times where he miscalculated. Lu-er, tell Young Master, do you want to learn martial arts?"

"Of course!" Lu-er replied without thinking.

"That's good. From tomorrow onwards, you will learn martial arts together with me. I will impart to you a technique. With your talent, this tiny State of Qin can't confine you," said Ye Yuan with an encouraging expression.

"Young Master, is what you said true?" Upon hearing this, Lu-er was overjoyed. But without waiting for Ye Yuan's reply, she quickly became dejected again. "Young Master, you don't have to comfort me. Old Master is an Alchemy Grandmaster, yet even he said it was hopeless. How could I possibly learn martial arts? Although Lu-er really wants to, Lu-er doesn't want to die yet. Lu-er still wishes to accompany Young Master and take care of Young Master."

Feeling touched in his heart, Ye Yuan reached out and lifted Lu-er's head and smiled. "Why would Young Master lie to you? Your body's constitution is indeed special. However, it isn't the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian, but instead the extremely rare Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian. This sort of physique is not only able to cultivate, but even the cultivation speed would also be exceptionally fast. If large sects know about your physique, they would definitely fight to the point of bloodshed to snatch you over."

Ye Hang's knowledge naturally could not be compared to Ye Yuan's. But it was also not that Ye Hang was wrong. In reality, Lu-er indeed possessed the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian, but this Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian actually was a variant of the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian. Furthermore, it was an extremely rare variant.

The Nine Yin Absolute Meridian that Ye Yuan knew was completely different from what Ye Hang knew. Having a Nine Yin Absolute Meridian did not mean entirely rejecting all possibilities of cultivating, but instead, it meant this sort of constitution was absolutely unique. Cultivation techniques and resources were extremely scarce in the Lower Realms. With the addition of inadequate information within the Lower Realms, it meant that no one had ever stepped onto the path of cultivation with a Nine Yin Absolute Meridian.

Without a matching cultivation technique, the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian was indeed a deadly constitution.

Should such a physique appear in the Divine Realm, that person would definitely be fought over by major sects to join them. Coincidentally, a technique suitable for Lu-er to cultivate resides within Ye Yuan's memories. It was the cultivation technique of the Divine Realm's Spirit Snow Divine King. And this Spirit Snow Divine King had the exact same variant, the Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian physique.

At this moment, Lu-er opened her eye wide in disbelief. "Young Master, was what you said is real? You are not lying to me?"

"Of course not. The Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian is certainly extremely tough to cultivate with. But having a matching technique, the cultivation speed would instead surpass ordinary people. Later, I will impart to you a set of technique, the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul. With how intelligent Lu-er is, you will definitely be more amazing than Young Master in the future," Ye Yuan said gently.

After listening to this, Lu-er gave a playful smile. "Hehehe. Lu-er isn't looking to be more powerful than Young Master. As long as Lu-er can stay beside Young Master, that would be good enough. In the past, Young Master was always bullied by other people. That's why Lu-er really wanted to learn martial arts to protect Young Master. However, I was afraid I would pass away after learning martial arts, that's why I never learned any."

Upon learning how Lu-er's purpose of wanting to learn martial arts was actually for himself, Ye Yuan was truly at a loss for words. Ye Yuan told himself he must definitely become strong quickly. In his previous life, he could not protect the people closest to him. In this life now, he would absolutely not let his loved ones be harmed again.

"My obedient Lu-er. Alright, the water is almost ready. You go out, Young Master wants to take an herbal bath," said Ye Yuan.

Lu-er asked with a face full of doubt, "Young Master, just go ahead and take a bath. Lu-er still has to tend the fire here. In the past, it had always been Lu-er attending to Young Master's bath. Why did you become shy about it today?"

Sweating heavily in his heart, Ye Yuan was really not used to letting a young girl attending to him while taking a bath. But he also knew that if inconsistencies appeared now, Lu-er might start to suspect him.

"Then . . . alright . . ." Ye Yuan was feeling helpless.

Hearing this, Lu-er was overjoyed and went to help Ye Yuan undress.

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