Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1545 - Preposterous Prices

Chapter 1545 Preposterous Prices

“Six million divine essence stones, pay up,” Ye Yuan said indifferently. He could not be bothered with Chen Biao’s astonishment.

The moment these words came out, Chen Biao’s eyes became wide saucers.

“S-Six million? You just casually fiddled a bit and it’s six million? You’re robbing money!” Chen Biao said in shock.

Ye Yuan used a look like looking at a fool to look at him and said coolly, “Casually fiddled a bit? Then why don’t I put this thing back for him, you see if you have the ability to get it out?”

While talking, Ye Yuan held his palm out. A transparent little bug appeared on his palm.

Ye Yuan put a restriction on this little bug, making it unable to escape.

That little bug was colliding randomly everywhere inside the restriction. Everyone all drew a cold breath when they saw.

Ning Siyu said with a cold smile, “This bug is called Myriad Corpse Tendon Biting Worm, hidden inside some ancient powerhouses’ ancient tombs. It loves to devour martial artists’ meridians the most. Furthermore, once it enters the meridians, it’s like a bone-infesting maggot, very hard to force it out! In the entire outer city, apart from Master Ye, nobody can save him! Six million to buy a life and you still find it expensive?”

Ye Yuan looked at Ning Siyu, being rather surprised, not expecting that this lass was actually so knowledgeable.

He had just listened to Dustless’s introduction before he knew that this thing was called the Myriad Corpse Tendon Biting Worm too.

Actually, Ning Siyu was even more surprised than Ye Yuan. While she knew about this Myriad Corpse Tendon Biting Worm, she also knew that it was extremely troublesome.

Even if her master can, he might not have the confidence to force this thing out.

She did not expect that Ye Yuan just pressed a few times on that person’s body and he forced this thing out.

This level of skill was simply inconceivable.

Chen Biao’s expression changed repeatedly and said in a solemn voice, “I’m resigned to my bad luck! Wu Zhao, this is your life, so you pay up yourself!”

Wu Zhao said with a bitter face, “I … I don’t have that many divine essence stones.”

Chen Biao said with a cold smile, “Then it’s none of my business! Let’s go!”

Chen Biao gave a big wave of his hand and was about to bring people away.

But Ye Yuan said coldly, “You brought him to see the doctor, so it’s naturally you who pays!”

Chen Biao laughed coldly and said, “Your father just isn’t going to pay. What can you do to me?”


Ye Yuan suddenly slammed a punch out. It was just that this punch was like a turtle in Chen Biao’s view.

Just an initial-stage Origin Deity, he also dared to use force against him?

He also mustered up a punch and smashed towards Ye Yuan.

This punch of his was powerful and heavy. Even if it could not kill Ye Yuan, it was also more than enough for him to chew on.

Ding Song and the rest also looked at Ye Yuan gloatingly, clearly feeling that Ye Yuan was overestimating his own ability a little.

But a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of Meng Huo’s mouth. He had exchanged blows with Ye Yuan before and was aware of the strangeness of Ye Yuan’s movement technique.


Just as the two fists were about to intersect, Ye Yuan’s fist disappeared bizarrely and directly appeared in front of Chen Biao’s face, blasting him, his figure flying out.

This punch directly beat Chen Biao’s face until it was a blurry mess of flesh and blood, and he did not come back to his senses for a while.

“Meng Huo, detain this guy. Let their chief head bring divine essence stones to redeem him,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Meng Huo had an excited look and immediately stepped forward and sealed Chen Biao’s divine sea, wanting to detain him.

Everyone looked at this scene with immense astonishment, all wondering whether or not their eyesight was failing.

An initial-stage Origin Deity stunned a late-stage Origin Deity with one punch!

This Master Ye was someone who did not reveal his true self!

By the time Chen Biao reacted, he was already restrained by Meng Huo. He finally felt a trace of panic.

“I … I have money! I’ll pay the money! Pay the money!”

Chen Biao’s heart was dripping blood. Originally, he thought that it was an almost guaranteed successful mission. He did not expect that now, it actually became like this.

What did that kid do just now? Why did his fist suddenly disappear?

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and said coolly, “Those without money can get lost. I’m not running a charity hall here.”

Ding Song did not take it seriously and said with a smile that was not a smile: “Isn’t it just six million divine essence stones? Our Boss Qian has plenty of money.”

Huang Haoran also said, “Just six million, it’s not considered expensive.”

Ye Yuan shot a glance at them and said, “This innate incomplete divine essence, 20 million. This one is Deyi Hall’s, right? 50 million! Also, that side, they are 10 million and 13 million respectively. Those who want to see a doctor, prepare the divine essence stones. If you don’t have money, please leave.”

“Hiss …”

The people surrounding and watching felt a chill when they heard. This … was simply charging preposterously.

Seeing a doctor needed 50 million?

50 million was simply an astronomical figure to an Origin Deity powerhouse.

When Boss Qian heard the price of 20 million, he also grimaced in pain. This was virtually all of his assets.

But he resolved his heart and said, “As long as Master Ye can save my son, 20 million it is then!”

The Heavenly Fragrance Parlor and Five Flavor Pavilion weighed it over and also agreed.

It was just that the price of 50 million intimidated Huang Haoran.

Even if he sold himself, he could not take out so much money too!

But Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and said directly to Boss Qian, “You go and raise the money first. I have to bring your son in.”

Boss Qian was just about to agree, but he heard Ding Song say, “Hang on! 20 million isn’t a small sum. What if Boss Qian raises the money, but you can’t cure Qian Ping’s illness, what then?”

Ye Yuan gave him a cold glance and said coolly, “Are you questioning me?”

Ding Song involuntarily choked up. Questioning an alchemist, this was a big taboo.

Since they came to see a doctor, they naturally had to trust the other party.

But when Boss Qian saw the situation, he gritted his teeth and said, “Master Ye, don’t hesitate to treat. I’ll go and raise the money right now!”

Finished talking, Boss Qian directly turned around and went out.

After Ye Yuan brought Qian Ping into the inner hall, there were immediately animated discussions in the lobby.

“Holysh*t! This consultation … is also too expensive, right? This is bankrupting a family’s fortune!”

“What the hell do you understand?! Master Ye is taking them down a notch here! These people are clearly here to make a scene, his fees are naturally high!”

“Not quite so! What these few factions brought are all the south city’s famous complicated and strange illnesses! If it were that easy to treat, it would have long been treated!”

After roughly four hours, Ye Yuan brought Qian Ping out of the inner hall.

At the back, Ning Siyu’s gaze was full of shock.

Clearly, everything that happened in the inner hall utterly astounded her.

“F-Father!” Qian Ping used a shaky tone and called out at Boss Qian.

Boss Qian’s entire body trembled, tears instantly bursting out of his eyes.

His son was really cured!

At this moment, Qian Ping’s eyes were radiant, totally different from that foolish look previously!

“P-Ping-er! You … You’re really fine already?” Boss Qian still did not quite dare to believe it until now.

Qian Ping nodded and said, “Master Ye is truly godlike! He has already compensated for my divine soul. This child is now … no different from a normal person!”

“Good! Good! Really great!” Tears poured down Boss Qian’s old face, his long-cherished wish finally fulfilled at this moment.

Qian Ping’s divine soul was incomplete, but his memories these few years were still present.

The father and son two people hugged each other and cried, making everyone shed a few silent tears.

They all knew how much effort and price Boss Qian expended for the sake of today!

“Father, from this day forth, this child will definitely carry out filial piety to the two of you! Ping-er definitely won’t disappoint you!” Qian Ping said and wept bitterly.

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