Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1566 - Turning Stone Into Gold by Touching

Chapter 1566 Turning Stone Into Gold by Touching

“This scene has such a discordant feeling! A Four-star Alchemy God actually gave such a solemn salute to a Three-star Alchemy God!”

“A Three-star Alchemy God giving pointers to a Four-star Alchemy God to breakthrough, if not for seeing it with my own eyes, I definitely won’t believe.”

“Just what kind of godly person is Master Ye? Such strength in alchemy is truly too terrifying, right?”

A Four-star Alchemy God giving such a solemn salute to a Three-star Alchemy God, this image was too impactful.

To all of the outer city alchemists, Four-star Alchemy Gods were god-like figures.

But now, this god-like existence actually paid such solemn respect to a Three-star Alchemy God.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I said it before, I’m annoyed by this old fellow too. If he dares to compete with me, I’ll definitely wreck him to a frazzle.”

Everyone could not help being speechless when they heard it. But nobody doubted the truth of these words.

Casually giving pointers for two hours and Lu Yi had such tremendous improvement, if he personally took action, what kind of concept was that?

If competing in rank three divine pills, even if Deercry was more than a major realm higher than Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan could also trash him.

This point, no one had any objections.

Within rank three, Ye Yuan was undefeatable!

Lu Yi smiled and said, “This guy just has a face that’s asking for a beating! However, even though the Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill is refined, I … still don’t have much confidence in winning him.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Relax, this guy’s level is too lousy. He can’t refine a high-quality Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill.”

Level too lousy …

Everyone was speechless again.

The other party was a Pill Tower deacon, his level was … too lousy?

Perhaps, this was a heavyweight!

Another hour passed, Deercry finally successfully refined it.

He was very satisfied with his performance. The quality of the medicinal pill this time shouldn’t be poor.

But when he saw the Lu Yi who was taking things easy at one side, his gaze involuntarily turned sharp.

This punk was done so fast?

Or was it … the refinement failed?

Yes, it must be that the refinement failed!

Otherwise, how could he possibly be faster than him?

Thinking up to here, Deercry laughed mockingly and said, “What? Refinement failed? Young man, you still have a future, but you have to be on guard against conceit and rashness. Especially respecting your elders!”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s faces became peculiar.

Although Lu Yi’s medicinal pill was not out of the furnace yet, they could at least confirm that the medicinal pill was definitely refined.

Furthermore … barring no accidents, the quality was not low.

Lu Yi laughed in spite of himself and said, “Refined it long ago, just waiting for you to open the furnace.”

Lu Yi choked and said in disbelief, “You refined successfully?”

Lu Yi could not be bothered with him and said coolly, “Enough nonsense, open the furnace!”

Deercry’s brows furrowed and he said with a cold snort, “Open the furnace then, would I be scared of you?”

Finished talking, he directly uncovered his own medicine cauldron. The Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill flew out.

Seeing his medicinal pill, Deercry could not help laughing loudly and said, “High-grade! It actually really reached high-grade! Kid, admit defeat! Even if you refined the Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill by chance, with your strength, it’s impossible to reach high-grade too!”

This time, Deercry could be said to have performed beyond his usual standard.

Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill, his normal level was basically all at middle-grade.

The refining difficulty of this medicinal pill was very high. Forget about middle-rank Four-star Alchemy Gods, even high-rank Four-star Alchemy Gods could not refine such high quality every time as well.

Seeing that this medicinal pill was high-grade, he was already incomparably certain of his victory.

Wu Feng had an agitated look too. The Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill’s difficulty, he was naturally aware.

Being able to refine high-grade could already be said to have locked in the victory.

Because the Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill was the Five Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill’s improved version, so everyone was no stranger to this medicinal pill.

For Deercry to be able to refine high-grade, it was already sufficient to see his skill.

“Too bad, I even thought that Lu Yi could defy the heavens. I didn’t expect that he actually was defeated.”

“Pill Tower’s high-level deacons indeed aren’t simply boasted out. That’s true ability!”

“However, Lu Yi’s performance is already very good. His future should be much brighter than Master Deercry.”

The surrounding alchemists all expressed their regret. Everyone harbored a trace of anticipation toward Lu Yi.

Everyone did not expect that it was actually this kind of conclusion.

Not just them, even Lu Yi himself, the expression on his face also became unconfident.

“Heh heh, what are you wasting time for? Don’t dare to open the furnace? Scared of losing? Brat, seniors are seniors, not what you, this kind of junior, can defy!” Deercry said with a smug look.


Right at this time, Ye Yuan dealt a palm through the air, directly hitting onto Lu Yi’s medicinal cauldron.

A medicinal pill flew out, attracting everyone’s gazes.

“Hiss …”

“High-grade! It’s actually high-grade too! My God, an initial-rank Four-star Alchemy God actually refined a high-grade Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill too!”

“Too impressive! Lu Yi is indeed worthy of being a matchless existence among the Pill Tower’s junior generation! This kind of strength, who else is there?”

“If I were to say, it should be Master Ye who is impressive! Lu Yi originally couldn’t refine this medicinal pill. Master Ye gave him pointers for two hours and he actually refined a high-grade! This … This is simply turning gold into stone by touching!”

“That’s right, Master Ye is truly a model for our generation! This level of strength simply takes people’s breath away in wonder!”

Cries of exclamations sounded out everywhere. Everyone was stunned by Lu Yi’s Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill.

Lu Yi himself was also dumbfounded. He really refined a high-grade Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill?

Deercry was dumbstruck with astonishment too. This brat actually refined a high-grade Seven Aperture Quiet Enlightenment Pill?

Even Xuan Yu and the rest were incomparably shocked.

“Hahaha, Eldest Senior Brother, you’re really too incredible!” Ning Siyu laughed loudly and said.

Deercry’s face fell and he said, “Being smug for what, still haven’t tested the pill yet! His quality will definitely be better than mine?”

“You go and test the pills yourself then. Your medicinal pill merely barely managed to reach high-grade. Lu Yi’s medicinal pill already approaches superior-grade. Similarly high-grade, the one who loses is you!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

He was very sensitive to the smell of medicinal pills and already determined the strength of the quality.

Deercry clearly did not believe in heresy. But when he placed the two medicinal pills together, his expression immediately became ugly.

Indeed as Ye Yuan said, he lost!

Completely and utterly lost!

“Hahaha, this is your ability as a senior? Can’t even beat my eldest senior brother, still want to call yourself a senior!” Fourth Senior Brother laughed loudly.

Ding Xun also laughed and said, “Just the likes of your level, still high-level deacon! I think that you’ve become intoxicated with bureaucratic play for so many years that you’ve already pretty much forgotten your main profession!”

Xuan Yu also felt very proud and said with a slight smile, “Deercry, what else do you still have to say? This old man’s disciple has already defeated you.”

Deercry’s expression changed again and again. This place, he could not stay for a second anymore.

He, an exalted Pill Tower’s high-level character, actually could not even beat a junior disciple. This … was simply unprecedented humiliation!

Unprecedented shame and humiliation!

After today, how would he still lift his head in the Pill Tower?

“You all … You all don’t get cocky! Today’s matter, we’re not finished!”

Deercry gave a cold snort, his figure moved, and he directly disappeared.

Wu Feng and Tang Rui had baffled looks. Defeated … just like this?

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