Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1700 - Flames of War Extinguish, Heavenly Eagle Rejoices!

Chapter 1700 Flames of War Extinguish, Heavenly Eagle Rejoices!

When martial artists broke through a major realm, that was when they were closest to the Heavenly Dao, and it was also the easiest time to comprehend the Dao.

Coldfeather had the foundation of spatial laws and his comprehension ability was not poor either.

Hence, Ye Yuan set up an inheritance space anew, making it more suited for Coldfeather. It was all to help him achieve a breakthrough in spatial laws.

And Coldfeather did not disappoint Ye Yuan’s expectations either. When breaking through, he finally grasped first-layered heaven spatial laws in one stroke.

In normal situation, even if having another few tens of thousands of years, he also might not be able to completely comprehend it.

Ye Yuan integrated the power of chaos into the Supreme Jade Void Pill. To begin with, it was extraordinary.

Coupled with Ye Yuan’s ataraxia and tranquil heart, that was how it helped Coldfeather successfully to brak through.

And now, it was finally Coldfeather’s turn to display his abilities.

Even though Coldfeather did not fuse Sword Dao and spatial laws into one like Ye Yuan, coupled with spatial laws, his strength became totally different.

Although Wen Yilin’s strength was decent, he was still considered a newbie in the Celestial Deity Realm. His breakthrough was also something that happened in these few tens of thousands of years.

In an instant, his pressure surged.

Among the four people, only Zheng Qi’s strength was slightly weaker. But his opponent’s strength was also average. He could still barely hold on.

Therefore, after Heavenly Eagle’s people showed their trump cards, the situation instantly reversed!


A swift and fierce sword light flashed past. Wen Yilin directly had a hole bored through.

Coldfeather continued his victorious pursuit, one sword faster than the other.

Wen Yilin was routed like a landslide, how did he still have any strength leftover to counterattack?


Another streak of sword light passed through the void, landing on Wen Yilin, directly knocking him into the ground.

Coldfeather raised his longsword, looked at the half-dead Wen Yilin, and said coolly, “I’ve indeed wasted more than 100 thousand years, but my life is better than yours! Because when I was at my most hopeless, I ran into the person who rekindled my lease of life.”

Wen Yilin was already heavily injured, currently on the verge of death. His eyes were full of terror as well as the desire to live on.

He was actually defeated just like this!

Coldfeather did not have the slightest compassion, swinging his long sword, ending Wen Yilin’s life.

When the inspector saw this scene, he was speechless for a long time.

Truly, in a blink of an eye, the whole world was turned upside down.

Heavenly Eagle actually really turned things around!

He never dreamed that Heavenly Eagle actually prepared so many contingencies!

The inspector opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but nothing came out.

Up in the sky, the battle still continued.

Zuo Shujie controlled the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain, sweeping forth ever-victorious. Qiao Anshan became increasingly unable to hold on.

Their strength was originally very close. Zuo Shujie relied on the power of the mystic treasure and became braver as the battle progressed.


A moment of carelessness and Qiao Anshan was smashed flying out backward.

Who would have thought that Qiao Anshan actually turned into a stream of flowing life and fled at the risk of heavy injuries!

This sudden turn of events caught everyone by surprise.

The inspector gave a cold snort, figure rushing out swiftly.

A powerful to the extreme aura surged straight for the horizon.

A swift figure passed by. The inspector actually reached first despite moving later, stopping Qiao Anshan.

The inspector said coolly, “Where are you going?”

Qiao Anshan’s entire person had already gone berserk, and he roared furiously, “Why do you care where your father is going?! Your father doesn’t want to die, so get lost!”

Done talking, the frenzied Qiao Anshan actually cleaved an axe blow towards the inspector.

“Courting death!”

The patrolling inspector was a paramount existence in the Southridge Ten Nations.

This Qiao Anshan had also lost his head in defeat, to actually dare attack him.

It was only to see the inspector suddenly erupted with an imposing manner. It was world power. He suddenly punched out!


A loud noise came from the sky.

After that, there was no more after that.

The inspector put away Qiao Anshan’s giant axe and said with a cold snort, “Blind and reckless thing! To actually dare make a move against this envoy!”

In a blink, two great Celestial Deity powerhouses fell. This battle no longer had any suspense.

Following Coldfeather and Zuo Shujie joining the battle royale, Heavenly Eagle completely wiped out Utmost Peace’s Celestial Deity powerhouses neat and tidily.

Once the Golden Sword Token happened, that was a situation of not resting until they were dead. Either you die or I perish.

It was just that Qiao Anshan never dreamed that Utmost Peace Imperial City actually ended up in this conclusion in the end.

“Heavenly Eagle is mighty!”

“City Lord is mighty!”

“Head Elder Ye Yuan is mighty!”

The entire Heavenly Eagle Imperial City seethed with excitement, from despair to hope, then to victory.

This battle met with life in a desperate situation, bringing them too many surprises.

No one could have thought that the powerful Utmost Peace Imperial City was actually wiped out just like this.

And the ones who launched the war were even Utmost Peace Imperial City themselves.

Zuo Shujie few people’s faces also revealed looks of wild ecstasy.

This battle was fought until it was really to their heart’s content.

As the weakest existence among the Southridge Ten Cities, Zuo Shujie this city lord was actually very vexed and timid.

But today, they announced their might to the other eight imperial cities!

“Haha, it’s really too great! I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve felt so refreshed!” He Chong said with a big laugh.

Zuo Shujie smiled and said, “Yeah! After this battle, our Heavenly Eagle is sufficient to rise to the top five ranks of the Southridge Ten Nations! In the future, no one can think about bullying us anymore! Come, we have to thank Ye Yuan properly. Without him, today’s result will be completely different!”

Everyone secretly nodded their heads when they heard that and followed Zuo Shujie over.

Four great Celestial Deity Realms arrived together. Zuo Shujie directly returned the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain to Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Ye Yuan, this battle, I represent Heavenly Eagle Imperial City to thank you!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “City Lord’s words are too serious. This Ye is Heavenly Eagle’s Pill Tower’s head elder, I naturally have to contribute effort to Heavenly Eagle.”

The four great celestial deities were all extremely grateful to Ye Yuan in their hearts.

Except, what they could give Ye Yuan was seriously not much.

Furthermore, they similarly knew that Ye Yuan’s end journey was absolutely not at a tiny little Heavenly Eagle Imperial City. Even the Southridge Ten Cities could not pin him down.

Sooner or later one day, he would leave.

But without a doubt, the transformation that Ye Yuan brought to Heavenly Eagle was tremendous.

At this time, the inspector slowly came over. His gaze swept past Ye Yuan, but he said to Zuo Shujie, “The Golden Sword Pact has already concluded. This envoy has to make a trip back to the imperial capital and report the situation of the Southridge Ten Nations to the higher-ups. According to the rule, Utmost Peace Imperial City will be under Heavenly Eagle’s jurisdiction now. You guys should send people to take over control of Utmost Peace as soon as possible, but don’t make any trouble.”

Zuo Shujie hurriedly said, “Yes, Lord Inspector!”

The inspector nodded his head and said to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, you come with me for a bit.”

Under everyone’s wondering gazes, the inspector brought Ye Yuan to one side and said, “Kid, this time, count it as this envoy owes you a favor! Returning to the imperial capital this time, this envoy will bring over the spirit medicines to refine the Supreme Jade Void Pill. At that time, you take action to refine one for this envoy.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Your Excellency is too serious. It’s just a minor favor. Your Excellency, you don’t need to take it to heart.”

The inspector gave Ye Yuan a deep glance, feeling secretly alarmed in his heart.

He finally understood now that this kid already had prepared plans to deal with the situation. When saying and doing things, he seemed very wild. Actually, everything was within his control.

No need to take to heart?

Even if he, Ye Yuan, did not take it to heart, could he not care about it?

But Ye Yuan did not say a word and just said that it was a small matter.

This way, it saved his face and also made him owe a favor.

This kid was impressive!

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