Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1833 - Disjointed Generation

1833 Disjointed Generation

In this half a year, Ye Yuan only unleashed one sword against them every day.

This sword was peerlessly powerful, sufficient to take their lives.

At first, including Baili Qingyan, they could not even move a muscle.

If Ye Yuan had the intent to kill, they would have long died until they could not be any more dead.

One could say that this half a year’s time, they would tour the gates of hell once every day.

When it just started, Yi Qingxiang and Jiang Xueyan’s spirits were virtually about to collapse.

Under such a swift and fierce sword, they did not have the strength to resist at all.

That kind of powerlessness put them at a loss on what to do.

Ever since entering the sect, they had always been proud children of heaven, regarding themselves being head and shoulders above over others in all respects. When had they thought that they would be so powerless when facing a peer?

But as time passed, they were already numbed.

They already got accustomed to Ye Yuan’s might and began to try finding ways to crack it.

Ye Yuan’s objective was very simple, as long as they could have a chance to concede, it would do.

Today, Yi Qingxiang did it!

In reality, this half a year’s time, their strengths also soared by leaps and bounds. It was just that they did not detect it.

Yang Shen stood on the stage, furiously until his entire body was shaking.

Ye Yuan slaughtered half of their High Clarity Sect’s people already, but he could not even kill a single one.

This sense of humiliation made him virtually about to go mad.


Suddenly, Yang Shen raised his head to the sky and howled. Glaring at Ye Yuan, he said, “Next time, you guys won’t be so lucky!”

Ye Yuan looked at Yang Shen and said coolly, “Although time law is powerful, it’s just a pity that your skill is still lacking. You can’t kill a single one.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan brought the heavily injured Yi Qingxiang and slowly left.

“Time law! It’s actually time law!”

“No wonder, no wonder Yi Qingxiang seemed to be dazed just now, turns out that it’s time law!”

“My god, spatial law, time law, these two supreme laws appeared at the same time in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave!”

“It’s just a pity that Yang Shen still failed to kill Yi Qingxiang. This Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, the High Clarity Sect really suffered heavy losses.”

Following Ye Yuan uttering a sentence, the crowd exploded all at once.

They did not perceive just now that what Yang Shen used was time law.

Because time law was only targeted at Yi Qingxiang, changing the flow of time within his proximity, so it was very hard for outsiders to detect.

Of course, people who were extremely sensitive toward Heavenly Dao could detect it.

Such as Ye Yuan.

Yang Shen’s grand and heroic words ended in failure in the end.

Although his injuries were extremely severe, when the next round started, Yi Qingxiang returned to the ring, like he was completely fine.

His re-appearance caused another uproar.

Now, everyone all knew that there was an incomparably powerful alchemist behind the Shadowmoon Sect.

And this alchemist was precisely Ye Yuan!

As long as you could not kill the Shadowmoon Sect’s people, in the next round of the competition, he would appear in front of you alive and well.

The other sects’ disciples were already envious to the extreme towards the Shadowmoon Sect’s disciples.

Presently, everyone would not feel that the Shadowmoon Sect only managed to stay in Upper Groove Court because they were lucky. They really had this strength.

Or they should say, Ye Yuan absolutely had this qualification to stay in Upper Groove Court.

In terms of Martial Dao talent, he comprehended spatial law.

In Alchemy Dao, he could even refine extremely powerful rank five divine pills.

Such a person, even a genius like Yang Shen also paled in comparison in front of him!


It did not exist!

In the 40th round, Ye Yuan faced off with the High Clarity Sect’s number three figure, Wei Yuanfei.

This Wei Yuanfei was a late-stage Second Firmament Celestial Deity, his strength rather formidable. He even had the qualifications to be ranked in the top five.

But before this fight, Yang Shen repeated exhorted that he must definitely concede defeat.

It was just that when the battle started, the development of the situation far exceeded Yang Shen’s imagination.

This time, Ye Yuan changed his earlier style. The moment he came up, he unleashed incomparably swift and fierce attacks.

One move stronger than the last, one move faster than the last, suppressing Wei Yuanfei until he found it hard to even breathe, let alone concede.

Ye Yuan utilized the advantage of spatial law and unleashed speed to the extreme.

More importantly, Ye Yuan’s divine essence was incomparably thick, his breath drawn-out, and was best at protracted fights.

But Wei Yuanfei was different, he finally still revealed a flaw under Ye Yuan’s coercion.

In the end, he was killed by Ye Yuan with one sword!

That instant when Wei Yuanfei was killed by Ye Yuan, everyone was stunned.

If one was to say those people being killed previously were all because the opponent was too weak, then killing Wei Yuanfei absolutely displayed Ye Yuan’s formidable to the extreme strength!

High Clarity Sect’s elder and Yang Shen’s hearts were dripping blood. Eight disciples came, after more than half a year, there were actually only three people left.

One of them was even the most useless He Yuan.

This was simply a devastating blow to the High Clarity Sect.

If there were no accidents, Yang Shen and Chen Tianlin would both enter the temple.

This was also to say that High Clarity Sect’s future pillars of society were directly hacked finished by Ye Yuan!

This way, the High Clarity Sect would definitely produce a disjointed generation of talents. The impact on the entire sect was extremely far-reaching.

This move from Ye Yuan was too ruthless!

After this, Yang Shen exchanged blows with Jiang Xueyan and Baili Qingyan respectively.

Each time, Yang Shen would muster everything up, wanting to kill people.

But sadly, he failed to kill a single one.

In fact, Baili Qingyan actually even exchanged a few blows with him before being defeated.

Among the three people, Baili Qingyan’s talent was clearly the highest. Her improvement was also the fastest.

And Ye Yuan’s training also made Baili Qingyan’s win rate increase a lot.

At present, among all of the 64 disciples, she was actually ranked sixth, only a step away from fifth place.

Finally, at the 53rd round, Ye Yuan and Yang Shen, these two great geniuses, met!

This fight was anticipated by all.

Hearing that spatial law and time law appeared at the same time in this season, quite a few temple disciples also came to watch the fight. It even attracted quite a few elders.

“Baili, Ye Yuan and Yang Shen fighting, who do you think has a higher chance of winning?”

Before the great battle, Jiang Xueyan actually had a rare moment of nervousness.

Presently, she was overwhelmed with gratitude toward Ye Yuan.

This one year’s time, Ye Yuan refined many medicinal pills for her, making her strength advance by leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, Jiang Xueyan knew that the medicinal pills Ye Yuan refined, the impact was absolutely not just for a day or two. It would have a tremendous impact on her future cultivation.

This kind of impact was sufficient to change her life!

Of course, Baili Qingyan and Yi Qingxiang were the same too.

Baili Qingyan also appeared rather nervous as she said, “I can’t say for sure either. The two can be said to each have their forte. Ye Yuan’s might lies in laws fusion. But Yang Shen’s time law similarly can’t be underestimated. This fight, 50-50 chance I guess!”

Although very much hoping for Ye Yuan to win, Baili Qingyan had exchanged blows with Yang Shen before and was deeply aware of Yang Shen’s might.

The sense of oppression that these two people brought her was virtually on par.

Hence, she also could not say for sure who was stronger and who was weaker.

It was also precisely because of this that she appeared somewhat nervous.

Yi Qingxiang said, “Relax, there’s no way Ye Yuan will lose! This guy gives people surprises in all respects and never seems to have a limit!”

When the other two heard it, they deeply felt that way too.

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